Those weird, unexplainable quirks you have. What are some of yours?

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I think I'd find people stranger if they didn't have any of these supposed quirks. Some are weird, sure, but a lot of the so-called "quirks" I'm reading here are pretty normal for most people (therefore not quirks).

Casual Shinji:
I once even sat next to a kid in elementary school who had the nasty habit of spitting on his knee and then licking it up... He was an exchange student.

Now that's a quirk.

I laugh. like a "heh heh" for no reason. Im not remembering a joke, or find what you said funny, I rarely notice that I do it. I guess its what I do when I dont know an appropriate response, or to break up a silence? It defiantly fits under "weird un-explainable quirks"

Im a bit of a pedant.

I walk on my toes (I step with the balls of my feet first and then bring my heel down).

I shake/nod my head when I say no/yes if I'm lying or nervous.

I have double jointed thumbs that can pop, and can fold my turn and turn it upside down.

I can flex my retina and make my eyeballs shake side to side very rapidly.

Very pale skin.

My eyes have a ring running around the middle of my iris and the outer part is darker blue and the inner part is brighter blue.

Platinum Hair.

I ask too much questions.

I'm ALWAYS taking the caps off of remotes or computer mouses and even caps to soda cans.

I *explicit* LOVE DIET COKE.

Captcha: Sorry Sight.

Well screw you too captcha...

About the only thing I can think of is my obsession with the time. I don't like being very late to anything I find serious. I also can't relax if there is something important or even something trivial (like meeting a friend) if it's later in the day. Even 8-10 hours away.

I also need a way to tell the time. A phone or an ipod is not enough. I need a watch at all times. If i don't have a watch I freak the fuck out.

Compared to the rest of you guys, all of this seems rather trivial.

every person i know calls me a cynical ass. something i am fine with, but really everyone says it.

haven't been sick for school the last 5 years. sure had some days i had a headache, but never really sick.

can't handle Styrofoam at all. the moment i enter my house after a long trip (school, work, you name it.) i suddenly have to take a piss like crazy. side note, when i drink beer, i also have to pee constantly. really don't know why.

and the volume on any technical device MUST be a even number!


and the volume on any technical device MUST be a even number!

For me it gets even weirder: It has to be a multiple of 5.

I can't eat apples if they still have a stalk. I have to twist it out or I feel weird.
Also I unfold paper clips and stick them in my mouth.

We are soulmates, I do the same everytime!

For some reason, I can't wear anything with writing on it(usually T-shirts). I can't explain it, it just makes me feel uncomfortable.

Also I don't like cheese, all of it, in any form. I've tried it and hated it every time.

So, yesterday I had another person tell me I have an English accent, the most recent in a long line of people telling me I have an English accent. What is the big deal, you may ask? I have an English accent too, and that is not weird! Well, let me tell you why it is weird, friend: I am not English. I have never been to England. I have lived in America my entire life. Neither of my parents are English; they are also American, born and bred. Same with their parents. I have no idea how I came to have this accent. What is especially weird is that my brother gets the same thing, but my sister does not.

I have a simliar thing happen to me occasionally. People sometimes tell me I have an accent, but they can never tell me what sort of accent I have. So apparently I have my own unique accent. Then again, I have one Australian parent and one English parent, so maybe I just meshed those two together.

I cringe a little when I hear the word "ain't". I have no idea why. I also get rather annoyed when I can predict what someone is about to say or do. I have no idea why something like that would annoy me. Perhaps I'm taking issue with the repetition, rather than the predictability?


I can't eat apples if they still have a stalk. I have to twist it out or I feel weird.
Also I unfold paper clips and stick them in my mouth.

We are soulmates, I do the same everytime!

You know, it's never occurred to me that eating an apple without first removing the stalk is even an option. It's just something I do without thinking, and have done for as long as I can remember.

OT: I always have some song playing in my head. It might be something I listened to recently, or something I haven't heard in a long time, but there's always something playing. I tend to fill gaps in conversations by randomly singing whatever happens to be playing at the time.

If I'm working or trying to concentrate on something then I will always start muttering to myself as if I'm trying to walk myself through it.

I can't stand the sound of people spitting! It's just...uugggggh! And god forbid it's a big loogie! The sound they make when they hit the concrete makes me shudder.

I can't stand that either. Though for me it's more of a combination of disgust and "Where is your class?" sort of reaction.

My friends say that when I'm listening to them that I mimic what they say with my mouth sightly. I think they're just bullshitting though. But regardless it has made me very self concious about it.
I like to hug things. Whenever I'm watching TV I usually hug a pillow.
I can't sleep in a bed that is freshly made, I have to mess the sheets up first.
I always check the time on cellphone when I'm walking and not having it makes me feel uncomfortable.

I can't help but feel that any reporter that talks to me deserves a swift smack across the face.

I always look for the humor in things, even if I shouldn't.

I tend to be realistic about things, but also optimistic.

