If this is the answer, what is the question?

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If you could sleep with anyone in the world, who would you choose?


Why did I drink this beaker again?

You're welcome.

you know why I beat you?
ninja Christmas

What are the ninjas doing with the convention hall?

Twenty-nine and a half.

What time is it?

Game over.

Why did you stop playing the game?

It's broken beyond repair...

Tell me the truth is my ego alright doc?

Yep that all came from there.

All this toilet paper came from a 7/11?

Hey, I tried alright!

why is there still blood in the carpet?
purple jellyfish

Ok You just ate sevral kilos of elephant grade sleeping pills how do you feel?

No I won't do that again.

Get in the van!

Not my problem...

Hey is that a flying bottle of Caustic Soda?

Hot tea and dragons.

What is up next chap?

I forgot...

Which one of these is the self-destruct button!?

The second from the left.

is the target.
Sorry, it is flat.

How is your chest?

Good riddance.

Did you know that this site is closing down?

No not that!

Is this the right rabid marmoset?

I just thought it would look cool on my wall.

why is there so much blood?
The spycicle

What is the most sneaky way of travel?

A broken glass is not right.

what does mummy want to eat?
The Smurfs

Mmm. This is great! What's in it?

Just more chilli.

What is my default saying in Cooking?

NOoooooooooooo, we don't have any bear claws

Do we have any bearclaws!

Sorry, I accidentally our relationship!

are you alive? SPEEK TO ME TIZZY!
purple dinosour

Take a look at this! *shows Final Fantasy 13*

Hell if I know!

Why am I on fire again?

The end of time!

when will you stop drinking mummy?
Because I am batman

why do i wear underpants on top of my clothes ?

12 million

How much to buy back my soul?

What is the most painful thing to step on?

I shouldn't have worn that...

you looked amazing in that cat outfit at the party *cough cough slut*

What is the silliest looking design in 3rd gen?

Oh well, can't be helped...

the milk was spilt.
dub step

I need my ears to bleed, what do you recommend?

Hey, It could have been worse.

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