If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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*closes door slowly*

*opens door slowly-er*

Hmmm.... I feel like I've walked into a cheesy shoujo anime.

Go now shoo shoo!

I'm baking~ :3

Oooohh~ May I help? :D

I would be extremely gratified if you could lend me some silverware. You always carry some, no?

*opens door* O_O ...Who sent you?

That would be Dr. Doom. He was worried your house wasn't clean enough! :D

Oh.... I figure my relatives hired an escort service or something equally contrived.


That's for Dr. Manhattan.

Well since you guys our done talking...

Shoot them with a taco.

Ooh, a delicious taco man, why don't you step over to that plate.

I'd... get ma sexy on, I guess?

Best thing to do if a lion asks you to do it. <.<

Oh Oh!

make me a delicious cake : 3

*makes a very delicious cake* Aim higher, I always say!

Can I has cake too?

Of course! *gives you cake* ^-^

Cake is awesome. *noms moar*

Pretty much wonder who is this strange girl that showed up at my doorstep.

Be scared and promptly die.

Why hello there! What an adorable hat!

Oh hi! Please, come in. Make yourself comfortable! :D

Ah, the new butler, come in, come in... don't mind the blood and guts!

*snaps fingers and all the mess cleans up* :D

*opens door* O_O ...

Note to self: check drinks for any hard drugs...

Um...Do you need something for your head?

*throws bird at, closes door.*

*opens door* O_O

...The Girl Scouts didn't send you to collect by any chance, did they?

*glances right*
*glances left*
...Would you like to buy a face?

...What ARE you?

No no no no! *ahem* I'm Jane!

...Now I know why teenage girls go for "bishie" so much.

So glad I could help you understand the concept! :D

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