The Thread of Love

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At least I look like Miley Cyrus?!
That band you like says that they won't be finished with their new album this year :o

Welp, time to listen to their classics!


Well, guess I've got an excuse to get off ans do something else productive...


I like snow...

Bad memories.


Horrible cliches.

They can be done ironically!

No toilet paper after you "dropped a load"

Well... You got me I can't think of anything possitive about that.

Not being pretty.

Well, at least I won't be oogled. Stupid pedophiles...

Being a cripple.

Builds up character!

Sexual Harassment.

You now have a story to tell.

Fake reviews.

I know how that reviewer reviews video game reviews.

Murder. >:-)

Thins the growing population.

Picketing funerals.

I get to be on the news!

Forced lobotomies

Slaves for the rest of their life! Power fantasy ahoy!

Forced impregnation... wait, we covered this one. How about tentacle rape? :-3

At least you won't get pregnant from it.

Dating a girl with horribly strict parents.

You could charm the parents. :-D

Killing all dogs and cats.

You'll get tons of XP for it.

No RPG stats irl.

You don't have to grind for XP.


Yo lead a healthy outdoors life.


Who needs horror movies/books/games/etc when you have the real thing?

Fear of the bathroom.

I will never have to clean it now.

Next door mowing their lawn all day.

I can dream in plain sight *cough* and no one will know...

Getting a new gaming PC. :-)

What's not to love!?

So much rain the only road out of town floods.

I enjoyed it. image

I'm going to assume you said "when someone in the forum games forgets to put something for the next person to respond to".
At least I can make passive-aggressive comments, which is always fun.

Also, welcome to the escapist; Have fun, Stay out of the basement, and if anything goes wrong, blame Kross.

E.T. for the ATARI.

It sank Atari and paved the way to Nintendo's supremacy.

Car bombs.

It's better than letting a car go to a scrap yard to just rust.

The black plague.

At least I can tell for sure when I'm going to die instead of whining about it.

Buried alive.

Yes I can finaly practice that one inch punch.

A power outage happening right before a save point in a game.

You get to replay an epic part in the game.

Your thread gets locked, sunk, and deleted.

I... uh... get to make a better thread?

Broken links.

Good I didn't want to see that goatse anyway.

No food in the cupboard.

It allows me to go out and get food I want!

Justin Timberlake

I can hypnotize all the pop loving sheep! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!

Mind control on your girlfriend or other important person.

I have an important person!

Small touch screens.

It gives me an excuse not to trim my fingernails

$50 T-shirts

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