Answer the poster's question above you then post one for the next person.

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That's pretty hard. I have a massive stock of names I could use. If I could change as many times as I'd like, I'd use my Steam motif and have Haily X or X Haily. Thinking about it now, I think I'd use Haily the Conqueror.

How do you feel about the banned avatar?

The "permabanned" one with a very young Johnny Depp slapping someone? I'm not sure...I wonder if I'd like a different one more if they came up with options.

How long ago did you first discover "Chat Rooms" on the internet?

I don't know whether I'd use my other common handle, or just try to keep this separate from all the others and leave it alone.

Why is your avatar of that character and not anyone else?

Cause I felt like having this particular avatar.

Do you stick to one particular thing for your avatar? If yes, why?

Nah I used to only use Father Jack Hackett avatars but I mix it up now.

What is the reason you chose your username?

I used it on Runescape when I was twelve years old and Runescape was still good. Old habits die hard.

Are you currently procrastinating?

Not quite, I'm currently not paying attention in a lecture though, so that's similar.

Do you like black pudding???

No. I don't know what it is.

What is black pudding?

I have no idea but it sounds hazardous.

Next poster, will you solve the mystery of the black pudding? I could Google it, but that'd be cheating.

I believe black pudding is a pork product. Its like a blood sausage, I think.

Have you ever had it before?

No. And given even it's Wiki description I doubt that I ever shall.

Have you ever eaten frog legs?


Did you enjoy dissecting a frog in high school Biology?

I never had to, so no....

Ok, how about white pudding, seeing as black wasn't too popular above???

Not familiar with it.

How about chocolate pudding?

I've never had pudding at all.

Is pudding good?

Depends if you mean real pudding or those horrible smelly black and white puddings that are imposters, imposters I say!!

Is vanilla ice cream your favourite type of ice cream??

Pretty close, it's butter pecan with chocolate for me.

Why are we all here?

To eat Waffles.

Now where did I put my heart?

You never moved it.

Can you beat someone to death with their own skull?

Depends on how far I can bend the person's spine.

Do you own a Nintendo 3DS and/or PS Vita? If so, then what do you think of it?

I have neither, but I want a 3ds because Japanese games. Same with the Vita, but not as much since there aren't many worthwhile games yet.

Do you own or plan to own a WiiU? Do you plan on getting any of the other next gen consoles?

No to the Wii U But I'll most probably get the Ps4.

Do you think the new Dualshock looks a bit silly? I kind of like it.

Meh, I like my keyboard. I'm fuddy-duddyish like that.

Are you getting a next gen console next poster?

No. None of Sony or Microsoft's exclusive games interest me, and the Wii U doesn't have enough of them. At least, not yet. Maybe a few years down the track.

Did you contribute anything to that Skullgirls campaign on Indiegogo?

No, but I put $10.00 into the Doraleous and Associates kickstarter.

Do you ever watch the old Unforgotten Realms episodes?

Nah. But I do rewatch Doomsday arcade; ENN and De-rez a bit.

Do you remember "Show about game show" that used to be on the escapist?

No. I came here in 2010 after hearing about Zero Punctuation from a friend.

What brings you to this website on this fine day, sir?

I'm looking to find out if I've gotten a special missive in my messages box. It's a special little missive.

What's your 2nd favorite show/anything on the Escapist?

The Forums, especially Forum Games. Don't tell Para. Must be a surprise.

What is the most difficult game you've played?

ME2 on insanity... Not too hard, but hard enough (depends heavily on the class you use. Mine was third hardest).

What is your name?

Jordan, a name that can fit just about any person. Male/female/black/white/Martian/etc.

What is your favorite holiday?

Christmas. I like free stuff!

What platform do you game on the most?

PC, no contest.

Heh that'll piss some people off XD

What is your quest?

To watch a ridiculous amount of anime in my lifetime.

Would you continue your favourite pastime if you knew it meant being disliked by the opposite sex?

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