What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Works at McDowells.

Is actually a really upbeat and happy individual who wears bright colours in flattering tones.

Tries to be cute, but ends up scaring people.

Physically cannot stop the dancing.

Can't satisfy herself with those tiny hands

That gun is actually fake

Is actually a water kitty.

Is actually a knitted square.
Guess who he is.

that he actually knitted that himself

Is that my twin brother CyrillicMusical?

OT: Can't actually pilot an eva.

He wasn't able to recognize his square brothers.

Is blind and has no limbs.

Is a psychopath.

Does not have a body nor soul, he just occupies space.

Actually has a tiny head with huge eyes and blue hair.

He has his knees outside his legs.

Is inside out.

Has his outs inside.

Thinks Shadow of the Colossus was shit

Thinks Shadow of the Colossus was shit

Nope, I never played as it wasn't on the PC.

OT: Thinks MW2 is the shit.


Thinks MW2 is the shit.

That is very correct

OT: Will trade his mother for a taco

That the fire on his back is his best friend

Is the retard who stands in the doorway while scoped.

Is secretly a troll who lives under a bridge scaring little children.

Thinks he's Tom Cruise.

Thinks he's Hilary Clinton.

Is secretly the thing getting whacked

dammit, ninja-ed

Is dead in a pool.

Is in a pool of the dead

Kills people under a pool.

Kills pools under people.

Kills people while in a pool.

Secret Pedophile. No offense, I just thought of that when I saw the thread title.

Is the Pope.

Loves women.

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