If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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The image got a bit borked, but I copyied image URL, and yeah, I'd hit that.
Also, orange sauce.

That's a lot of guns...

Is that where I put it in?

No. Take your hacking ways out of here.

He let me pass? I feel so special!

How about no...<.<

*Takes deep breath* Ahahahahahahahahahahahah!
What are you wearing?

hey, not bring me anything? How rude.

Remind me never to boop you on the nose O.O

You leave, the robot stays.

Well this is awesome, if I ever need a replacement limb I know just who to go to.

Legs do not go on your head

*Squeeeeee* It's superman! Oh my god oh my god oh my god! ...Why are you in my room? Wait! This isn't my room! Where are we?

Begone zombie Rasputin.

How did that seduce me o_o


*neck streches out*


Cheese does not belong on your head

Take it off

Am I being taken hostage? Liam Neeson will find you...

My God it's Mr. Fish! Can I have your autogr... Wait a minute, Jared how did you get Mr. Fish in here?
... My wall!?!? WTF! You're paying for this.

I like you more than Glados, just saying

May I have some chocolate? =D

You should probably get that arm checked out *mutters about a brown recluse spider bite he got once*

No, you have to DO something to earn my applause!

I'm going to run now.


Hey, I know it's big but no need to scream at it...

I know generally folks like the tall dark and mysterious, but you're taking it a bit too far.

That's some fancy robotics, I love androids!

That's some fancy robotics, I love androids!


Now, with arms that buff, can you scratch your armpits?

I love the color purple, how'd you know?

And you have robot parts too! :D

I don't like politicians. Get out.

TWO cat girls? Someone must really like me! :D


Freeman! I think I have a gun for yo- Ow! What are you doing with that crowbar?!

Ohai photoshop.

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