What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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They are actually a psychopathic murderer who goes after under aged caucasian girls.

Secretly created a fat man who's only goal is to bring about "cakeagedden.

Is a dangerous necromancer.

Secretly taught a garbage can to make things clean buy spewing garbage on them.

Is currently on the floor rolled up in a ball in a pile of their own vomit

Is a mudslinger.

Doesn't know what Kingdom Hearts is.

Is secretly the hivemind, Nebulo Nine

Loves classical music

Secretly has two eyes...at least.

Has another account here.

Is a Justin Beiber fan.

There avatar is actualy a photo.

secretly Loves things to sane and normal.

Secretly doesn't know how to dance

Is secretly Color Blind

Secretly loves whatever it is that cat seems to not be enjoying. Swimming, maybe?

Secretly likes mudkips.

Throws cats at people

Is m00t.

Hates Kingdom Hearts.

Secretly goes on /b/ 5 hours per day.

He trolled me on FB the other day.

Likes to assassinate people with keys.

Uses napkins as pillows.

Is secretly trying to rewrite the course of history.

prefers Naruto to bleach

Has a thing for necrophilia.

Is the reason why the dinosaurs died.

Is a clam

Touches himself at night.

Will edit above post.

Hates Kingdom hearts.

Cuts his wrist everytime he gets ninja'd.

Ninjas everytime he cuts his wrists.

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