Finish the sentence...

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...think; literally, we've barely scratched the surface of how the brain works.

For instance, they actually exist in 11 dimension and we know this because...

- I shot one of them twelve times and it took that many to stop them twitching.

Fidget spinners are a plague on -

...Saturn, where they're the source of that crazy polar pentagon.

They cause it by...

- cutting off their legs.

That's the best way to -

...get fidget spinners to create a polar pentagon, because the legs are just holding back their potential.

The legs are sent to a processing plant where they'll be turned into...

pasta sauce!

This one's for . . .

...that weirdo who likes the taste of fidget-spinner legs.

This continuity is worth it because...

- it's the darkest one.

Sometimes I like to -

...stick my head out the passenger window while flying through Saturn's polar pentagon, it just feels nice.

But everyone's bucket-list includes visiting Jupiter's Red Spot, where there are such lovely...

insanely powerful storms.

The key to the Broncos incredible upset victory in Super Bowl 50 was. . .

...'roids, it's always bloody 'roids with those losers.

All of sports would be so much better if they just took out the...

- safety gear and let them kill eachother.

Why can't we just play -

table-top games as a spectator sport?

It would be just like that video where Vin Diseal kills witches -no, not the one with Elijah Wood, I'm talking about...

Saving pirate Ryan.

I remember when I was young........

...and summoned Ormagoden with my lovely voice.

But then the First Ones just had to ruin everything by...

- saying the sacrifices were paltry compared to the ones the crab people made.

How many roads must a -

...Titan build before he can drive from the Metal Queen's lair to the Well of Tears in a day?

This conquest by the Tainted Coil isn't so bad, the legally required BDSM only hurts when...

- I think about it.

Why did I have to pick up that -

...flaming battle-axe that's also a lightning-summoning guitar? Oh right, because she is my Clemintine and I need her to...

- kill everyone.

Meanwhile in nerd history -

...Jack Black and Tim Schafer really were in the planning stages for Brutal Legend 2, they just didn't want to admit it until they're in alpha-testing.

The next time Ozzy Osborne offers to upgrade my car, I'll...

say: "wait, Ozzy's not a mechanic!"

That's right! I killed . . .

...the world! And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for...

- those meddling kids and their guitar that shoots lightning.

Sometimes I wonder if I should just - with these skeletons in the pale moonlight.

It'll be a better use of my skills than trying to dance with the flower-girl at that wedding because...

She is actually made of flowers.

Step 2..........

...smash the skeletons to bits and use their bones to build a cannibal's food cage.

But when the food escapes via Flintstones-inspired methods...

- you need to burn it.

Fyre festival is best -

-avoided like the plague.

When a cat naps in your lap, it is imperative you...

- smack it for daring to touch you.

I do enjoy a good -

...animal abuse, apparently.

The next excellent horror movie will feature a monster that...

- kills people by ripping their spines out.

How many roads must -

...killer old men escort children across during a global extinction event before we're done exploring the human condition in that specific way?

Anti-American Eagle is obviously as excited for the next Predator movie as I am, but neither of us expected the surprise hit in...

Robert Rodriguez's Predators.

The orgy was brought to a grinding halt by. . .

- the guns shoved in the back of the people who didn't realize they were a sacrifice.

I am -

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