If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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That's some fancy robotics, I love androids!

That's some fancy robotics, I love androids!


Now, with arms that buff, can you scratch your armpits?

I love the color purple, how'd you know?

And you have robot parts too! :D

I don't like politicians. Get out.

TWO cat girls? Someone must really like me! :D


Freeman! I think I have a gun for yo- Ow! What are you doing with that crowbar?!

Ohai photoshop.

Um, NO

Would you mind setting yourself on fire, though?

I don't like you.



... who are you again?


How are you people getting into my bed?!

Hey Korra, please quit with the fire. My anus hasn't completely healed yet.

Bolin? Where's Pabu?! I WANT PABU!


Bumi is confused by your false prophet.

PABU! Who's the cutest widdle fire ferret?

Hunh, is that a guy? I think it's a guy. I must have been drunk ._.

I would kiss you, but you don't have a mouth!

Actually, I was joking. I would never kiss you!

Oh hai ninja Katara.

Don't look at me like that.

Oh, Shit! Whatever I did, I'm sorry!

If find this art style very unpleasant.

So, did you make any rice for me or did you bring the spoon to taunt me?


You're cosplaying as minnie mouse. In my my house. What is wrong with this statement.

Make it stop, please.

well, you're a bigun

Shoujo children!
But they're adorable and hamsters!

Where is my bed? Aw, fuck it. Continue please.

You look like someone who needs time alone.


That's not a very good shop. Get out, bad shop.

Why hello there.

Did I just get molested?

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