What would you name your children?

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Kaidan for a guy and Hazel for a girl. My lady and I spoke at length about it and that's what we've agreed to.

Luke "skywalker"
Boba "fett"
Han "solo"
Obi "wan"

Lagao "emeplo"
Exoda "emeplo"

hmm, maybe Vector. Vectors an awesome name...

I was found of Jeremy as well...

oh female...

Leia "Organa"

or something else star warsy.

I'd call them poopfeast420, regardless of gender.

My first son would be named Virgil Liam Kelly.
My first daughter would be named Molly Guinevere Kelly.
My second son would be named Sean Riley Kelly.
My second daughter would be named Leona Clair Kelly.

I've put a good deal thought into these names. They are uncommon enough that my children can take pride in them and,as names go, they fit together well.

Unlike my sister who is going to name her soon to be born baby girl Dakota Sue Carpenter. I could rage about that name for hours but that's not what this thread is about. I've already told her I will never call that child by its given name. I will make up a nickname and stick with it forever.

I've accumulated a list of names I've heard over the years that I liked the sound of. I made sure to write them down so I would remember them - so here we go.

Girls middle name: Louisa
Boys middle name: Swen

Max Fightmaster. At least now we know whose child would win in a fight.

Ever since my friend Josh died I always thought I'd name any son I might have after him.

Would it be morally wrong to call my child 'Plan B'?

I hope that the day I have kids I'll have a boy and a girl, the boy will be Daniel Alexander (both being names that I find elegant yet casual, also slightly inspired by Amnesia: The Dark Descent's main character and villain) and the girl will be Elizabeth Marie (Elizabeth taken from the upcoming Bioshock Infinite game and Marie because it seems like a fitting middle name to go with it). But I also have a few extra names just in case I don't get what I want, names like James (Fallout 3), Henry (Amnesia, taken from Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa), Sam/Samantha, Katherine or Caroline (all three random names I like).

At the moment, I would name them after my grandparents because I myself, am named after my grandfather. I thought of a lot of other options, such as the continuation of names (II or Jr.), but I would want to honor and remember my grandparents by naming my future kids after them.

A son I would name Donald, I come from a mini-clan of men named Donald as I am Donald the III. I want my son to be the 4th.

As for a potential daughter... I haven't really thought about it that much.

I named them Alex and Alisha.

I have a name for my first son and my first two daughters already picked out.

James Maynard (I'm a gigantic Tool fan, what can I say?)
Sophia Kindred (Sophia is Greek for "wisdom". It's also the name of one of the characters in VALIS, my favourite book. Kindred after Philip K. Dick, the author of VALIS)
Shannon Yvonne (the slightly modified name of one of my greatest, oldest friends)

IMO, those are some pretty badass names with some pretty badass namesakes.

If hes a boy Im naming him Jacob and call him jake (if he doesnt mind), because I owe my friend Jake that much, since he's always been there for me. Though Joshua is also a name I enjoy.

for a girl, id either say Amy or... hm. Amy or Rebecca.

of course I'll listen to my mutual partner for their opinoin, but this is what I would name them. and barring that maybe make it their middle name.

Being the sucker for tragedy, conflict and all, I'm drawn to the classical Greek names. So, for girls: Cassandra; Megaera; or Eris. A 'normal' name I'm fond of though is Marisa...

As for boys names: Maximillian; Lucian; and Alexis... 'cos I'm odd like that...

BTW anyone know the etymology of 'Lucian'?


/b/ dubs decides

somebody did that and ended up calling his son Courage Wolf (he posted a picture of the birth certificate)
daughter: Lain
son: Luke

First name Mario , second name speedwagon

Mario speedwagon _______ works with any name to make it sound amazingzz

Male: Kieran, Lucian, Arthur, Ajax, Apollo, Kheiron, Alphonse, Bastien, Dmitri, Edgar

Female: Gwynevere, Cassandra, Astrid, Amber, Io, Luna, Selena

The middle name would be Bernadette after my grandmother, who is the greatest person in the world, ever.

Though, being gay and not liking kids, I won't likely be having any anytime soon.



/b/ dubs decides

somebody did that and ended up calling his son Courage Wolf (he posted a picture of the birth certificate)
daughter: Lain
son: Luke

That is the best thing I have heard all day.

I've always liked the ring of 'Markus' and 'Hannah' respectively, so I guess those would be my first choices.

Mortai Gravesend:
Don't really want kids, but a first choice would be Alex. Either short for Alexander or Alexandra. Easy.

Damnit that was my idea. With that stolen I would name them Vector because mathematical graphics are cool. You could shorten in to Vex which sounds more like a name.

Edit: I could go for Wolfgang




/b/ dubs decides

somebody did that and ended up calling his son Courage Wolf (he posted a picture of the birth certificate)
daughter: Lain
son: Luke

That is the best thing I have heard all day.

and I found the picture

After today, I would definitely name a daughter of mine Cadence. No idea what I would name a son though...

For a boy:

and for a girl:
Dominie (I believe that is correct spelling)

Girls: Anastasia, Zelda, Beatrice...
Boys: Dexter, Oliver...

I'll think of more later. I won't be poppin' out babies for a good few years.

I weep for the next generation of escapists.
Knowing personally a Jonny English and a Vicky Pollard, I am all too aware of the hardships faced by people with unusual names. So i'd probably go with something run of the mill like Sam or James for boys, Rebecca or Sophie or something for girls.

If I was going to be cruel I might go for James Clarke Maxwell for the boy, which isn't even that bad, although it would be harder for the girl because 'curie' would be an odd middle name.

In all truth, i'd probably let the mother decide.

Edward, Jacob, and Catniss.

Such beautiful names

As for the time being (since I would need to discuss the child naming with my wife)-

If it's a boy- James (eventhough that name remine me of this dickhead back in High school), Ryan, Liam or maybe Michael (a cousin of my is named Michael so that could be confusing).

If it's a girl- Kelly, Emma, Rachael or Faye.

If I have a daughter, her name's gonna be Lyra (after Lyra Silvertongue from His Dark Materials).
With boy names, I'm at a loss. Maybe something from DC like Wally, Bruce or Hal.

Either grape or blossom fairy.

No, probably something like Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All.

I tried the point to a random word thing and came out with derby, as well as Olympic games

Alex, Elliot or Griffon. Regardless of gender.
If it's good enough for my pokémon, it's good enough for them.

Gordon Freemonty:
No, probably something like Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All.

is it pronounced Alfie?

My first child will be named Agent Orange, regardless of gender.
My second child will be named Zippo if its a boy, and Lucy if its a girl.
If I have a third child I will name him Max: Reaper of Worlds. If my third child happens to be a girl, then I'll feed her to a lion.

Well, my history teacher made me promise to name my first born child Gilgamesh..

I'd want them to have fairly timeless normal names that they could break out in full for formal events but shorten for normal life. Alexander or Nicolas are pretty good for boys. For girls, Katherine or Elizabeth. Those sorts of deals.

Although some sort of hexadecimal system for coding them would probably help for when we started conditioning them.

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