The Improvement Game.

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By posting more of them!

How do you improve my posting speed?

Link your brain into the interweb

How do you improve american football?

Tabs and 2 computer! (like me right now) XD

How do you improve Dr pepper?

Include landmines and hulahoops.

How do you improve my neck?

EDIT: I know the ninja but I'm not editing due to hilarity.

Graft the body of a giraffe onto it.

How do you improve this laptop's gaming ability?

Give it 2000 GB of Ram.

How do you improve this thread?

Make the subject relate specifically to the person posting above you, to make it feel more communal and keep people wanting to come back to it to strengthen friendships.

How do you improve my explanation?

Don't! :3

How do you improve my PC?

Put a mustache and googly eyes on it.

How would you improve tea?

Make it free.

How do you improve batman?

Remove Robin. >.>

How do you improve Coca Cola.

Add more sugar and a radioactive isotope so it glows. Nuka cola quantum

How would you improve pluto

Make it better.

How do you improve socialism?

I dunno, I'm not smart enough for politics.

How do you improve my smarts.

cybernetic implants

how to improve the human race

Disqualify people for shoving(Discworld joke)

How would you improve the pub club?

Member Forum that people post in. DX

How do you improve TF2.

Add boss fights in random stages. Like only 0.00008% of them. It might just be a normal CP match and BOOM, Mecha-Cowzilla. Both sides can decide to team up against it or be divided and fall together.

How do you improve internet contacts?

Delete all the excess until one's left with a nice, short list of close friends.

How do you improve one's friendship rate?

Find mutual interests.

How do you improve itchy bug bites?

Use ointment, mud, or any other herbal remedy you've heard of.

How do you improve Paper Mario?

Scissors! (On another note: what are you talking about?)

How do I improve my ideas!

Sell your soul to the devil and hopes he favours you. (Just Paper Mario. xD)

How do you improve your music choices?

By not having an ego.

How do you improve France's chance of beating NZ at the Rugby World Cup finals?

Erm... either drink a can of orange Fanta while you stand on your head or swear loudly at your TV until it succumbs to your Fan Fury.

How do you improve a speech impediment?

Stop talking

How do you improve the very concept of improvement?

By improving it with the sword of eternal improvement of improving improvements.

How can we improve PyramidHeadRape's posting ability? /Running Gag

Less of a life! Believe it or not, it's possible.

How do I improve the improvement machine?

By adding bacon!

How do you improve bacon?

Add even MORE bacon!

How does one improve internet connection?

By obtaining a Sino-logic 16 with Sogo-7 Data Gloves (Johnny Mnemonic)

How do you improve walking?

Make it silly.

How do you improve the moon?


How do you improve vodka!

Add more potato.

How do you improve Australia?

Make it closer to Canada so we can have awesome, not American, fun.

How would you improve four pairs of jeans?

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