The Apartments. A real life RP (Officially retired)(Please read and post your thoughts on the story)

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Ha, escape.... Kenny slunk back into his room, now that everyone was distracted with each other. He quietly clicked the door shut, stifling another yawn.
Time for sleep I guess... He ambled over to his bedroom, and lay on top of the covers.

"It's my f-favorite game. I'm playing it for the 5th time." She always smiled when she talked about video games.

Jeanette gave a stretch.
"Well guys, you're welcome to have a beer with me but otherwise, I think I better get outta here, I caused enough trouble for one night."

"You're fine with me Jeanette, do you need a hand with those bages?" She asked Jeanette, hoping to find a friend in this strange new place

"Mind if I join you?" asked Rachel to Jeanette

"Its a fun game, I can't say I blame you" said Rain as he scratched his neck

"Knauffsen, but call me Jack"
*Jack shakes Sarahs hand with a grin*
"Sorry my stuff is just getting in, may be noisy"

"It's fine" Replied Sarah, to the very delayed Jack.
"Im Sarah by the way"

"Yeah. Virtual violence always gets me in a cheery mood. I'd better get some sleep." Larsia shut her door and picked the controller up again.
"Must find a Save Point, then go to bed."

"Nah, I got em'." Jeanette smiled at Sarah, "Thanks for the offer though, you're both cool to come along for that, so long as you don't mind box mountains? I don't exactly do things early."

"I'll come up for a chat if you don't mind? I'm not a huge drinker though." Sarah replied, smiling a little bit too widely to look entirely sane.

"I don't mind it" said Rachel
Rain walked by, "See you've made some friends already" he said

"Hi Sarah, pleasure to meet you"
*jack continues upstairs*

Jeanette" She said, pointing to Jeanette
"And I didn't get your name" she said to Rachel

"It's all cool with me. Come by in a bit, I'm 235." Jeanette said to Sarah, shifting the grocery bag a little higher and starting to walk along the hall to her apartment.

"Do you need me to do the door for you?" She asked the overburdened Jeanette

Rachel had been giving Rain an odd look, "Oh, sorry, name's Rachel" she said as she snapped out of it
"I'd join you girls, but I have a class too teach tomorrow" said Rain as he walked off too find the aparment

Sarah gave a sigh of relief as Rain closed the door.
"Oh thank God, no offence Rachel but your friend scares me"

*Jack gets to his door and opens the door*
"wow...................movers move fast"
*everything he owned was stacked in boxes atoung the apartment*
"Time to unpack I guess"

Jeanette balanced the groceries and opened the door with her hand barely before nudging the door open with her foot.
And the crows goes wild, As Miss. Mafia, completes opening her door with no hands!

"He's not my friend, he's my brother, and how does he scare you? He's about as gentle as they come" said Rachel as she laughed at the thought of Rain being intimidating

Larsia saved God of War 2 and turned her PS2 off.
"Damn it, I'm not tired at all."
She walked out to the hall and saw some of the other girls.
"H-hi." Larsia said to Rachel, Sarah and Jeanette.

"Try because he's huge maybe!?" Sarah said
"I'm not exactly tall, but the man makes me look like an oompa loompa!"

*A crash is heard from the floor above followed by profane language*
"NOT MY F********* TIKI MASK!!!!!"

"Hi!" said Rachel, "Name's Rachel, what's with the stutter?"

"It's all good, Sarah!" Jeanette called before dumping her groceries and walking back.
"Hey there." She waved at the other girl who stepped out into the hall with a broad smile. She heard a loud crash from that other guys room followed by a lot of yelling.

"N-no particular reason. N-new people m-make me kinda n-nervous. I'm Larsia."
Larsia waved back at Jeanette.

'Ooooh great, well done you' Sarah thought to hereslf as she turned back to her apartment
'First person you meet, and you get a crush on her'
'Freaking genius' She thought as she sat down hard on the sofa

"Nice too meet you Larisa, I see you met my brother" she said

*Jack walks back down the stairs holding two halfs of a large Tiki mask*
"Anyone have a garbage can?"

ignore please

"Yeah. Did you hear that?" Larsia asked after she heard the loud crashing and yelling.

"Oh, I got a trash box, you can put it in there. What happened to your mask?" Jeanette asked.

"Too bad, that's a nice mask" said Rachel too GG

*Jack chuckles*
"Your telling me!, spent a good $200 on this"
*Jack turns to Jeanette*
"It fell.............,dangers of moving I guess........thank you though,"
*Jack sticks out his free hand*
"I didn't catch your names"

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