I left you because......

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Because he has no motivations!

Because you're trying to force him to!

Because he kept wearing inappropriate clothing wherever we went!

Because he also kept wearing inappropriate clothing wherever we went, just a different kind of inappropriate.

Because you are a child!

Because you wouldn't share your umbrella with me. D=

Because you smell of cotton candy!

You pay more attention to your Ban Hammer than to me. T^T

Because Banhammer wills it ;_;

For listening to an object of great power!

Because you believe in non-existent higher powers!

You flirt with everyone who looks at your avatar.

Because you're not really down to earth!

Because you are just too punny.

Because I can't even pronounce your name!

Because I can't pronounce your name without resorting to calling you "Skeedee".

Because you only have eyes for Fluttershy anyway....

Because you way too old for me

Because I couldn't keep up with you. :c

Because you probably set Scde2 on fire.

For assuming the worst

Because your hat isn't big enough.

Because you don't even have a hat!

Because you're wearing a bowler hat, and top hats are better. :3

Because I actually own a top hat :P

Because I never knew where to kiss.

Because I didn't know who to kiss.

Because you tried to slip me the tongue on our first kiss.

Because you rejected my boldness

Because your umbrella doesn't fly!

Because it allows me to fall in style.

Because I don't approve of you referencing things I like!

Because I like letting people down!

Because you want to make me feel bad about everything.

Because he wants children this early on in the relationship

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