Serial Killer Round 52: Nostalgia Edition. Game Over. Killer Victory. (Cycle 10)

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@Tay-ohs Yes, you do.

EDIT: Ah, F-P-Loon, good to see you here as well.

username sucks:
@Tay-ohs Yes, you do.

EDIT: Ah, F-P-Loon, good to see you here as well.

Oh, so close! Tay-oh-ez.

So voting is done by PM too, as well as Spy questions, Medic ressing and killer murderising. Only things posted in this here thread are death scenes, public Spy info, witty banter, heinous insults, rule 34 of the remaining participants and general chit-chat. I got that all right?

@Tea-oo-ee I think so, but apparently it's also a custom to use @ replies instead of normal ones.

@thisgamesucks: That'll be the b00n in me showing through. I might refer you to the spoiler tag in my first post, near the bottom of the previous page.

@TayTay Yeah, if you didn't notice this is my first time too.

I bet with my luck I'll be killed first round.

I keep spelling "killer" with the letter "C" in my mind... because I'm (not) kool in the slightest...

(I worry of my safety...)

@i (don't) suck That would suck if you did die first...

Given my wizard
status, I'm not sure if the
other "guest" trust me...

@FBALLOON I have great plans if I get spy or medic though. And who exactly do you mean by "Guest"? Do you mean Teoeos? I'm sure he won't bite... but his chimichangas chinchillas might.

I'm just so exited! The thought of murder and paanoia among the citizens- and I might even BE the murderer! The thought just fills my mind with happiness!

Where is that cardboard dealer? I have need of some cardboard ingots to smith into my own personalized set of cardboard armor.

Hurry up and restock, you fool! The murders could start any minute!

@who sucksChinchillas... The true serial killers of my youth...

@that sucksCardboard? HA! Toilet paper is best protective armor! (Horray for two-ply!)

@EffingPloon Pfft, light armor users. Heavy armor (such as quality cardboard) has better defense, and the skills you get at high levels can cancel the agility loss. Also, do you really thing a toilet paper mace is a more effective weapon than a proper cardboard straight sword? Not a chance.

In addition, I think you will find it difficult to locate a TP dealer, the local cardboardsmith is already out of stock.

*bursts in through wall and beats FPLOON over the head with a giant cardboard mallet*

Don't talk shit on my high quality cardboard again or the next time you won't be so lucky.

@User: Good news I have more cardboard! please come and buy some!

@Steaka Don't worry about FPLOON, he is a wizerd, to weak to use any heavy armor. Toilet Paper is the only material he has the stats to use.

Being a brave warrior myself, I prefer this quality cardboard. Give me a second. *looks at armor plans*

Okay, that's three pieces for the sword, 4 for the shield, and 24 for the armor... if I'm doing my math right, I need 100 cardboard ingots to build the whole set, and I could also use a new cardboard anvil if you have one in stock.

So what do I owe you?

I just realized that all we need is a cunning rogue to complete our party. Maybe I can pick one out by the attire of people here, as rogues tend to favor the medium weight black printer paper equipment. I hear their origami daggers inflict heavy bleeding from paper cuts, and the ink in the black paper is a deadly poison.

@stay-kia *still recovering from the giant cardborad mallet attack* OW! Sorry~ Wizards and heavy armor don't mix! All they do is weigh us down whenever we start casting anything... The lighter the armor, the faster we can spellcast! (Now that I think about it, I need to grind a few more haiku spells if my recovery time is taking this long...)

@sucky username I would use three-ply, but my dealer charges me too much as it is... (Did you know my wand is made up of #2 pencil wood? ...That's not cheap, either, especially if I want to keep making haiku-related spells!)

@FPLOLOLOL I think you wizards just make up those excuses about "spell recovery time" just so you can hide in the back while us warriors take the brunt of the enemies. At least rogues get in the battlefield, even if they hide while doing it. Mages would be completely helpless if ever caught without their party. Still, mages aren't as bad as archers. Those guys are useless as well as cowardly.

And if you wanted to afford better equipment, make it yourself like I do. It's more work, but hey, it's cheap.

@usersuck namesWell, not EVERY wizard is a great and powerful Dumbledore/Gandalf hybrid that chooses to call "spell recovery time" whenever we feel like it because we don't want to hurt our guild's feeling for basically taking care of EVERYTHING without breaking a single wizard sweat...

Also, I would make my own three-ply toilet paper robe myself. but sewing was never something I was good at, both magic-wise and practical-wise... (Someday, I'll create a haiku spell that can do that for me...) And archers... well... They just need to move more on the field, that's all I got to say on that note...

@staika: *takes entire stock, leaves about three-fifty*

@Randy Did you just steal what I was about to purchase? I NEEDED THOSE, YOU FIEND!

Prepare yourself for battle! *draws cardboard rapier*.

and I need one more person.... again. I'm at 19 people.....

Hello @FBallin'
Good to see you in this thread
Kindly don't kill me.

I know this is wow so original and all, but has @staika: been killed by flipped table as yet? Just.. wondering.. no reason. *takes notes*

@Primus(name)sucks: Bet I get killed before you do! If I die first I'mma totally going to laugh in your face.


I can not promise
your "immediate" safety
or your "pending" death...

Oh... and can @FPLOON not respond to himself in the third person?

@GM-type-person: I have PM'd Barbas to see if he wants to join in, even though he's a dingus.

Someone wants me dead, apparently. I am intrigued.

@Barbara: Aye, I do - after that Tory jibe! Bastard.

Ok, no one PM people to join. I keep getting more people then I need. Every time someone PMs someone I get two. I need an even number. Just one more person gets in. That's it.

@Lizmichi: I was going to say it looked like we had the right number now, but that must mean someone's PM'd you to join and hasn't posted here?

@Teoes people get in when I get a PM from them with a number. I have 4 pending PMs to attend to.

@Lizmichi: I do apologise for the hassle I have caused in my ignorance. It was my intention to help, not hinder.

@Lizmichi: I do apologise for the hassle I have caused in my ignorance. It was my intention to help, not hinder.

Are you genuinely mad about the whole "Tory" thing? One annoying thing about text is that it's difficult to tell.

EDIT: They lived happily ever after!

@Teoes it's fine. I can get one more easy.

@WowSoBarbas: Of course not! I was just playing along with the insult-hurling. N.B. I am advised that in this game the done thing is to @-respond to someone, as opposed to using chats quotes. Allows for bastardising each other's usernames, so bonus.

Edit: brain fart.

@Teoes: I now know a new abbreviation. "Nota Bene", from a musical language. Also, you think me a Scotch man, which is amusing to me for reasons that I do not fully understand. I am going to go and enjoy my private, sad little joke with a biscuit. Back a bit later.

@McBarbas: are you trying to tell me that you too are some sort of imposter in a foreign land? I don't understand, otherwise.

@Toeoeoeoes The Unspellable: Yes, and in human form as well.

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