Poll: Calling all metal-heads...

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Megadeth. I care little for the other of the big four.
Though the true kings of thrash are, and will always be, Overkill.

metal head, standing by.

oh man, that's a hard one. Metallica, Megadeth or Slayer is a question for the ages.


Just kidding. None of the above. Up the Irons.

Well, it depends really.

I listen to Metallica when I wanna headbang. I listen to Megadeth when I wanna fight. I listen to Slayer when I wanna kill. I listen to Anthrax when... actually, I haven't heard any of their songs, but I'll assume they're good; they ARE a part of the Big IV, after all.

I think I'll go with "Can't decide". They all rock, but each band rocks harder in specific situations.

Try and guess my favourite band! Hint: It starts with a T and ends with ool.
Of those four I'd have to say Metallica though.

Megadeth are the best for me. Its not even because of that weird rivalry with Metallica, I just think they make the best music by a big fucking margin. Peace Sells.... But Whos Buying? still ranks up there with the best fucking albums of all time for me.



Oh yeah, he's an insanely talented musician and pretty damn influential, just not a very nice person. Doesn't stop me from listening to his music.

I actually think Dave being a bit of a dick is beneficial to his music, hehe. That sneering, snarly aggression in his voice and the often clashing tight musical notes, I think the riffs reflect that angry, bitter personality.

Damn right.

I have a very mixed taste of music.I listen to Indie,Hardstyle & Techno a lot, but I lean more into Industrial metal & power/Symphonic metal side.
Can't wait 'Till the day Rammstein & Sabaton happen (By chance) to be live at the same time & same place.
Out of the big 4, I would choose Slayer & Metallica,They just fix neatly into my music preferences.
But Sabaton & Rammtein still dominate in my book.

I voted for Megadeth because United Abominations and Endgame were better albums than Death Magnetic. But, I prefer Metallica because I've thoroughly enjoyed everyone of their releases, come to think of it, I probably should have voted for Metallica.

Slayer are okay, I can appreciate their success though. As for Anthrax, Scott Ian is probably the nicest person out of anyone involved in the Big 4.

Out of those, Slayer. Followed closely by Megadeth.

I love early metallica (mop, ride the lightning, and justice) but nowadays they seem kinda stale. Can't fucking stand Lars either.
Slayer have never made a bad album though. Aaaand they were a huge influence on death metal which is my favourite genre (technical and prog death are awesome) so I'm going with Slayer.

Try and guess my favourite band! Hint: It starts with a T and ends with ool.
Of those four I'd have to say Metallica though.

fortysix & 2 has my favourite bassline of all time. With you right there, but they're about as far as you can get from thrash within metal.

I prefer Anthrax and Slayer out of the big 4.

I hate Metallica, Anthrax is meh.
So Slayer and Megadeth out of those 4.

Anthrax is delightfully goofy. Also, has anyone heard their new album? Brilliant!

I don't really like Anthrax. Metallica have some of the best releases, but also some of the worst. Megadeth and Slayer both had a period of mediocrity, but Megadeth's wasn't quite as bad, although they're not as good as they were back in the day. I'd go with Megadeth, personally. If fell that overall, the quality of their output has been a bit more consistent, and they've a good ration of crap to excellence.

Though, I'd rather listen to Atrophy, Vektor, earlier Kreator, Carnivore, Atheist (even though I hated their last release) Cynic (demo tapes), Coroner, and Deathrow over any of the Big 4.

Megadeth. Don't get me wrong, I love Metallica and Slayer (not so much Anthrax, I don't really like Joey's voice) but Dave Mustaine is the riff god! Whats more, my favourite Metallica song is Jump in the Fire, written by Mustaine.

Out of these? Megadeth. Don't really care all too much for the other three.

Anthrax are my favourite. I was one of the lucky bastards that saw all four last year at Sonisphere UK, and I'd have to admit that Metallica had the best show... But Anthrax are just fucking fun. Most metal bands seem to take themselves way too seriously, but Anthrax sing about zombies, being insane and Judge Dredd. Their songs are just so damn good, no other metal band can write songs that are fun to shout along to as I Am The Law.

Why is Antrhax one of the Big Four? It's not like Exodus is obscure or anything

Anthrax are still significantly bigger than Exodus, I'm pretty sure Testament are too, but I'm not sure. At least back in the late eighties, Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer were by far and away the biggest thrash bands. Even so, it's more like 'Metallica and the little three' than the big four. I guess if it were up to me I'd replace Slayer with Testament. I never really thought all that much of Slayer (they weren't all that good live either).


Anthrax is delightfully goofy. Also, has anyone heard their new album? Brilliant!

I'm not alone! Thank god! It's definitely the best thing any of the Big Four have done for about twenty years.

I can't really listen to any of those four. No real theme in their songs, none of the kind I can listen to anyway.

I boycot Metallica though. Thinking they're all big and aligning themselves with the copyright inquisition puts them on the bottom of any list of bands for me.

Metallica- Ok, but I don't really like them.
Slayer- One of my first metal bands that I really listened to.
Megadeth- Probably the most talented of the four.
Anthrax- Entertaining and great to listen to.

