I left you because......

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Because you love them too much.

For making love to them too much... :p

Because he just can't stop himself!

Because he wouldn't let me eat his planet.

Becausse he keeps nagging me "Feed me your planet, I'm hungry" geeze what about my needs?!

Because he never speaks and he must!

Because you're not even Psychic.

Because you're not electric.

For not being Electric Six...<.<

Because you keep describing things.

You ate my fries.

Because you just left them there.

For not describing enough things...<.<

Because you're from that state that lost.

Because you're not even in one...

Because I don't need one!

For wanting one anyway...

Because I so don't.

I left because you no longer play by the rules. D:

For being an outlaw... I shouldn't have fallen for your rougish charms...<.<

Because you eat people.

because you haven't punched bears recently.

Because she's been punching me instead...

Because I can do both.

Because you're asking for it for dressing that way.

Because you're outfit seems revealing.

Because I don't know what a lagomorph is.

For repping the falcons right now...

Because the season is over.

Because it'd hardly stop you...

Because I have to follow hockey now.

Because you're Canadian, you have to follow Hockey anyway, whether you want it or not.
Just like Mexicans with Football Soccer.

For watching Football Soccer...<.<

Because you don't watch anything.

Because TV is lame...

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