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I'm going to have to second Attack on Titan. I can see why it became so popular, it does a lot of generic 'awesome' things, but the pacing is shit, there's almost no creativity involved... It's a psychological show where the characters are flat caricatures instead of realistic people. It's a military show with idiotic tactics. It's a mystery show in which nothing will ever be explained and the viewer is punished for trying to think about things too much. It's an action show with maybe 30 seconds of things happening, and then 20 minutes of people talking about them (saying the same things over and over, or just cutting to a copy-pasted reaction face for a minute straight). And all this goes on and on forever...

Elfen Lied is right out. I liked the manga, but then the animated adaptation screws up every character, removes every scene that doesn't include blood or tits, butchers the story, and just generally slaps the title and a few visuals of a good story onto the lowest common denominator of "entertainment".

I'd stay away from all the "endless shonen", like Bleach, Dragonball, Naruto, One Piece, etc. They start with a stupid, repetitive, boring manga. And then they add about 70% by volume of filler. And then they keep this up for hundreds and hundreds of episodes. I'm not sure I've seen anything that went on for over about 63 episodes (however long FMA: Brotherhood was) without being shit, and refuse to start anything over about 26 without very good reason. Hunter x Hunter wasn't terrible for the few episodes I watched, but it wasn't good enough to hold my interest for long.

I'd skip the Ghost in the Shell movies and go straight to Stand Alone Complex. Not that the movies are particularly bad, per se, but they were among the first real cyberpunk things out there, so they spend a lot of time basically saying 'hey look, cyberpunk!' instead of devoting attention to characters and plotline like they should. SAC is awesome, but only if you like thinking and are in a rather alert mindset, because they absolutely refuse to simplify things or play down to the audience; don't bother watching if you can't or don't want to keep up.

Evangellion is a classic, beloved by many, and a huge influence on everything that came after it. I'm glad it happened, and I think that its existence has been positive for anime in general. But the show itself is kinda shit in my opinion. It starts out by deconstructing the usual unrealistic 'kid in a giant mecha' tropes, but then slides right into an even more unrealistic grimdark place. And of course the writer was gradually falling deeper into depression and growing to hate his fans as he went along, so a lot of it is deliberately intended to fuck with you. (Not gonna mention the ending)

While we're on Eva, might as well mention all the other 'oh I'm so grimdark and therefore mature and deep no really' shows. Gantz, Berzerk, etc. We get it, you're edgy and you show things a 'kids show' would never be allowed to. Adding Gorn doesn't make you mature, and tossing a bunch of rapists in your story doesn't make it deep.

Hellsing. The manga was a coherent story, centered on a girl adjusting to becoming a vampire in the middle of a supernatural war. The first anime tried to make it an episodic monster-of-the-week show centered on the God-Mode Sue side character who turned her and then acted as background for most of the series, only bringing back the real main character when they decide there needs to be a panty shot. Watch the Hellsing Ultimate OVAs instead; they're a faithful (and very well made) adaptation of the original story.

I would like to go on record to say that Star Driver, however, is not worth a look. I generally find these things being shown at my local anime club. How blissful it must be that I've forgotten half of what I didn't like in there and bought what I DID. Star Driver is one of those things that still cling to memory...badly.

Star Driver is the most stupidly ridiculously fabulous mecha anime there is. If you take it seriously you will hate it. It has a giant mecha with high heels and a giant feather plume coming out of its head, piloted by a hero whose prophetic title translates literally as 'Galactic Pretty-Boy', fighting against a "secret" society with a ludicrously inefficient lair, paper-thin disguises, and a membership which seems to include every person on the island who isn't in the high school drama club. If you are amused by the absurd, it's hilarious, but otherwise you should stay far away.


How about every yaoi anime ever? Most of the time it's overly dramatic soap operas with barely any interesting characters and highly inaccurate sex scenes; going in dry would hurt anyone, squeak.

I dunno, FREE! was pretty funny. But yeah, most yaoi is basically just shitty porn, like Queen's Blade for women.

Here, I'll throw in a recommendation too. Everyone should go watch My Teenage Romantic SNAFU. ignore how stupid the title is, It's surprisingly good.

Okay, I need to second this. I watched the first episode because I was bored at the beginning of the season. I don't know what I expected. The result was definitely better.

In that same vein, I recommend HENNEKO - The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat. I have neither the time nor ability to explain why.

