the ^ < V game

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^ I'm not entirely sure.

< Is itchy.

V Got to sleep in this morning.

^ I hate sleeping in unless I didn't get to bed until really late at night.

< Got up at about eight this morning.

V Is famous for their spaghettiloaf.

^ But of course! Its award winning across the world!
< Thinks he did well on his final exam
V Should feel know what you did

^ Meh.

< Eating dinner.

V What time is it?

^ ADVENTURE TIME!-I mean time to get a watch-er, no, I meant 7:30
< Is in class
V will build a house.

^ Only out of LEGO or in Minecraft.


V Hi.

^ G'day

< Australian

V Is Canadian.

^ Nope

< British

V Do the Bartman!

^ Cool your jets man.

< Has only watched half an episode of the Simpsons in the last... five years?

V What are you watching?

^ All the .hack!

< Is ashamed of her fangirliness.

V Is obsessed with a series.

^ >_> <_<

<-- Of games...

V Hasn't saved the world in a while.

^ Nit that I can remember.

< Has mostly just been dicking around New Vegas for the last few weeks.

V Somehow got a potato lodged up their nose.

< Skipped class today
V Will go to my classes for me for now on.

^ Only if you go to mine.
< has class tomorrow
V is mystical

^ not really... in fact, not at all...
< Is about as mundane and unmystical as they get
v needs to tie their shoelaces

^ When I decide to to wear shoes instead of sandals, yes.

< It's snowing where he is.

V Hates snow.

^ True, but only when I'm in it.
< has to go soon
v is soon to be gone

^ if my tests do come back as cancerous, maybe.
< meh.

^ Robble robble robble!!!
< Is no relation of the hamburglar's
v Doesn't worry about apostrophes very often...

^ Meh.

< Just got one of the most awesome Captchas ever.

V Has done something incredibly stupid in the last 24 hours.

^ Nope.

< Cursing Blizzard.

V Hoping that someone will notice their awesomeness.

^ Nah, haven't done anything particularly awesome recently.

< Just about to shut er down for the night... after an episode of The Walking Dead.

V Is gearing up for a rockin St. Patty's next weekend.

^ Nope.

< Doesn't really care.

V Wears mouse traps as ear rings.

^ Nah I don't wear earrings, though...
< I was thinking maybe I should do 3 earrings in one ear like Link!
v Would attack me with magnets!

^ Nah I'd be worried they would turn on me.

< Afraid of Magnemite.

V Doesn't care about pokemon.

^ I grew out of them by the time I was 14. So no, not really.

< Needs to fart

V fears the females

^ I love the females!

< Breakfast!

V Happy Woman's Day or whatever it's called.

^ Assumes I am a female

< Is a male

V Reads mail

^ No.

< Eating.

V Peeing.

^ Needs to stop making me think about bodily functions.

< Will go to the washroom.

v Just woke up.

^ Nope.

< Doing stuff.

V Would like for someone to give them back rub.

^Nah I'm alright.

< About to game.

V Hasn't gamed in a while.

^ It's been almost two hours since I stopped gaming for the day.

< Still doing stuff.

V Put a banana in your ear!

^ A banana in my ear?

<Is the banana king

V Stole my freaking kidney!

^ I've go two perfectly good ones, it wasn't me!

< Likes the taste of eagle eggs.

V Quick, run outside and look up at the sky!

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