The Object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming weapon apocalypse, What is it?

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And I will ride my crappy old computer chair to freedom!

Are you a user? In the comment sections we see that picture every once in a while.

I have a lipstick just to my left... shit.

A dirty pair of socks.

I'll be fine.

a computer with a Antec 300 case.
I think I,ll stand a chance.

My wonderfully well made Fender Jazz Bass.
Got a decent smack to it maybe if I run fast enough I'll make it

A notepad with a pen. Could I ink people to death? No? I am so screwed.

My low-budget Gamepad I use for emus.

Schould work for me. CONTROL THE WORLD!

My Epiphone Firebird guitar.. Well, I'm dead, there's no way I'm swinging that at a zombie!


suck it, zombies!!!!

oh wait...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-*gets torn to shreds by a million zombies*

a two foot long black steel ninja sword.... i think ill be ok

...It's a brick wall. With damp patches.

I do believe this is when I say "I'm fucked."

Is it a thick wall? I mean, maybe it would be an effective thing to hide behind. :D

Better off than me, I have a wine bottle. Not a particularly good wine, either.

dinner plate, fork, pork chop bone. gonna fuck shit up.

I... have no clue what this thing is.

It's a small silver tube that produces a small spark if you pull back the triggery thing.

I guess I could wank off with it for the few minutes before someone finds me and cuts me to bits with their knife. :(

Sun Tzu's the Art of War...

I think I'll come out alright!

Either a screwdriver set (McGuyver ftw) My phone or my oldskool black MTG deck :P
If I learned anything from Fallout its that cardgames are the future ;)

...the plastic cover for a straw (the ones that comes with a drink like Capri Sun or Hi-C

A Hello Kitty head-shaped pillow....?
well, it's not my FIRST choice, but maybe I could throw it at the zombies and convince them it was a human head with brains inside...

N64 Cartridge for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Well, maybe I can start a cult of warriors to defend me with it?

Alternately I might be able to throw it pretty hard...

I'm gunna go for plan three and play it 'til the world ends I guess.

Hmm an empty can of softdrink. Well i suppose it might help when hitting someone. Or mabye i could cut it a bit and try and get some sharp edges.

Someone being beaten to death with a empty softdrink can would be a long, slow process.

my dog (he's a ex-police dog that got "retired") im boned

Given how common these threads are now, I always keep an arsenal either side of my computer, to cover the left or right eventuality. True story bro.

Thank god im left handed, and that i always keep a short sword nearby
i am confident~

A Wacom Bamboo Tablet? I suppose I could strangle zombies with the USB cable and use the stylus and the tablet itself as a sword and shield type thing...

a can of deodrant. might use it as pepperspray or else i smell nice when i die.

A nice little solid metal heater. Now all I need is a gravity gun.

Well, I just happen to be sitting next to an FNL-Fal rifle, FN-P90 submachine gun and a machete. Score! But seriously, my pile of post-its are my weapons. Bring it on? No.

a red 5 string music will pwn you!

What is a weapon apocalypse?

Any skank....umm depends how far to my left....just left and not in arms reach, a BB gun and 2 samuri swords...Ok arms reach. A small baseball bat....I'll be ok But considering how much time....My giant survival knife and other things I could grab given a minute...ill be ok.....nvm all of that...2nd story...throw weights onto zombies ill be good

a cup.....i guess i could try to re-enact that scene from chronicles of riddick. but its a plastic cup so that might be hard.

A towel, an ordinary towel. But watch out! It's no ordinary towel. It's the most important tool for any interstellar hitchhiker.

a small medium size black arm chair

that would be a pillow.... god i hope theyre cheerleader zombies ;D

A lab full of bacteria...
Not pathogenic though, but maybe the zombies are allergic to culture.

Bram Stoker's Dracula. Hmmm, unless they are vampire zombies...

Feel the wrath of my xbox 360 controller!!!

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