the ^ < V game

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^ made me think of sandwitches
< Is unaware of what bread head is
v Should go out less

^ Actually, I should probably go out more.

< Attempting to catch up on YouTube subscriptions.(at least now I don't have to worry about YouTube resetting it to show only highlights anymore)

V Was in The War.

^ Never

< Gonna

V Give

^ Never gonna give you back your sandwich, it is belong to me!

< Eating T0ad's sandwich

V Will now give me all his sandwich

^ See, I wouldn't... even if I had one.
< Kind of wants to make one now.
V Dealing with finals bullsh*t.

^ Nope.

< Not in college. My brother is though.

V King of the Pink Pirates.

^ False, they're purple.
< Dead.
V Deader.

^ Nope. Deadest.
V Uses Flash.

^ NOPE. I did want to use flash to try to learn to draw, but I realized that I have no tablet...
< Wants to learn to draw, but never will.
V Can Draw.

^ Has an awesome Username
< Most certainly cannot draw
v Is lying in bed typing

^ Nope, I'm sitting at a desk.
< Foot has fallen asleep.
v Has already eaten breakfast.

^ Eating.

< Stuff.

V Potato.

^ Hash browns?
< Thinking about food.
V Interested in "The Last of Us"?

^ I am, but no PS3
< PC gamer
V Thinks handhelds are the best

^ Not really.

< Visiting his grandpa.

V Has a fishy tale to tell.

^ Lakelurks are fishy

< Is on a self-imposed Fallout break.

v Has been addicted to a Fallout game at one point.

^ True (all those hours on New Vegas)

< Playing on the Vita

V Wants a Vita, but is put off by the cost.

^ Nope.

< Needs to vacuum a room or two.

V Shot their own face once.

^ Do nerf guns count?

< Likes nerf guns.

v Would have a nerf gun battle with me.

^ Am I allowed to put explosives on the nerf darts? If so, yes.

< Just lost my train of thought.

v Will return the train of thought that he/she stole from me.

^ I have not stolen any trains... this year.

< Would love to have a Nerf battle with Red.

V Went outside to do something other than check the mail.

^ Outside? I played it. Graphics are awesome but everything else sucks.
< A little bored.
V Entertain us!

^ If you go to the Forum Games group you can watch the two videos I've recently posted.

< Not giving you more than that right now.

V Shall also attempt to entertain us.

^ Nope

< Posting from school after getting classes off!

V Has had a good day today!

^ Not yet! The day just started.
< Has been playing a lot of WoW lately..
V Alliance scum!

^ Don't play WoW (but yeah, Alliance....)
< On the principle that Horde is f*cking ugly!
V Beautiful on the inside.

^ I don't make a habit of cutting myself open, so I don't know.

< Was wondering when this thread would get bumped.

V Is on the road again.

^ Yup!

< Going places I have never been...

V Going place they may never see again!

^ Not unlikely since I've only ever seen parts of Europe.
< Should be asleep
V Has never played Half-Life

^Strangely true. Been meaning to get around to it one day.
< Really tired of the shingles virus capchas. Much less amusing than the old ones.
v Should really be studying for finals.

^ Nope. In the army (against my will)


v Wants Persona 4 Golden

^ Nope.

< Wishes he could be part of a Communicast episode.

V Has fuzzy hair.

^ Is wrong

< Has shaggy hair

V Has no hair

^ Actually, I have lot's, might cut it though...

< Has returned home.

V Wants to go traveling.

^ Not particularly.

< Eating breakfast.

V Is having a party in their shirt.

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