Any of the ultra popular stuff, namely Sword Art Online, Bleach, and Naruto.
Very repetitive and filler based. In the case of SAO, its basically MMO Anime Twilight.

There are also some anime where the manga is better: the original Full Metal Alchemist (your mileage may vary), Trigun (better than manga #1, but manga #2 took it farther), Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X and Soul Eater. The latter two cause the anime caught up to the manga and they had no idea what to do with it.



Bokurano - That show can depress the fuck out of you and for added irony, its actually not as dark as the manga its based on. Its a really big hit or miss series honestly, it can be enjoyable but some things, especially some topics and themes are

You haven't said any reasons why it was bad.

The main-issue is the themes clash with the genre mostly. At its core its about fighting robots with your very own robot, except then you have all the other themes that can clash with it and it seems a tad odd that they are basicly the focus of the story when its framed as a mecha-fighting anime more or less. Its not done badly mind you, they give each character their very own story and plot, before or after they are selected to pilot that deals with their respective issues and with a cast of 15 thats alot.

So really its the odd mood whiplash you get by watching a anime where one big robot fights another big robot all the while the story of the current episode is about how a teacher sexually abused one of the girls, or about a kid with daddy issues. And all the while the whole thing is just a game to "cosmic beings far older than we are" as it were, so yeah..its kinda on the depressing side, even though it has a "happy ending", the anime at least, in the manga there is no happy ending and certain plots are shown in much more detail.

As said, i wouldnt recommend it to people unless you really want to watch it, its not your usual anime-content.


That's the point. It's a deconstruction. And being unusual, dark, or sad doesn't make something bad.

Welcome to NHK.

This was one that was highly recommended for it's comedy, but I found this series a bit too close to home to find funny. I watched it all the way to the end, but doing so was a slog, if only to justify the gigabytes I spent downloading it.

Tempted to say High-school of the Dead, but I love titties too much. They seemed a bit too dogged to never call them zombies, and all the girls seem to be a bit to attracted to the author insert male by virtue of being the only male without weight issues. Along with the titties I do like that one of the most capable characters is female and psychologically disturbed, what's this depth doing amongst theses gore and titties?



That's the point. It's a deconstruction. And being unusual, dark, or sad doesn't make something bad.

And your point is what? The thread is about Anime you wouldnt recommend to people, that does not mean the anime has to be bad. After all, people have noted one piece, naruto and bleach as examples of anime they wouldnt recommend to others and those arent inherently bad. Also Bokurano isnt exactly a deconstruction because while it goes for realism when it comes to the whole child-pilot thing, its not a deconstruction of the mecha-genre given alot of its plotpoints.

Realism does not equal deconstruction of genre-tropes.

Probably get crap for this but Neon Genesis Evangelion. Watched it after a lot of people were talking about it on here and all I could think is 'That's it?'. It had an interesting premise and character set but did nothing with it - there was no character development, the story just stopped dead and all the 'deep' moments were just waffling to appear meaningful, it never really had a meaning beyond 'something to say that sounds deep'.

Now I never watched the films, never found a good link to them, so I cant say if they fixed any of those issues but the series as it stands was just dull, dull, dull.

Don't watch Tokko. I only watch anime rather casually and pick up titles on a whim but Tokko... There's little way to explain it other than "Boring story with excuses to show boob on occasion". it's just... bad... the voice acting is bad and the plot is bad and the voice acting isn't too good and all the characters are two dimensional. AVOID TOKKO.

...Theme song drags on a bit too...

Okay. Watch Samurai Jack and Megas XLR. They are not anime.


He made it in response to a show called Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh. It's a deconstruction of everything that show does.

ImoCho- or as everyone I know has started calling it the ghost rape pee fetish incest anime.



He made it in response to a show called Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh. It's a deconstruction of everything that show does.

Which is a Anime i never watched or read in case it was a manga. So to me the connection doesnt matter nor did i actually read whether the author did intend for it to be one, rather than it being coincidence. The point still remains the same, something doesnt have to be "bad" for me to not recommend it to someone, equally i wouldnt recommend only the "best" anime or manga to other people.

When i watched Bokurano, it had some similarities to NGE, except more pilots and a more "comprehensible" plot ;P

Well, given that it's unlikely to flip the channel and run into some piss poor anime one never meant to seek out, I'm not sure there's much purpose to warning people which anime series to actively avoid.

Still, I suppose I'll warn against the Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kira OVA's. Because you can never warn too much about those. Two first seasons and the most recent OVA is all anyone should ever concern themselves with.

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