Kirby the Escapist above you's Avatar.. What power do you get?

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I can the power of subtelty and bad english!(JK on the last part)

I gain the power to turn people gay...

I gain the power of flailing! It would be an attack that could work still or charging forward.


I gain mental instability and the ability to make friends with bears.

I get the power to be a kickass artificial life-form...

wait a second

Oh but this ones from space!

I get the power to summon plastic.

I gain the power to block my eyes from sunlight

I gain the power to be an deceptive looking bunny girl on a whim

The power to enter Master Chief's head.

The power to blink! oh wait...

I can make people wonder wether or not Im a trap

The power to turn blue.

The power to hack reality.

The power to be the most ridiculously hard boss that has ever kicked my ass in a fighting game.

The power of balance.

The power of sarcasm.

Astral projection I guess.

wires shoot off my back and shock people

The ability to be awkwardly naked.

The power to be a compelling plot device with extremely well-written and well-acted lines.
Except my entire audience is 13-year-olds with a strong knowledge of Rule 34.

EDIT: well gosh ninja'd. right then I can flail my arms around or something.

The power to conceive nothing

The power to be Giraffey and give the player more XP.

the power to make people think Im gonna fall only for me to not

The power to grow my hair out even though I'm just AI.

the power to have a suddenly lower post count

The power to be sort of useless.

The power to point like I mean it.

The power to look like if one of the AI bots from SC2 was drawn by the Gorillaz.

The power of science!

The power of Pixels!

The power of looking damn good in a nun hat.

The power of electricty

The power of being a trap

The power to wield some big-ass axe.

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