Most disturbing thing you've ever seen in real life?

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I was walking across one of the crosswalks on the main highway where I live.
There was an older gentleman who was half the highway ahead of me (when I started crossing, he was at the midway point).

Since I was faster than the man, I got to the meridian when he was around the middle lane of the opposite direction of the highway.

So I got a pretty good view when some ASSHOLE in an SUV decided that the flashing lights of a crosswalk didn't fucking apply to them and didn't break in time, and with a squeal of tires that did nothing, smashed RIGHT INTO THE OLD MAN, with enough force to send him rolling over the top of the SUV and hitting the pavement on the other side.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

The ambulance guys, when I asked, said the old man would be okay, but I think they were just patronising me. They probably thought I was in middle school or something (I look young for my age). But I hope he was okay.

And this is why I always wait an ungodly amount of time before I start crossing the crosswalk. Fuck you assholes honking your horns at me to "get moving" I don't want to fucking die because some dickwad decides that the rules of the road doesn't fucking apply to them.

Other than pictures of violence. The thing that horrifies me the most is seeing my father's angry face.

I've seen people hit by cars, terrible car and motorcycle crashes, not just passing either, my dad is an army medic turned EMT and he gets out and helps, I don't have any medical knowledge but I've seen some fucked up things on the side of the road, people beating the living hell out of each other, animals run over, I saw a deer get hit by a car going about 80mph, its ass exploded, literally, pieces of bloody deer ass flying everywhere.

I've seen videos of what Mexican drug cartels do to people that cross them, beheadings, hangings, executions, probably the worst was a man put in a 55 gallon steel drum that was sitting on a fire, then little ingots of lead were thrown in until the drum was full, they broke the drum open and there was a cylinder of lead with human bones sticking out, if you're going to do a research paper don't do it on Mexican drug cartels, some of the research material is very gruesome.

Holy shit. We've seen some.

I saw a deer get it's head knocked off. Little fawn. Running across the highway. When WHAM!
A Highlander hits it.

Not fun.

Nothing remotely like the stuff that's been on here; the most gruesome thing that's ever happened to me was having my big toe smashed by a door as a kid and watching my big toenail gradually die and fall out as a result. That, combined with a similar incident concerning my sister, left me with a squeamishness about toe and fingernail injuries that lingers to this day.

For the sheer atrocity factor, I do remember one time (again when I was a kid) some birds set up a nest in a tree in our backyard so we had some chicks hanging around on the property. One day we discovered that what was presumably another bird had stormed the nest and hacked the chicks up; I distinctly remember that one of them had been decapitated. Don't remember what happened to the parents. They probably ran for it.

That didn't actually disturb me as much as my toenail; it just left me feeling rather depressed.

when i was about 6 i was happily walking to school when i saw a cat lying on its back in a bed of flowers, its eyes were popped out and its nose was bleeding, on the edge of the road there was blood splattered everywhere. thank god it was dead when i saw it because the cat actually dragged its broken body off the road and into the bed of was the most disturbing thing in my life. i was fucked up for weeks. * sniff * aww damn im crying now. dont let you're cats outta the house guys. indoor or road kill? pick a choice * goes and hugs my cat *

Most disturbing thing I've seen was probably a few years ago on my way to the store. I saw a cat that had been hit by a car. As I turned into the driveway I'm pretty sure I saw the head move and body twitch. I was so horrified by it I didn't know what to do about it and my mind kinda froze. Ended up doing nothing, just got my groceries and went home. Part of me had wanted to try to get the cat to a vet in case it could have survived. The other part of me wanted to go run it over to make sure it was dead and out of it's misery. I still feel guilty now and then that I didn't do either.

Other disturbing thing was probably holding my uncle's hand as he passed away. He had fallen unconcious and not woken up. The family had known this was coming and he had made his wishes known that he not be kept alive by machines or taken to a hospital. He wanted to die at home. His daughter and her husband was living with him and and informed everyone when he went comatose. My parents drove up from California overnight and I met them at my uncle's house when they had arrived. My aunt and uncle were there as well, as was other family members. Everyone seemed to leave at the same time to get something to eat or clean up a bit (it was rather late). So it was just me and my cousin.

My uncle just seemed to start fading away, and she called everyone who had left, letting them know. We were sitting next to the bed, each of us holding one of his hands and he just stopped breathing. It was kind of surreal. He passed away as we sat there. I remember noticing how his hand started to grow cold. Just a few minutes later my parents and the rest of the immediate family arrived. I remember hugging my dad and crying, telling him how sorry I was. It felt so stupid for him and my mom to drive 1000+ miles to be here and then to leave and miss his brother's passing by maybe 5 minutes.

