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If all they have are pistols then they are probably biotics. I doubt they would be that lightly armed otherwise. I can still get the drop on them after I take down the shelves if I use a push on the boxes after I knock down the shelves. I'll go for it. No guts no glory.

"Alright, the three guards to my right are most likely biotics. After I take down the shelves I'll hit them with the boxes as fast as I can but in case I don't get them fast enough everyone stay out of range. There is no way they have more than amateur strength so they won't be a threat from a distance."


The Batarian manager watched from a distance as he saw the company mobilize. He looked to see John moving over behind a few crates at the edge of the landing pad, and watched him set up. He shook his head as he walked away.

"Dregger, pull back," he hissed as he watched the Krogan approaching the factory. "You'll wait until I give the word, after Esten's job is done and the Infiltration team is inside. Then we knock part of that fence down and storm in."

"Well where should I go? If I leave my position then I will be exposed when the action starts. I won't make my move until you give the order but this is the best position for me to be in. I can try to look more innocent if you want me to."

Raven scanned the warehouse from his position before settling in for Esten's telltale distraction. "Hold your positions. That an order. We don't move until the infiltration team has taken down their defenses. Is that clear?"


"Afraid of being slightly exposed to a couple guards armed with pistols when the fighting starts that you'll get hurt?" Lux insulted. He was annoyed that Dregger wasn't following his word. "If this is how you always act, it isn't surprising you don't have any scars."

"You will pull back and regroup with the rest of us by the Gauntlet. We approach after the distraction and once the Infiltration team is in, then storm when they start. The guards won't know what's happening and will be easily incapacitated."

"Very funny scaly, maybe if you were as good as me you would be able to tell that they are biotics which means that they are something to be considered. But fine, I'll play it safe for you dear." Dregger taunted as he went back to the landing pad.


Lux laughed over the Comms as he watched Dregger approach.

"Didn't know you were as stupid as you were ugly," Lux said as he slowly stopped laughing. "You're up against a smuggling ring. A small one at that. You know why those guards are carrying only pistols? Because they don't need to carry anything heavier. Same reason why they're wearing only light vests, maybe some weak shields, and not heavy armour. You're not going up against another mercenary group, or some paramilitary organization. You're up against security guards whose jobs consist of walking around a factory and making sure no one breaks in."

He shook his head as Dregger came near.

"If there's any grey matter under that bump you call a crest, start using it."

"Hold your positions. That an order. We don't move until the infiltration team has taken down their defenses. Is that clear?"

"Crystal, boss" John replied, then on a privte channel to Raven. "You want me to keep a sight on Dregger? In case, you know he becomes a problem?" While speaking, he switched his rifle to armour piercing, and his pistol to incendiary rounds.

"Gee I'm sorry," Dregger said as he jokingly elbowed Lux, "I've been fighting shit that makes the Rachni look like Pyjaks for so long I'm not used to these cream puff jobs like you are."

Dregger said all of this with a grin on his face. It was the first time in years he actually felt some camaraderie with a co-worker.

Raven shook his head at the rookies clear mistakes. Why are we plagued by retarded rookies? "Unnecessary, Lux can handle anything that Dregger may do. Hold your position until Esten runs the distraction." When ever your ready Esten.


Lux cracked a smile as he felt Dregger's elbow dig into him. He almost forgot what it was like to fight alongside a real Krogan. He liked Korat, but he always felt as though something were missing in him.

"If you're using one of these, anything will seem like a Pyjak," Lux said as he lifted his Shredder up. "Might be old, but she lives up to her name. Maybe we'll find a couple in there if their crates are filled with weapons."


Wait for the approach.

Esten kneeled on the roof of the factory. He had been able to make his way to the one directly across from the smuggler's base, and managed to get onto its roof. From up here, Esten could look down and see the factory across from them, as well as allowing him to get to it quickly after the distraction had been played.

Heavier than a rifle.

Esten kept looking down the sights, waiting for the next target to go through them.

That one, lock it, wait for it to get near, and fire.

The shot would need to hit the cockpit. Anywhere else and it might not guarantee the ship going down. If the pilots were killed though, there wouldn't be any complications. Esten analyzed the approaching ship as best he could. It was a small civilian model, similiar to the ones he had been in when he first joined Aegis.

Lock achieved, wait until 500 yards.

He could fire now and it'd be done, but he needed to wait until it was closer. He needed it to be on the smuggler's doorstep.

700, 600, 500.

The rockets were locked, and heading straight for the truck's cabin. Evasion was impossible. The rockets and truck were heading almost directly into one another, and given the distance, there wouldn't be a moment to react.

