the ^ < V game

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^ Dragons are evil snappy biting bitches
< Was attacked by a dragon once.
V Is under dragon attack now.

^...I used to be an adventurer once... D;
< ...Until I got eaten by a dragon and now live inside of it.
V Is the one about to kill the dragon to get revenge for me.

^ Wrong. Pets the dragon and soothes its tummy ache.
< Is a Dragon Trainer Now
V Knows how to milk a dragon.

^ Dragons don't have milk
< Professor of Cryptozoology
V Professor of SCIENCE!

^ Kinda... Pseudo Science
< Can make up facts as needed
V Believes in the field of Parapolypseudosciencology.

^... what?

< Has a master plan involving numerous smaller plans.

V knows where I put half of those smaller plans. Please?

^ Burnt them in a furnace to avoid their discovery... Sorry!
< Has a copy of those smaller plans in his brain somewhere
V Is investigating Fijiman's plans for World Domination

^ shhh!!! Do you want to blow my cover???
< Is most definitely NOT investigating Fijiman..... >.>....<.<
v Is going to interfere with said non-existent investigation...


< Is off to kick dragon ass.

V Wishes that they could join me.

^ Fine... but I need dragon milk for my coffeh first.

< Is drinking coffeh

V drinks teh coffeh black as sin.

^ Nope.

< Doesn't drink coffee at all.

V Has a laser-guided monkey missile ready for launch.

^What? How...? I mean no

<Absolutely does not have laser guided monkey missile and its certainly not ready to launch

V Totally believes me

^ You shall not fool me that easily.

< Has no real superpower.

V Doesn't have superpowers either.

^ I'm currently developing super powers due to my irradiated state.
< Took a radio-iodine pill
V Knows why I took the pill

^ Cause Morpheus said to?

< Watching silly internet things on YouTube.

V Is doing the same.

^ Actually, I'm listening to stupid things on Grooveshark
< Loves Lemon Demon
V Doesn't know what Lemon Demon is

^ true
< is approaching a post count of 1900
V has a bigger one

^ Yep.

< Should probably eat breakfast.

V Already ate.

^ Eat breakfast

< Has eaten way too much today

V Is hungry

^ For words.
< Is going to have corn soon.
v Likes to have people slap them with wads of cash.

^ As long as I get to keep the cash I'm hit with I wouldn't mind that.

< Got his hair cut.

V Could probably use a haircut.

^ True. I could use a head shave
< Only shaves his head sometimes
V Isn't a head shaver.

^ Nope.

< Won't tell anyone what the game he got is unless they guess it correctly.

V Will probably get it wrong.

^ Fallout?
< Loves Fallout
V Fell out with Fallout

^Likes Fallout a little too much

<Does in fact likes Fallout

V Wants to change the subject

^ No.

< Also like Fallout, just haven't played it in a long while.(it's also not the right answer)

V Can now change the subject.

^ Got FF X-3 - The Chickening!
< Made up that game
V Can make up an even better name for an FF Game

^ Final Fantasy: The Actual End.

< Has never played a FF game ever. Also does not plan on doing so.

V Is siting on the ceiling.

^ true

< has never had a hangover

V is a pothead

^ Duuuuude!
< Disclaimer: does not actually smoke marajuana
V But they do

^ Nope.

< Has never smoked anything.

V Has a nice collection of hats IRL.

^ check out my sweet beret

< kinda upset at the moment

V has more money then me

^ I doubt it.

< Going to bed now.

V Is half asleep.

^Most detfinately

<Is probabally going to sleep as well


^ Is out like a light
< Sleeps like a baby
V [insert euphamism for sound sleep]

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