If your and the above users avatars made love.

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Let's just say that I feel bad for the kids. On the bright side, Halloween for them would be interesting.

Um an anime explosion would occur

A demonic witch would be born.

And she would really like pizza.

A cute little anime girl with pointy ears and sharp canines with the plans on how to rule the world or die trying...Did i mention she has a pet Walrus?...That wears a top hat and a monocle?

A very creepy/muscley guy with a sword and pointy shoes.

Some kind of sick mutant that is neither dinosaur nor anime would be made.


Hm, a cat human suicide machine...that comes back to life.

I like it!

Above just blew his brains out, dead people don't make babies.

Perverted wolf with sunglasses.

An adorable little blonde harvest god.

First off, great to see you got your old avy back Duplicate
second a winking person who commits suicide all the time isn't interesting!

I'd foresee far too much blood in this kids' future...

Face crushing, leapfrogging phoenix.

Holy shit, we should have kids. Right now.

Burning harvest god with phoenix-like qualities.

Satan would cower in fear at our offspring...

I would ask: Why did you set the bed on fire?

A possessed-by-satan mute.

The little girl from The Ring would lower her head in shame...

Well, yeah. She's a zombie.

A jail sentence for my avatar and maybe a couple of splinters due to her being the goddess of the forest.

A messed up living doll.

I would be... very unsure.

How old is your avatar?

Would Mr O'Brien be sent to jail for paedophilia?

Infinite Link doing a bad version of the egg beater.

some hybrid kick ass fighter

Anime girl with a lightsaber.

Swedish anime girl.

Swedish clown babies with a taste for non-clown babies.

Evil clown girl.


Something inappropriate.

It would be a beautiful daughter with a disturbing taste for bloodshed and intellectual rape.

It would be... Another Swedish anime girl...

I am going to just use your name,
A Swedish person who commits suicide!

This child's going to have a horrible life I can tell you that. Shooting people in the head and killing herself....repeatdly.

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