The cabin turned into a fireball when the rocket hit. There were no shields or armour to protect it. It wasn't designed for military use. The truck suddenly veered down and to the left slightly, as it careened into the street below. When it hit it skidded along, sparks shooting out from underneath it as it ground to a halt. By the time it had stopped, it had gone through the fence of the factory to the right of Esten, and had sent many workers scurrying for cover. Everyone was looking around, wondering what had happened to it, but quickly moved further away as it slowly engulfed itself in flames. The truck exploded once more when the fire reached the gas tanks.

Esten hadn't lingered to watch the explosion though. The moment his rocket had been fired, he had already activated his cloak, and was making his way off of the roof, and onto the street below. He headed towards the smuggler's factory as the guards gathered around the entrance, looking down at the wreck. As several workers left their factories to examine the source of it, Esten moved through the crowd, closer to the guards, before activating his cloak once more and slipping through.


Raven heard the telltale woosh of a rocket leaving the tube in time to catch the collision with the civilian ship followed by the complete annihilation of the cockpit. No, he couldn't have. Esten you stupid son of a bitch. The ship exploded as it crashed through the fence of the factory and crashed to a halt before exploding a final time when the fuel tanks burst. "Rush teams hold position. Ocara, move in now while they are distracted quickly before they figure out what caused that." Unclenching his fists to help relieve some of the anger at the senseless loss of the the civs, he opened a private channel to Esten, "What the hell was that. I said to create a distraction not shoot a civilian ship out of the fucking sky. Do you realize what you've done?"


Esten ducked behind some crates near the smuggler's landing pad. He looked over them to see if the guards were still looking away, before sliding down again to give a moment for his cloak to ready itself.

What the hell was that. I said to create a distraction not shoot a civilian ship out of the fucking sky. Do you realize what you've done?"

"Created your distraction," Esten said in a monotone. "Disabling Comm Unit until Infiltration is complete."

And with that, Esten's channel went dead as he activated his cloak once more and slide into the factory.


Lux's smile quickly vanished as he watched the passing truck get hit and veer into a factory lot ahead of him. He could hardly believe his eyes as he watched smoke slowly start rising from behind the fences.

"What are you doing?!" Lux yelled into his Comm at Esten, only to find them closed. He opened his channel to Raven, and tried to figure out what had happened. "What is he doing?!"

"What! Listen to me you crazy bastard! *click* Son of a bitch! The shitstorm this is going to cause is going to fucking huge." Letting out an exasperated sigh, he shook his head before answering Lux. "Fuck if I know. Verahl going to tear him a new asshole for that. For now we have to get the mission done, we'll deal with him after we take the smugglers. Keep the rookies in check."


"... Understood," Lux said before closing the Comm, and turning back to the others. "Plan remains the same, hold off until Ocara gives the word, or they run into difficulty.

Lux let out a wide variety of swears under his breath as he turned away from his squad.

"Shitstorm's only the start."

"Roger that Raven, we're at the side of the factory now, go ahead in less than five minutes" muttered Ocara into his mic, his eyes slightly wide as he too had seen the fireball (presumably) Esten had created by way of a distraction. No matter, he'd have to shelve it until later, what mattered is that the occupants of the factory would be distracted, just as the plan had stated.

"Alright you two, I'll radio when its clear to follow me. Rendezvous at the top of the factory"

With that, Ocara turned and climbed up the ladder leading to the roof, scanning the rooftop for hostiles with the IR function in his eye, before slipping onto the roof silently.

There was a lone guard on the roof, standing on the opposite edge of the roof and facing away from the Turian, his attention was too focused on the fiery explosion he was watching than his duty, whatever that might be. Which suited Ocara just fine.

"Roofs clear, get up here and we can start the real work" murmured Ocara into his com unit once more, the guard rapidly cooling at his feet two stories below him, a neat slit across his throat and minus one magazine of his ammunition that Ocara planned to use as a distraction of his own.

Wires slammed up into cover next to John. "Hey buuuuuddddyyyyy, how ya doin?" grinned Wires.

Without even waiting for the response he turned on his Omni Tool, opening a line to Raven "Sir, I've found a possible entry point for my FENRIS, it could scout ahead and give us a little warning, permission to enter?" in his "Hardened Mercenary Voice" that he was so proud of.

Santius ran after Raven. "What the fuck just happened?" he said, readying his M-27 Scimitar. "How much shit did we just get ourselves into?"

GODDAMN FUCKING PSYCHO!!!! John raged, as he watched the civilian transport crash and burn. With an angry shake of his head, he forced himself to calm down and concentrate on the mission.

