You wake up next morning...

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I'm scared. :o

I'm not.

Why not?

You don't seem scary.

Well... I AM! *leaps from the shadows*

*isn't scared*


*goes into a corner and cries*

*cackles evilly*

*throws a book at them*

*is hit with book*

Can I have my book back?

Never!~ *cackles*

Now, to find the wizard so I can change back.

It's not a wizard. It's a witch.

This is becoming a usual thing isn't it?

Yes it is.

Since we seem to be the only ones in the thread I suppose it's unavoidable.

So true...

Morrigan? I'd be... curious.


Why not?

Because there are scary eyes.

I'd put on less revealing clothing.

I'd ask her who she is.

I'd inform then that they are dead.

I'd like to ask them why they hate me.

I'd mention that the character in my avy has been dead for a long, long, long time and is in fact a ghost.

Well that makes sense.

Well this is typical.

Ye gods.

I'm gonna be grumpy all day today.
Best day yet!

.... I'm a BUS!

How do I get back to my old body?

I don't know...

No. No way.

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