I left you because......

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Because you're not even Psychic.

Because you're not electric.

For not being Electric Six...<.<

Because you keep describing things.

You ate my fries.

Because you just left them there.

For not describing enough things...<.<

Because you're from that state that lost.

Because you're not even in one...

Because I don't need one!

For wanting one anyway...

Because I so don't.

I left because you no longer play by the rules. D:

For being an outlaw... I shouldn't have fallen for your rougish charms...<.<

Because you eat people.

because you haven't punched bears recently.

Because she's been punching me instead...

Because I can do both.

Because you're asking for it for dressing that way.

Because you're outfit seems revealing.

Because I don't know what a lagomorph is.

For repping the falcons right now...

Because the season is over.

Because it'd hardly stop you...

Because I have to follow hockey now.

Because you're Canadian, you have to follow Hockey anyway, whether you want it or not.
Just like Mexicans with Football Soccer.

For watching Football Soccer...<.<

Because you don't watch anything.

Because TV is lame...

Because you didn't go far enough.
TV is garbage.

For being correct...

For leaving me.

For having abandonment issues...<.<

For describing eternity for so long.

For never taking off your bunny ears! It's so hard trying to explain that to my parents everytime we visit them! D:

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