Bringing his sights back to the guards nearist Dregger. "'Kay Dregg, the three guards are moving away from your position, weapons ready...hold up they've just been joined by a fourth, a batarian with an assault rifle, and heavy armour. I have a shot, let me know when you move and I'll take it."

"Hey buuuuuddddyyyyy, how ya doin?"

John nodded to the salarian, but said nothing.

"Stand down, Lux says we can't start shooting until the infiltration team dose their job. Keep out of sight until we get the green light. By the way, have you seen the talkative-lizard? I don't want him messing things up."

Oh that Salarian bastard, He's ex-STG isn't he, they're a bunch of 'Ends justify the means' sons of bitches. Paladin kept his mouth shut though, but if Verahl or Lux didn't have anything to say to the Salarian after this was all over, Paladin would make damn sure he knew exactly what he did for the sake of a distraction.

"I copy Dregger, I'll wait for the signal." Then on a private channel, "Torin is right beside me, if I figure he's gonna compromise us I plan on knocking his skinny ass out" John replied.

"This is Dregger, infiltration team what is your position?" He quietly but angrily said into his com. He knew that something like this would turn heat on the Aegis group because they were the only ones around here with rocket launchers.

Terina noticed the civilian ship crash and explode. She frowned, but kept in her position as a guard. It would be easy for the smugglers to figure out who was responsible with that distraction. Still, Terina always believed that "the ends justify the means". It was not a great means, but if they achieved their mission, it was worth it.

[spoiler=OOC] Sorry about lack of posting. What am I doing? UGGGGGGH. Also, Wires isn't ex STG, he's ex Eclipse.

Qulana hoped off and got into cover next to john. "Just let me know if you need some one in stasis." While waiting for orders, she herd the shoosh sound and watched in disbelief as the truck crashed.

"Geez you two" John snapped, at Qulana and Torin, "spread out. If one of the smugglers has grenades or a missle launcher, he'd kill the three of us in one shot!" Great, I get stuck with the tech and the bodyguard, neither of whom seem to know SHIT about basic squad tactics. Shaking his head he whispered "Fuck my life..."

Wires made a pained look. "But then I can't hang out with my buddy. That and moving cover when we have pretty much no knowledge of whats out there, and with no direct orders to push forward, it's better to just sit tight and wait. Good thing I have games on my omni-tool." Babbled Wires.

"We're inside the security office now, Sal's working on cracking their systems and I've got a distraction in place. We'll be ready in... Five" came Ocara's voice over the comms, though it was hardly audible, as the Turian was speaking as quietly as he could, because even though most of the guards had congregated towards the front of the warehouse so they could get a look at the fireball Esten had created, Ocara still didn't want to risk alerting them, or any special security systems that were still active, though that being said, the systems were being rapidly hacked to nothingness by Sal at that very moment.

And whilst Sal had been working her magic, Ocara attempted a bit of his own, attaching a small length of wire to the pins of a number of flash grenades, hoping that if he pulled them at the opportune time, he could assist the rest of the company take down the smugglers.

He'd just have to wait and see.


Esten watched from the corner of the room as Sal worked on the security system. He had made his way up to the catwalks from the ground floor of the factory and into it, and kept still and hidden in the back with his cloak.

Sal's work must not have gone unnoticed though. Soon enough, a lone guard wandered up from the lower offices to the security one. He had likely noticed some system going offline, and had come up to investigate. Esten waited until he took a few steps through the doorway before pouncing on him.

Esten jumped on the guard's back, immediately wrapping his arm around the guard's throat, and squeezing tight. He pulled back as he did this, and both fell to the ground. The guard struggled for several seconds, attempting to break free, before stopping his struggling and going limp in Esten's grip.

Esten got up, and nodded at Sal, indicating for her to continue her work. He then kicked the guard over onto his chest, and pulled a zip tie out from his back pocket. He knew the guard would regain consciousness soon, and that the guard needed to be secured before being left alone. Esten dragged the guard over to one of the desks sitting in the corner of the room. He sat him up, and placed his arms behind one of the legs, before latching them together. Esten then looked around the room for a gag of some sort to use, before looking back to the guard and drawing his knife. With a few cuts, the guard's uniform was shredded, but a gag was made. He did a final check to make sure that the guard was secured, before resuming his position in the corner, and reengaging his cloak.

Letting his sight wander between the guards he was watching, he began to hum softly to himself. Fuck, I never liked waiting. Screw stealth, lets get this over with. He chuckled, If I'm geting restless I wonder how the krogan are doin?

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