It was a peaceful passing at least, not like a lot of the other things posted in the thread. But it still gives me an odd feeling when I think about it.

Well, personally taking the rabbits I raised and having to snap their necks and skin them, but I'm kinda okay with that since I'm redneck, otherwise my uncle and cousin got shot and the scene was pretty traumatic.

I saw a guy killed by a train. I'd been waiting to go to work in Sydney. He was walking around the platform talking to himself. The train pulled in and he walked over and fell down on the tracks (raised platform). It seemed like he wanted to do it but then once he hit the tracks he put his arms up around his head like he was trying to protect himself. That always bothered me.

Then just last month I was flying home through Tahiti 2 days before Christmas. While waiting to be checked in a guy came barreling through the airport drop off lane at full speed (it's an open airport so we were right there). He clipped a man who was unloading bags from a van and crushed him against the open door. Very sickening snapping sound and the man lay on the ground twitching (the guy was stopped and arrested, there was a piece of something hanging from his broken headlight). There was an ambulance nearby but as we didn't hear sirens leaving I assume he didn't make it. I hope he did. But seeing him on the ground I don't think he did.

Then on the same flight home there was a guy being airlifted who was on a stretcher on the opposite side of the aisle from us (at the back of the plane). Shortly into the flight started he almost died. They spent 15-20 minutes doing CPR and managed to revive him. Then 1/2 hour later it happened again. They spent about 40 minutes - 1hour this time. I didn't bother eating, didn't watch any of the movies. Just sat there for 6 more hours hoping the guy would be all right. The curtain around him had to be pulled back so I had a very clear view of everything. Watching them desperately pump his chest (an overweight paramedic who was sweating so much), the sound of the breathing machine and the noise the man was making with the tube in his mouth, like it was choking him...

Then 1/2 hour before landing they disconnected all life support, taped up his mouth shut, tied his hands together and prepared him for disembarking. He had died after the second arrest. After the second arrest they had kept checking him throughout the flight. I thought they were doing it to see if he was still okay. But it turned out they were just watching for fluids exiting the body.

EDIT - Actually the MOST disturbing thing I saw was when my father died. I was too late to be there but when I arrived at the hospital (at about 4.30am in the morning) he was already dead and laid out on a stretcher in the TV room on the top floor. I had to wait for about an hour for my mother to get there then tell her the news (a terrible wait, I really liked my father). Watching her sobbing over his body as the sun came up was probably the most disturbing thing I've seen. I think I've just blocked that one out of my immediate memories.

Dead babies and children,any death is tragic to someone but dead children are just awful. I saw one a month or two ago and it didn't even look like human. Sadly this wasn't the first nor the last I'll see.


Damn guys, you've seen some real shit during your lifetime.

As for me, the most disturbing thing I saw is my worst psychosis I've had (I'm schizophrenic)

I was in my living room, reading a history book when suddenly I heard ravens chirping increasingly louder, to a point it was almost as loud as an washing machine. Then the sky became darker for some reason, I look at the windows and I see a plethora of ravens screaming to my windows.
I screamed and in a flash, everything disappeared. Mind this happened really fast, maybe seven seconds max. When I realized what just happened I was so freakin' scarred I went to the hospital the next day. Been medicated since HAHAHA

Holy hell that sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel DX

Hope the meds are helping out!

Yes it does a lot. I can complain all I want against the side-effects but they're truly a blessing when it comes to eliminating the hallucinations and delusions.

Also mind that that psychosis was by far the worst I've ever had. I had a really bad day, I was hearing voices that told me bad things all day and I was really stressed out. ''Normally'' (if you can say that), my other hallucinations were pretty harmless, like hearing voices from birds or seeing colors in the sky for example. I can even say that overall I enjoyed my journey through my psychosis. They surely give you a new perspective to what reality really is. The delusions are a bitch though tee-hee :)

A guy at my school got a nose bleed once and it dripped all over his arm. Some goth guy came up, grabbed the other guy's bloody arm and started licking the blood off. I threw up.

Ya that's pretty tame compared to some of these responses but still...

Seen? Well I'm only 17 and I've had to see about... 12? maybe 13 animals die right in front of me or be the first to find their bodies.

So I got a pretty good view when some ASSHOLE in an SUV decided that the flashing lights of a crosswalk didn't fucking apply to them and didn't break in time, and with a squeal of tires that did nothing, smashed RIGHT INTO THE OLD MAN, with enough force to send him rolling over the top of the SUV and hitting the pavement on the other side.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

The ambulance guys, when I asked, said the old man would be okay, but I think they were just patronising me. They probably thought I was in middle school or something (I look young for my age). But I hope he was okay.