Overall, I guess I'd say Anthrax is my favorite (When I saw them along with Megadeth and Slayer, I enjoyed Anthrax the most). But I still love Megadeth and Slayer.

Hrm, Anthrax is considered because during the 80s they were about the third or fourth most popular thrash band. Exodus was obscure even for obscure thrash metal.

And despite the fact Dave Mustaine didnt approve I would put Pantera ahead of Slayer or Anthrax, even if they didnt start gaining popularity till after thrash had started declining.

Anyway, Thrash metal was OK. I remember being on the outer fringes of it during the time. If I had to make a choice of those 4, Ehh, Megadeth. They had the best overall balance between thrash, melody, non repetitiveness, and not selling out.

In my mind...

Metallica was always over hyped thanks in part to Lars double bass, and as they "evolved" they turned into something far beyond shittier all in the quest to appeal to a new demographic which failed. I mean seriously it took almost 20 years to produce a worthy followup to The black album, and even the black album wasnt their best work (though it was most popular)

Anthrax to me, always seemed like it was more punk oriented, and had the problem of being entirely too popular. So much so that it almost was like pop metal. Plus hooking up with public enemy to make your single most notable hit is pretty sad. Honestly music wise I do not think they started getting good until the Sound of white noise sessions, but others obviously disagree because fans hated it.

Slayer was for me personally a non entity. I had no interest in their music. I still to this day cannot name ANY slayer song. So I cannot speak for their quality, but only to the fact that I had no interest to listen to their offerings which automatically puts them at the bottom of the heap for me.

Anyway, for me, Thrash was always too popular and too passive. I wanted something much more aggressive both in offensive sound as well as in melodical challenge Such as Exodus, for aggressiveness, or Manowar for overall composition. Plus I was starting at the time they were getting big to get into other ends of metal such as the experimental sounds that Tool brought forth They had their place, but its a shame that place was rather limited to the section between 1985-1988 before they basically started fading out of relevance.

Out of the big 4 my favourite would be Slayer, in terms of thrash it gives me what I need. Fast, Heavy and Awesome.

If I was to pick a big 4, for me it would be: (spoilers contain videos of their stuff)

Strapping Young Lad

Amon Amarth


Machine Head

My 4 favourite bands

Fair mention goes to these guys though

Can I write in "DragonForce"?

No? Aw, now I'm sad...

Honestly I don't particularly care for any of those; though I guess I'd go with MegaDeth.

For me, you can't really talk about Metal without talking about IRON MAIDEN

I voted Metallica, with Megadeth trailing just behind. In my opinion Metallica just has a lot of really awesome music.

Honestly i just can't stand Slayer's music for some reason, but Anthrax however are definitely pretty good.

I should probably point out that thrash metal isn't really the branch of metal i'm the most comfortable on to begin with, but for what it's worth there's my opinion.

Where is the "all of them back when they made music" option?
Also if you like old-Slayer, check these guys out.

Slayer, then Anthrax, then Megadeth, then Metallica. Which seems to be the opposite of what most people think :/ I like them all though.

Metallica, ahead of Megadeth. Not a fan of Anthrax or Slayer.

Eh. These guys are kinda boring. Especially when compared to awesomeness like Blind Guardian or Ayreon. *shrugs* Maybe it's just thrash metal.

Of those examples I thought Slayer's was best though. Shame to not see them get more love...

Edit: Shit OP. Black Sabbath is way better than these guys too. Stick with your avatar and you can't go wrong man.

Metallica. I could listen to every album they have.

And, in my opinion, this is their greatest song.

Megadeth. I care little for the other of the big four.
Though the true kings of thrash are, and will always be, Overkill.

You are awesome.

Either Metallica or Anthrax. At a push, probably Anthrax. Never got into Slayer and Megadeth are fucking atrocious.
The best metal bands in history are Black Sabbath and Pantera, anyway (in my opinion).
And my favourite metal band is Mastodon.

Captcha: fishy smell. All right, then.

I'm not huge into metal but Metallica are the only band on that list that I ever listen to.

Actually, it's fun to listen to at the gym. If you put on St. Anger while running on the treadmill and imagine James Hetfield standing in front of you, it really motivates you because you want to punch him in the face so much.

Really tough call between Metallica and Slayer. I don't like Megadeth at all, I think Mustaine is a great guitarist but awful lyricist/song writer and Anthrax... Let's be honest, they're kind of a joke. Testament should replace the last two and we'd have the big three instead.

I'm a more brutal type of metal-head, so I really like Slayer the best, at least from Show No Mercy to Seasons in the Abyss. I also like the other three, especially Metallica but Slayer are just one of my favorite bands of all time.

I prefer Megadeth a bit more than Metallica which I like a bit more than Slayer. It's hard to decide which of the bands golden ages were better, but Megadeth's first six albums were great, Slayer's first five were, and Metallica's first four were. I think the album "Master of Puppets" is the best big 4 album, but Megadeth writes songs that are more interesting for thrash and as music in general.

Thrash is a weird genre because everyone knows the "Big 4" but most are completely oblivious to any other thrash bands that are arguably just as good for the thrash lover, like Kreator or Exodus. It's like the Big 4 have cast a shadow that stops all other bands from getting popular, so I wonder what's going to happen to the genre once they finally clear off.

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