If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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... Come in!! :D

We were just looking fora three of clubs to complete out deck!! Now we can carry on with out poker tourney!! ^-^

You have never played Terraria, I assume :P

I have, although I never did finish hard mode's thing.
OT: I am not betting any money. You can't make me, either.

Well, if I know my anime, this can either go very well, very weird or extremely bad for me...


That oughta learn ya.

"Ah, my young apprentice. Don the coat of mystery and follow me into the night"

Is this about the cockroach infestation?

The hird one, yes.

Why are you here? What are you doing with that bag of poop?

You have the same name as my mean science teacher from High School...*slams door*

Hello Happy, please come in. I don't have any fish, but I have made some cupcakes.

Not interested. *slams door*

On the note of glow sticks; a guy selling them once told me if you drink them they change the colour of your pee... >.>

You lost? Wait...





Hey there. Come in, but don't hurt anything. :-)

Aw geez, its rusting over! How am I going to move this thing?!

I have a hat for you.

Oh dear. I don't even know what a Zapdos eats.

I don't know what you eat either.

Aww it's been a while.
Time to catch up on your beatings I haven't given you in the other threads.
*Locks door*

Tell him I'm not interested in tigers or lions..


I'd probably go get my gun, and collect that bounty Lord Ganondorf sent out...

*Pudge has cast Dismember*
*Its super effective!*

I was too lazy to get up and open the door.

I'd say KILL IT WITH FIRE, but I'm not sure its alive to start with.

Call a vet! This pony is making funny faces!

Call a doctor! This Gendo has no nose!

You are a doctor! I'd ask why you're on my doorstep instead of tending to noseless chibi Gendo.

Umm... Are you drunk flaky man? You seem a little blurry. Here have some coffee.

Since you're the one seeing him blurry, wouldn't you be the one drunk?

Of course he's drunk, no sane person wears a clown mask.

You keep coming here. Is there something you want?

Since you're the one seeing him blurry, wouldn't you be the one drunk?

Shush you! He's not blurry! Just red! I'm fine! *hides bottle of Scotch*

OT: Team Rocket? What are you guys doing he... Holy Shit Zapados! *fetches master ball*

Get rid of the clown mask and you can come in. You know what masks do to you.

Over for tea again Kailus?

You do make awesome tea, Redlin.

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