The type of accident where the victim rolls over the car is less dangerous than many other varieties, from what I've heard. Has to do with momentum.

As for disturbing stuff I've seen. Well...not much, honestly. I am either fortunate, sheltered, or both, I guess.

When I was 8 there was a decapitated bird head mounted on the top of my chainlink fence for some reason. It also looked like bits of its torso was strewn about the links below. Me and 2 other of the neighbor kids gathered around it until my parents told me to go back into the house. The fuck was going on with that?

At the moment, not much comes to mind.
The only thing that does is I saw my friend get beat by his dad for very little reason.
Back story? Sure. But I will skip the weird part since it seems far fetched to most people. Anyway, it was his birthday party at his house.
We were about 12-13ish. He had gotten an inflatable bouncy castle for the occasion (it was "The Little Mermaid" style because the place didn't have any others) and at one point his dad and his uncle thought it was a good idea to charge into one of the pillars. It didn't seem to do first. Then the tower folded in on one of the jumps, it almost looked like it was starting to deflate, but it was just the one tower that collapsed and was pinched in a way that the air didn't make it stand back up. I had just left the "castle" to get some iced tea and there was my friend, and some of his cousins inside it still. I saw the cousins come out, but my friend was still no where to be found. As you would imagine I started to painic and wonder why his parents or family aren't doing anything. Then I hear his mom say "Stay away from the castle until we figure out how to fix it." The uncle started to head to the air pump and aside from me wondering how the fuck that would fix it, I started looking around for my friend, just in case I missed him somewhere. Then I hear a very faint, muffled screaming. The voice I only regconized because I had heard him in pain before. My friend was still in the tower. I looked to see if anyone else heard it, but no one seemed to, so I took off my shoes, put the glass on the table, and dashed inside the tower, hearing the bunch of adults yelling at me not to go in, but I had to see if he was in there. Sure enough, I look at the ground were the tower collapsed and I saw a tuff of hair and a bit of a finger poking out, all while still hearing the muffled yell. (Something I can never forget) I didn't want to think of how he was still able to scream, or if he was trying to move, just wanted to get him out of there. I started to wedge myself under the tower, in an attempt to give just enough clearance for him to move. I don't know if I actually moved the tower up or just pushed the floor down, but it opened up and there I saw my friend laying next to me. I just started to yell at him to go, at first he hesitated, but he then quickly scrambled to move out, but the "bounce houses" (whatever you want to call them) aren't known for their tracktion with socks. As he started to move out, my arms felt too strained and had to stop. The tower came back ontop both of us, but I was still half out and I could see his head was out. So I took a deep breath and pushed again until my arms couldn't take it. He had made it out. I of course got out in time but for awhile I just layed in there catching my breath. Once I got back inside, my friend was crying and his dad was yelling at him. Wanting to get out of the situation, I went to the other room for something to drink. As I came back, I looked back at my friend and his dad. The father was yelling at him to stop crying, of course, that wouldn't stop him from doing so. The kid was pretty shooken up. Then he started to beat him. (Also something I can't forget) The father then looked back and saw me. I was scared shitless thinking he was going to do something to me. Then I was surprised because then he just said, "You see! Now you're embarresing me in front of Kyle!" (that is my name :P). I just hurried out the back door, not wanting to be more ammo. My friend stayed inside for a long while after that, and I wasn't allowed back in until he had come out. One thing is for certain, I dispise that man. (Wow, that was a longer rant than I thought...)

TL;DR: Look at the top, I said it before my rant :P

I have seen dead two headed babies in jars in a medical museum....I have seen a bloodied mangled corpse in a car accident....I saw the Gadaffi death video....I saw that suicide video on Jimquisition...None of these disturbed me.

I'd have to say it was the animal abuse stories that move me...The family in China that tortured kittens to death while the mommy cat watched, the fake cat in a bottle stories, the artist who starved a dog in the name of art, the redneck who held a dog by it's neck & punched it in the gut, the lady who euthanize pets she adopts & turns them into fashion accessories, the stories of soldiers gang-beating goats for training.

Animals are innocent & child-brained & do not deserve their abuse. Humanity (also dolphins, ants, & some apes) are what I would consider "evil" by default; the sort of creatures that go out of their way to torment creatures that they neighter intend to eat nor compete with for territory or mates. I can't be alone in this, because so many people who find even fake pet violence offensive will laugh if a total stranger or a best friend gets whacked in the ballsack by a steel bat.

