I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse-lasagne!

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Well I personally wouldn't eat a horse on purpose, unless I had to to survive, to me they're about as loyal as a dog, then again I heard pigs can be the same, then again bacon.

Either way, if I ask/buy a beef lasagne or beef whatever I don't the meat within to be anything other than what comes from cattle.

I share a somewhat similar sentiment. In my case since my grandparents live in a farming community I have been around pigs/boars, horses, deer, cows, and I found that the former two are just too intelligent to be relegated to a food source with pigs possessing a relatively high degree of sentience and horses bordering on the lower end of it. I would not mind if they took horses or pigs that were put down from suffering and made them into food but I could not make myself eat them deliberately otherwise. I personally cannot remember the last time I had ham or bacon not from a family farm after they put down an old breeding sow.

As for the latter two their position in the wild is of a high quantity prey species. Looking at the population count and mortality rates of various species in relation to their intelligence is more or less my way of determining whether or not my personal morals dictate I do not eat that animal. Furthermore I do not condone the shabby treatment that I have personally witnessed of animals in slaughterhouses, it is just cruel. Thankfully there have been improvements but I prefer to get some of my meat from my grandparents who get a lot of it from the surrounding farms where (I hope to God) they get better treatment.

I know I will be called out for over sentimentality, hypocrisy, or skewing this fact or another but quite frankly, I do not give a damn. I am not telling anyone to copy my morals or what they should think thus I cannot see how it hurts anyone speaking my mind in that regard.

Now where did I put my pen...


Frankly, I wish the English speaking world would just hurry up and get over its horsemeat = bad taboo.

Are you French? Because i remember reading that eating horse meat is not a taboo in France.

Nope, not French, just a 'Murican who likes trying new things. :)
I have eaten horse meat I think twice in my life. It was meat. Nothing special, but nothing to be grossed out or morally outraged about.

Never had dog or cat either (that I know of) but I wouldn't mind trying it... as long as I didn't know the dog/cat personally beforehand.

Frankly, I wish the English speaking world would just hurry up and get over its horsemeat = bad taboo. Although mislabeling your product is still a scummy thing to do.

I agree!
I REALLY want a horse burger. They sound delicious!
Also, isn't horse like, really good for you (well better than beef anyway)?

However, it was really shitty of these companies to lie to people...

Our Swedish horse meat is actually labeled "hamburger meat", but everone knows it's horse. But unlike you U.K folks, we don't care, and just eat our horse.

as someone who has eaten my own coat of arms (emu and kangaroo) as well as dog it wouldn't bother me but truth in packaging is important

robot slipper:

If I can convince 1 person how stupid this whole thing is I will be a happy bunny.

Do you have any idea what's in anything you eat? How much meat do you think is in a sausage? I'll give you a clue, it's not even close to 50%. Go read the ingredients on the next "healthy" thing you eat... I bet you don't recognise half the shit in there.

Go to YouTube, type in "Britain's really disgusting food", watch it and then come back here and tell me how much you care about horse meat.

I'm surprised they have meat in there still, I don't care where the meat comes from.

You have to be ignorant to these things or you could eat anything, you don't think where the food in kfc has been/come from.... We all know of horror stories

I'm not a fan of anyone selling me one thing when it's really another. What they did was a sucky thing to do, and I think punishments are in order. I've gotta say, though, that I'd much rather eat horse than American beef. The cows we raise here in the states are straight-up rank.

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