Your avatar has fallen in love with the above avatar!?

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A brain...

If it is his girlfriend's I am sure we are good...if not.

I shall run.

Run and hide.

Let us make some brainwaves baby! *dances*

*pets head* You're persistent! o.O

...Hooray for hot human-on-turtle action? :D

Turtle on brain.. EVEN BETTER!

Cat on brain! SCRATCHING POST!

Cat on.... Tentacle thing?

It's been done before

But it's definitely NSFW, if you know what I mean

I'll find all 8 for you...just promise you won't kill me...

I can't promise anything

But I can promise to make our honeymoon something you'll never forget

What with the reception you're likely to get? HA.

Nothing more romantic than...*pulls out COMP* TAMING YOU!?

Tizzy, Tizzy he's our man!

If he can't catch him, no one can! :D

o.o *turns into a bunny* AHA.

*grabs net* Get back here honey bun(ny)

Your play of words will not stop me! You silly winged cat!

mParadox my love. I want to dance.

You can brovenge me all night long...

I have demons you can tame, you might find it hard

mPara, that image made me feel


You don't need him, when you have me!

I can hit things... with my crowbar!

I love you Taco crowbar man!

Dear Tizzy

I love you Tizzy, I am lost in a waze of robots. I am pwning hard however.

Evil Smurf

This is fascinating to say the least. You're bumping into me often these days. o.O

totally not stalking you, not at all.............I lied!

We can share that pizza...together...

hey! both cats again. Exept this time I can't fly. You will have to carry me Tizzy.

No, don't leave me!

I always loved you! D:

I need to stop that plane at all costs!

I am being fought over, that's hot.

*pats head* Too much pizza will kill you!

Silly cat.

Well he's pretty looking, I'll give him that.

*stares* SCORE!

I hear Europe is beautiful in the fall...

Let's go there!

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