Blatant Lies

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This never happens from time to time.

I didn't watch me and Nero die on left 4 dead >.> and captcha wants me to buy some time... anyone know a store like that?

There isn't one down on Fifth Avenue. Their products are extremely cheap.

I love not being able to backspace out of a page after posting in it >.>

Laziness shall bring you prosperity, I have first hand experience.

Someone ate all of the pudding.

Wasn't me. >.>

I was eating chocolate cheesecake. :3

I hate watching funny videos on YouTube.

I love Youtube commenters' grammar.

I've never been a bit of a Grammar Nazi.

I don't watch YGS.

I am not playing minecraft with some friends and nero in my skype playing Fallout NV

That's lame.

I don't play Minecraft just about every day. It's a lame game.

Minecraft didn't bore me to tears when I played it...

Minecraft isn't more fun with friends

I totally knew that the PS2 can run Linux. 0_o

My eyes want to stay open.

I am good at quizzes.

I'm really good at IQ tests. <.>

I love the many commercial breaks when watching a movie on tv.

Same here.

I'm sick of the song in my title.

I'm really good at IQ tests. <.>

I'm excellent at tests in general.
The little voice in my head doesn't distract me at all during them. >.<

I'm not watching adventure time on my dvr

I'm not listening to songs by The Living Tombstone.

also not doing that thing in the above post

I wonder not what that song could be.

IM NOT BACK!!! n i luvvv engrish n mods more than evar!!!!

I'm definitely getting the Xbox 720!

I'm excited.

Nero told me what song he and Lynx were listening to.

I still want to listen to that song that I've been listening to non-stop for the past two weeks.

My dad and brother are geniuses.

That nice.

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