If this is the answer, what is the question?

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Why is he vibrating?

I'm the kinda guy who laughs at a funeral/can't understand what I mean?/You soon will.

Why the hell are you smiling like you just ate a baby?


Who wants to help me dump this body?


Why didn't you tell me that you mom has herpes?

Water balloons filled with gasoline is awesome.

(This thread is still going? It had 4 replies last I checked!)

What is an awesome way of taking out tanks?

Because it was a leap year and the bunnies were horny

Why did that last year end up killing more grass than any other?


How can we improve the SCIENCE!

Bounce the gravitron particle beams off the main deflector dish!

How do we defeat the reapers?

The ending to Mass effect 3

What should we pass down to the next generation?

More bored than not.

What have I been recently???

All a bunch of losers anyway...

What are the posters below me?

Really cool people.

What should we use to cool the earth because of Global warming?

More Snakes than ladders.

What does Eugene from Hey Arnold! get when he plays board games?

A shoebox filled with hipster glasses.

If you were a serial killer what would be your memento?

King of the British.

Whose severed head is this on my plate?
Puking rainbows and flaming bunnies.

What are the results of giving unicorns alcohol and flamethrowers?

It's your mother, actually

How is the person that kicked your ass at Starcraft 2 last night?

I hate my life

What do I say when I wake up every day???

Well, it was a valiant effort...

Did you know that you royally fucked up the Queen's Diamond Jubilee? They tried everything to thwart your plans!

Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well!

Bet you can't quote Shakespearean plays?

I'm fine, I'll walk it off.

You know, your femur is sticking out your chest?

I'll break it now and fix it tomorrow.

If that clock ticks for another minute we'll all die! What will you do?

I got that mixed up.

didnt you know that the red button is the "nuke Canada button?"

it is the will of the universe

Why did scruffy get smooshed by a meteror?

Because thats the way the cookie crumbles..

Why are there crumbs in my Playstation's cooling fan?

NO you can use an apostrophe in that way.

You can't use an apostrophe in front of Mericans.

Destroy all humans on sight!!!

This giant laser will really benifit the world. What should be its first use?

A giant squid and a dead horse.

What torments you in your dreams anyway???

I don't think that can be proven...

What do you think about my idea that cats are the reincarnated souls of pedophiles?

Roll out!!!

How can we escape this house with a low hanging ceiling?

Well my left foot is floating away.

What was your first thought after you had to cut your foot off after being trapped under that boulder for 2 weeks?

I ate it all.

Where is the radioactive pudding?

It was evil!

Why did that soft animal get burnt at the stake?

Please leave a message after the beep.

Hello, is this Dr. Susse?

But I am your sandwich

You cover the back entrance while I cover the front with Sasha, okay?


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