Which archetype RPG class would you be in real life?

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What I WANT to be would be either a Warrior or Barbarian/Berserker. B/B has always been my favorite class to play when my friends and I bust out an RPG like Baulder's Gate or something. They're not as heavily armored as the traditional warriors, but they hit harder, and have more HP, so they can still take some punishment. Weapons of choice would be either two axes or one giant greatsword. I love playing up in the business dishing out boat loads of damage with my physical might.

As for what role I'm BEST SUITED FOR... it's hard to say. I might be able to pull off Warrior still, as I'm fairly athletic and not small in stature (6' and 170 lbs), but I'm not the hulk of a man that I've always envisioned Barbarians to be. Also, I think I'm too big/too clumsy to pull off being a rogue. I don't know how my archery skills are, but I doubt I could pull off Ranger. I used to sing in the choir in highschool, but can't play any instruments, so I don't know if Bard would work. Maybe Wizard, since memorizing complex spells feels like it would be similar to my engineering classes.

Also, I think Paladin would be something I might be good at AND want to actually be, depending on how strict people are with how classes are played. Also when I play RPGs (like Mass Effect or KotOR), I can never play the "evil" role. It just doesn't feel right to me! And since Paladins can now choose their own deity, I could pick one that likes upholding my view of "right." So still basically a warrior there, but with a twist.

WANT: Barbarian/Berserker/Warrior
BEST SUITED: Warrior/Paladin

I'd work for Belethor, at the general goods store, and make sure everybody knew it!

I would have to go dark knight because I feel melee with some dark arts would work with my fighting style really well. I would be a armored fighter with magic that drained you and confuse you with fear or something else twisted.

Let's see...

I am quite unfit and not very strong, so Warrior type classes are right out.
I like knives, but insofar as agility is concerned, I leave a lot to be desired, so no rogue.
That leaves the magical classes.
I wouldn't beseech nature / gods for power, so no cleric/druid types.

I guess Wizard. I have a love of reading and would prefer to gain any power myself, so that suits me. Also, I can definitely see the appeal of bending physics to my will.

Lets see.... I'm short but have a wide build, and Goatee with facial scruff that rivals most beards. Geez, that makes me a Dwarf.

(Want/suited for) Class: Necromancer (Sorcerer/cleric)
I'm a very charismatic (always been called a "People's person" and "the nicest guy you'll know"... but i don't like people, though i'll go outta my way to help. -__- ), LOVE undead creatures (Romero/Max Brooks Fanboy, and why i studied occult and theology), Celebrate Halloween, All souls day, and Day of the Dead with extreme zeal.

I'm built like a warrior so thats always an option & I can sneak around pretty damn good for my size & I'm fairly smart too... but I think I have too go with a Mage class, something like a Geomancer or Druid with some support magic to back me up.

Concerning D&D type classes, my gaming group has discussed this at length before. The general consensus is that I'd be a paladin, since I'm sort of wiser and more charismatic than most of the group. I could also pull cleric probably.

While I love a few academic fields and can excel when I apply myself, I tend to naturally lean towards physical ability.
The easy way out would be to say "Bard" from my love of music but I'd still say "Wizard" because


An assassin, thief, or ranger.
I have a habit of scaring the shit out of people while not meaning to, I have a very light step. I've also been told that I'm incredibly fast and have pretty great aim.

I don't have the concentration to memorize text to be a proper mage.

The nameless NPC who dies when the hero's village is destroyed.


For those that chose Mage but don't want to study hard and would like power immediately at their fingertips and not bother to learn to do anything with it beyond the supposed all-purpose application of "Blowing SH$T Up." Then your doing it wrong.

Those whom bargained or forged pacts with otherworldly horrors for power, sooner or latter they will come to collect the debt and it will be more than you can afford.

Wizard or a trader. Wait, im already both.

Well I've studied/practiced martial arts for quite awhile so monk would seem natural. At the same time I'm training to be a pastor, so some kind of divine caster would also make sense.

I would probably want to be a spell sword type or red mage what have you. Little martial skill, a little magic, a whole lot of fun.

I'd be a level 1 commoner. And I'd be terrified of cats.

I would go for a supporter/healer or a hunter/ranger. As far as my personality goes, I am a supportive type and would rather like to see the whole team succeed, and I also dislike fighting. The reason for being a hunter/ranger is because I would rather like to take out my enemies, before they go all rampage after me. I also have some hunter skills in real life, and Im sure they would come in handy.

Probably a Bard: like a theif-mage who's into music.

I'm probably underweight according to BMI, but with my deformed hip and cut Achilles' tendons?

Probably a Mage of some sort. I don't see myself with much agility or strength, so I'd wield magic. A powerful one at the cost of weak physical body.

Probably something to do with magic. I'm not really the athletic type...

Likely Druid.

They get their power from a strong force of will and a personal belief system.

most likely some sort of support class like a mage or a ranger

by game standards i have low hp and stamina stats but I have a high IQ and im really creative
so I guess I would high wisdom/mp based stats

probably a rogue. I'd like to be a warrior and engage in just direct smashy-smashy but my build and charecter are too much like a rogue. an example of this is that people sometimes do not see my approach them or notice my presence until i say something even my own mother does this.

1. Mage
2. Mage


totally heterosexual:


Best class in any rpg ever. Photo camera is amazing.

Actually, I think tourist would suit me quite well. All I'd really be good for is taking pictures of things and dying. A lot of dying.

I'm not terrible at basic economy though, so I could probably also be a shopkeeper. Capitalism, ho!

Not a warrior, because I'm scrawny, and not a rogue because I'm too uncoordinated. So wizard.

Well, I'm smallish (176 cm, 145 lbs), but I'm strong for my size, benching close to 300 as an example (not that such a weight is really exceptional when compared to bigger guys or that those muscles are particularly useful in combat). I also do a lot of meditation and don't really like weapons. Um...Monk? Yeah, I think I'd be a Monk. If I get to fire chi blasts like FF then I'm all about this shit.

I'd love to be a Barbarian!
But I guess I'm more suited to be an elven Ranger, or a Priest.

A paladin, probably. I'm religious, and can swing a hammer pretty well. I don't take too well to stealth and magic just isn't my thing.

If not that, then straight up fighter/warrior. Why sneak around or shoot a fireball when a sharp sword will do just as well?

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