Caught a bus to go home when I saw a parked car.
Out of curiosity I peered into it as the bus went by (it went right next to it). In the front seat I saw somebody leaning back in the car with their head hanging to one side (more sideways than it should have been). Their shirt was drenched in dried blood and the skin wasn't quite the right colour.

Since the car was located right next to some elementary school, I figured that somebody had to have phoned it in by this point. The next day in the paper it mentioned that the individual was stabbed by somebody in the backseat a great many times and had their throat slashed to near decapitation. Apparently the body had just been sitting there for four days.

There was also this homeless individual who was rather nice. Didn't ask for money, he just slept in a bus stop at night and went about whatever business he had during the day. Very polite to everyone, too. One day he just wasn't there anymore. Someone had hit him repeatedly with a cinderblock until his head caved in like a melon in an alleyway. Saw the scene right before the body was taken off and it was quite...messy. From that day, there's been little messages saying "R.I.P" put onto the bench and the immediate area, but nobody has ever put down a name.

Those were the most recent things.
A great deal of others, but I don't feel like writing a novel.

I was biking home and a car took a left turn too wide and hit a deer in bike lane. The deer was sent flying and hit the sidewalk where it lay there twitching and dying for a few minutes. Neither me or my friend had a cell phone at the time and the car peeled off, leaving only the smell of burnt rubber and shattered glass/plastic from the broken headlights. We debated trying to go home and call the SPCA to the location or something, but we could see the deer wasn't far from death. You could just tell. It was disturbing, and I'm not even an animal person. That was in my top few worst moments, I remember it so vividly, almost 5 years later.

Froggy Slayer:

A video of myself passing out. I reckon that qualifies as real life because I lived it first and that was pretty disturbing in it's own right.

It seems weak compared to some of the other stuff on here, but watching yourself go pale, start choking and go limp as a boned fish all of a sudden is freaky as all hell.

I have passed out twice. On the same day, one year apart. Except I didn't go limp at first, but sort of span to the ground, at least in the first one. In the second I had just got up from a chair, so I sort of slumped.

I've passed out plenty of times sadly, comes of having a thoroughly annoying combination of a dicky heart and low blood pressure.

The only reason I don't consider those to be as freaky as the one I posted is because no one was around with a camera for those, so I've never been able to watch them back. That first one would probably take the biscuit were that the case.

I have two stories tied for being the most disturbing of mine, but in different ways.

First one is when a rabid possum tried to attack my cat, and we got it cornered, but the only thing I could think of to kill it with was my bow. So I shot at it, and the arrow went through the midsection, pinning it to the wall, but it was still alive, and I wanted to put it out of it's misery, so I shot it again, through the chest. I thought it was dead, so I walked up to pull the arrows out, and it tried to lunge at me. Those were the only two arrows I had with me, but I didn't want to let it suffer and wait till it died, so I got a hammer. I missed the first swing, and hit it where the first arrow hit in the stomach, and it made blood and guts spill out, and I was very disturbed by this point. I swung again, this time hitting the head, pretty much making it splatter. I try to avoid killing things now.

Second one, some sick fucks decided to abduct all the cats in the neighborhood( we noticed them missing for a few days) then one morning I walked out to see cat body parts, guts, and blood all over the streets and sidewalk. There were also some "suicide notes" written as if the cats wrote them. Still don't know who did it.

And a bonus, my mom made me hold hands with my dead grandma for about 2 hours(my mom was in shock from it), and had me kiss her about every 20 seconds or so. It still wasn't as bad as the first two though, as it was a peaceful death.

Reading this thread, I am such a wimp. I would be shocked to walk into a hall with blood on the wall and things like party's and drunk people fighting make me feel grossed out and I want nothing to do with them. How do you people do it, I get scared when I hear someone chocking or fall over and in pain for long enough.

I wanted to be a paramedic once.

Cold,waxy, gray dead baby. Opened the mouth and found blood. Looked up at the mother and saw this wide-eyed, vacant stare; realized she shook it to death. I remember the look on her face more than the baby, it made her seem like a monster.

I decided on working in an office instead.

I saw a friend getting stabbed while being chased when I was in 8th grade.

Oh, and I can't forget, when I was about 16, a neighbors dog got hit by a school bus at 25 MPH, direct hit, the dog was crying at it limped away and it ended up struggling to our front porch and dying there.

