Piers Morgan VS. Alex Jones :guns

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America, I don't ask you for much, but please don't send him back.... do whatever you like with him (shoot him, for all I care) but we don't want the obnoxious little twunt either!!

I have a plan.
You know how you guys did that Australia thing for all those people you didn't like?
What if we did that, but just for this guy?

verdant monkai:


Americans. I was only replying to the idea that these people would never work with us. I tried to make sure to say that it was only a mean to an end for them. They didn't/don't like us and it was only Soviet occupation that caused them to accept our assistance. But to say the outright they would never work with us isn't true(well it is now). At least in the words of Glorious Leader Bush the Taliban were aiding and allowing Al Qaeda to exist in their borders. I also understand that at the time of invasion Afghanistan was basically a country of warlords with their own swaths of land and no Taliban leadership so who fucking knows.

Oh ok I'm not American I'm British, and I haven't researched this much. The whole middle east is in a bit of a crisis right now and it's hard to keep up. However it is in my opinion highly unlikely your government would want to blow up a huge investment like the two towers, not to mention loads of their own citizens.

Sorry to hear about the flu take it easy man.

oh no sorry for the confusion. 9-11 isn't at all related to my point.

I don't want to be in this world anymore.

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