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Open tabs LIKE A BOSS

Farming ingame for an hour LIKE A BOSS!!

Playing Persona LIKE A BOSS!

Playing Stronghold LIKE A BOSS

Editing Final Mix LIKE A BOSS

Gonna edit Halo 4 after LIKE A BOSS

Watching the Iron Lady LIKE A BOSS

Phoning my Grandma, LIKE A BOSS!

Accidentally exit out of my upload LIKE A BOSS!

Getting funky LIKE A BOSS!

Bossa nova LIKE A BOSS.

Destroy everything in Kingdom Hearts LIKE A BOSS!

Ignore upcoming exams LIKE A BOSS

Go to the beach LIKE A BOSS.

Unfit from gaming LIKE A BOSS.

Have a Sigmoidoscopy LIKE A BOSS

Don't want to have a Sigmoidoscopy LIKE A BOSS...

watching 5 Second films, LIKE A BOSS

Make my life work LIKE A BOSS!

Get to do both band and theater LIKE A BOSS!

Scheduling master LIKE A BOSS!


THAT is a load off my shoulders.

Did a dungeon run with fellow members on here LIKE A BOSS

Listening to Stuart McLean, LIKE A BOSS!

Beat Metal Gear Solid 4 LIKE A BOSS
Cry like a baby LIKE A BOSS
Restart the game on the hardest difficulty LIKE A BOSS

Post from college where I should be working LIKE A BOSS!

Sitting around bored LIKE A BOSS.

Didn't go to work today LIKE A BOSS

Gonna edit Final Mix LIKE A BOSS

Did standardized tests today LIKE A BOSS
Didn't bulls*** my way through them like I usually do LIKE A BOSS

Doing nothing LIKE A BOSS


Watching One Piece: Strong World LIKE A BOSS!

Fought for something incredibly important to me like a boss...

Double posting LIKE A BOSS!

Acing the movie quiz, LIKE A BOSS!

Counting the words for an essay, LIKE A BAWSSS

Gonna eat some cookies LIKE A BOSS

Had dinner LIKE A BOSS!

Submitted my essay, LIKE A BOSS

Making lunch LIKE A BOSS

Got my legs and arms chopped off LIKE A BOSS

Fell into a well LIKE A BOSS

Ate a pixie LIKE A BOSS

Limbs regrew LIKE A BOSS

Saved some females from getting raped LIKE A BOSS

Had sex with them anyway LIKE A BOSS

Some of the were underage LIKE A BOSS

Start a new LP LIKE A BOSS

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