Whenever I get antsy, I press my thumb onto the sharpest tooth in my mouth :P

I tend to like all types of music, no matter what it is. There are, however, always exceptions.

People REALLY need to try and get me angry. I'm usually very calm, and if I do get angry, it's very short-lived

I try to make things quotable, if I can.

I hate violence, but I'll use it if someone is in danger, Batman style!

I apparently stutter, which some people have said was, and I quote, "adorable." Why, I don't know :D


I wanted to post some weird quirks that I have but all I can think of is that I will pronounce certain words with a Long Island accent. Chocolate for example will be pronounced "Choclete" with no O sound and an E instead of an A. My brother picks on me relentlessly for this. Also when agitated I develop a very Southern accent, I live in the mid atlantic US (Maryland).

Southern accent? I live in Maryland... how are you getting a Southern accent, i'm confused : P

I normally don't have one. If I'm angry or agitated I start talking with a southern accent. That is my unexplainable quirk. My friends treat it as a game, "who can make Chris sound like a hillbilly first".

I love the cold, the rain and the dark. Darkness is easy on the eyes, rain looks pretty, sounds cool and feels nice and IDK why I love the cold. I remember when I was younger I hated the cold and would get cold all the time, and I taught myself to resist it by lying in the frost. I just learnt to resist cold by freezing my nuts off :D. Now I can walk around switzerland and france in the middle of winter in a t-shirt. Same whenever I go skiing.

Also, I apparently have every accent that I shouldn't. I apparently have an american, irish, english and scottish accent if I'm to believe everyone. I'm australian :/

If I buy an album, I have to then get every album by that artist.

When I get really bored, I start meowing to myself.

Strange things about meh:

I am a fetishist.
I once traded a Playstation 1 and almost all my games for a Sega Genesis and 30 games. Then I traded the Sega Genesis back to my friend for his copy of Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. This was a game that worked on a system I couldn't buy for at least three months.
I have a love for all things A Nightmare on Elm Street Related, the 2010 remake aside.
I have this strange ability to laugh at people who yell. I don't know if its really that weird, but people yelling makes me laugh, and sadly, no, R. Lee Ermey yelling doesn't make me laugh.
I have this belief that people really don't like me, of which I cannot explain.
I didn't know I had a singing voice until I was 13.
I am not allergic to bees, but I have an intense, crippling fear of bees (well, Hornets).
I have never finished Jurassic Park, the movie.
I find Double Dragon to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.
I love The Electric Light Orchestra.
I have a vast knowledge of movie trivia, none of which anybody cares to know about.

I think that about covers me.

I've noticed that I have developed a Thinking Stance. I think too intensely over anything and it's unconciously activated. Weird.

Oh and my Manga must be organised alphabetically and must be kept in the best condition possible. I leave random other books in a pile on the floor XP

I have Claustrophia to the highest degree, i'm thinking of getting myself cremated (after i've died obviously) rather than buried. Just on the slimest chance I wake up in a coffin 6 feet under... Fuck now i've got chills DX

I also enjoy hearing the various phrases that refer to very drunk people.

Shitfaced and ratarsed are my current favourites. I'd never be caught dead drinking alcohol though. Logic dictates that there is absolutely no reason to ever touch the stuff.

EDIT: And all my posts to anything ever must have at least perfect spelling and hopefully decentish grammar unless i'm making a intentionally wrong spelling joke. Baist gaem evar LOL (watch as I fuck up a word in this and people can just go to town on me)

If I don't know the spelling I have to go and find it on Google immediately. It's like the lowest form of professional standards...

Not sure why, but i ascribed inherent properties to all basic numbers when i was very little:

1 is the beginning
2 is the betrayal
3 is hell
4 is peace
5 is material
6 is sexy
7 is me
8 is the enemy
9 is my most loved

Has anyone ever done something like that?
I now feel exposed, embarrassed and a bit sick

I can't smile. At least not intentionally.

I have no problem smiling when I'm just looking in the mirror but in social situations it always ends up as a grimace like I'm badly constipated or something.

i love everything tomato-related except actual tomatoes. i like smashing up fresh ones for tomato sauce and love to have them in dishes(if they are cooked in some way) but i can't eat raw tomatoes. Same with paprika.
the best weather in the world is cold summer days
i love sitting on the windows sill when it's raining.
i started growing a beard because i was too lazy to shave daily, oh the irony.

Casual Shinji:

I can't stand the sound of people spitting! It's just...uugggggh! And god forbid it's a big loogie! The sound they make when they hit the concrete makes me shudder.

You too, huh?

I think I was one of the only kids in high school who didn't hock even once. And yes, the sight of it made me fucking sick, too. Still does.

I once even sat next to a kid in elementary school who had the nasty habit of spitting on his knee and then licking it up... He was an exchange student.

Hmmm. Even I have had moments where I had to hock one, like if I have a cold or something. But even then I would close my eyes so I wouldn't have to look at it, and aim for a soft spot for it to land on.

That exchange student.....ew. Just...eeeewwwwwww.

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