Your avatar has fallen in love with the above avatar!?

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This makes no sense, I never got haikus. >.>

I love them

I say boo for haikus!

I pity the fool who says boo to a haiku!

Ooh. So poetic.

does it enchant you?

It does bring several questionable things to light. >.>

I would write a poem...but I won't...because of laziness...

damn you! Nothing rhymes with laziness!


I love your whiskers o-o

I always loved that hat!

You just love me for my hat! D':

I love you for being you. Not just for your hat.

I'm a hat love me.

I love hats, I have so many in TF2

Everyone loves hats! They're so awesome.

And make bald people looks

I'd love you regardless of your (lack of) hair!

*gives hat*

I cannot love you for as long as you have the false title of King. ;=;

I cannot love without a custom title! D:

I can love you, but first you must get rid of that other hat.

I can love you, but you must turn into a fedora.

I might love you but you must stop looking so srs. D:

I might love you if you bring me small animals to play with and eat.

I might love you if you stop stealing all the goddamn Pizza!

I might love you, if you would stop making fun of Lucy.

@Nick: Lucy deserves it!

I might love you, if you were a fedora...

But, fedoras aren't magic like me. Name one fedora that you know that is magical.

I might love you if you did all that speaking in French with subtitles

Mais, feutres ne sont pas magiques comme moi. Nommez un fedora que vous savez qui est magique.

Is that better?

*faints* also I don't now any magic fedoras

I love pizza, you love pizza, I see this working out!

The defiant attitude is strong with this one..

the thinking is strong with this one.

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