The mosy disturbing thing I've seen was in a nightclub toilet about 15 years ago. I went to the sink to wash my hands and saw a bar of soap; with teeth marks in it. Not a little nibble mind, but about a third of the bar gone in one big bite.

It's also one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Reading this makes me feel a lot better about my one.

My sisters rabbit got flystrike. Google image search that at your peril. Anyway, we picked it up and the fur just started falling off completely on it's back half, just brushing it lightly removed a lot of it revealing the writhing mass of maggots underneath. We picked off the maggots but then they kept crawling out of her anus as well. After reading on the internet we should apply some iodine to her we did, which in turn caused all the deeper maggots to start crawling out of the huge number of wounds on her skin. There were just hundreds. I asked my mum to let me just kill it to put it out of it's misery but she insisted we try and save it. I spent about 3 hours picking maggots out of that rabbit. It died two days later.

I work in a Pathology Lab so I have seen (and touched) every part of the human body. Everything from eyeballs to livers to brains and hearts and entire limbs. Add the words gangreen or cancered or infested or what-have-you to the front of any of those and there's a good chance I've seen it too.

I've got a lot of respect for people like you. I work as an undertaker so I have no problem with handling dead people. This last Christmas day night, I was on standby and I got called out to collect an overweight guy that had died on his sofa and had been dead for over a week. You can probably imagine the state he was in. It took 3 of us to move him and every time we moved him, blood and other fluids just leaked everywhere, the smell was terrible to the point that one of my collegues was almost sick.

It was the worst thing I've seen in almost 6 years in the job, I'm just glad that it wasn't in the summer. The point I'm getting at is that he obviously had to go for post mortem and I felt sorry for the people who had to do that job, there is no way I would have wanted to do that.

I was 5. Me and my mother were crossing the streets during the night when suddenly we came across a car accident. But it wasn't regular one. The car hit a guy driving his bicycle. The guy was laying in the ground unconscious on a pool of blood. He was barely breathing. We called the ambulance, but I don't think he survived.

I was at the Phuket Boxing Day Tsunami. Lucky for me I was on a boat at the time so the wave passed right under me.

When I got back to shore I saw people retrieving bodies out of an underground, beach-facing mall. I saw them recover the body of the man who the day before had sold me a coffee and had a friendly broken-English conversation with.

I still can't forget his face but I never knew his name.

Fuck. I'm leaving this thread now. No more. Argh.

Well, I didn't really SEE it, but I experienced it. A little more than a year ago, I was driving with 3 friends in my car. I hate to admit it, but I took a turn too sharp and we ended up rolling 2 and a half times.

I remember feeling the car tip, reaching over to try to keep the passenger safe, and then blacked out. I'm not sure if I was knocked unconscious or blacked out for some other reason. I could have just had my eyes closed for all I know, but it seemed to last for several minutes. During the darkness, all I could hear were screams, glass breaking, and metal crunching. I swear I sat there in darkness for several minutes crying about how I've killed my friends and ruined, if not ended, my life.

Well, it turns out I wasn't crying, and it did not last that long. I came to before the car came to a stop and was out of the door the second it was steady. I went back in and got everyone else out. The entire ordeal couldn't have lasted more than a minute, and everyone was miraculously okay for the most part. My head and arm hurt, and someone got a minor cut on their finger. (not even any stitches needed) Hooray for seat belts!

I got home after sorting everything out and just sat still for a few hours thinking about everything. I know that night will stick with me forever. If Hell exists, I imagine it would be like that darkness.


Always wear your seat belt. :)

Seems like nothing compared to some of the stuff here but anyway...
When I was 15, I had to put down my pet rabbit and its litter of baby rabbits, they had all caught Myxomatosis, there is no treatment, and the vaccination is banned in Australia, the only way to deal with it is to end their suffering.
I often go hunting pest rabbits at a friends farm so I know how to quickly put them out, of course discharging firearms in a town is a bad idea so I had to put them out by hand. It was the worst thing, to put out the mother and the 7 week old litter that I had helped raise from birth, I felt really bad for my sister who loved those rabbits more then anything.

I guess you can say I've been pretty lucky... aside from what I've seen in videos I really haven't seen anything horrific. I think the worse thing I've seen is a Mom just off and abandon her kid, but that happens all the time and really isn't so much horrific as just tragic.

While in Thailand I saw a whole street filled with shops where grown men have sex with children.

In China, I saw a guy with a half melted face and while the other half had grown into his shoulder.

In Israel, I saw a building filled with bullet holes and a blown up tank turret sitting next to it.

I've watched starving children ask for money and a man come up and steal it from them.

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