What did the poster above you do after posting on this thread?

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Thought he spammed Forum Games...

Shot himself in the foot with a potato gun.

Beat himself the death with a tiny potato.

Married Darth Vader.

Sobered me up with a pickaxe and many ballooons.

Shaved, had a beer, started a barbecue, and beat his significant other.... manly man things :P

Left his mustache intact.

Shaved every hair off of his body, and I mean every hair.

Swept up the mess of hair that Silent left...

Shot a man.

Learned how to fly a cart.

Murdered and old lady and her thirty cats.

Counted the amount of dust that was in their room.

Moved the bodies from the garage to the basement.

Turned half of her house into a laboratory.

Became Pennywise.

Grew a second head and named him Steve.

Shot a bear with a NERF gun.

Was defeated by pesky kids...

Was ninja'd in real life too.

Tried to get people to fall for the cuteness in his avatar. I'm watching, Redlin; I'm watching...

Waited for someone else to post in this thread. Or was that me?

Looked for other forum games to get last post on.

Built their own RV.

Killed all the martians on the moon.

Sent an army to Jupiter.

Threw the fire fish into the lava lake.

swam after that fish.

Caught the fish, ate it and developed superpowers. ouo

Built a pyramid out of cars.

Went to sleep, safe in his fort made of rusted out cars.


Had a seizure.

Ran into a moose.

Danced the night away.

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