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Paladin's omni-tool chirped as the process completed, then he heard wires over the comm

"Paladin, Wires. We'll overload together on my count!

"Got it Wires, I'm waiting your count"

Terina started leading Paladin to a position to hit the Mech, then wires started his countdown.

"Paladin! On my count! 3...2..."

"1", paladin ran out of cover towards the next crate, flinging his overcharged overload in time with the Salarians. As Paladin shot out his overload he screamed in pain as he felt the effects of supercharging his power, his arm felt extreme pain as electricity shot up from his omni tool and then went numb. he gripped his arm and resigned himself to only being able to use his pistol or SMG, at least for the rest of the mission.

A shower of sparks flung out of the YMIR and the bullets shot by the team no longer met with the "ripple" of active shielding. now they'd only have to deal with the armor plating

Herp Derp move along, nothing here.

Null post


Esten moved along above on catwalks as he watched the YMIR and its destruction below. He heard his Comms buzz with hastily drawn plans, as he tracked both its and Aegis's movements.

"Paladin, Wires. We'll overload together on my count!"

Esten readied himself as he heard this. He knew that the moment the shields were lowered, his sniper would be able to start tearing through the YMIR's armour. As he swapped his ammunition for his sniper, he could hear the countdown starting over his Comm.

"Paladin! On my count! 3...2..."

At the end of the count, he could see multiple overloads shot from several directions closing in on the YMIR. The shields flickered as the first two hit, before one, glowing even brighter then the rest and sparking as it approached, contacted the YMIR directly in its chest. Arcs of electricity shot off in all directions, as the shields were overwhelmed by the burst of power generated by the overload. Without hesitating, Esten made his mark, and started firing down onto the neck armour of the YMIR.

"Shit, Rook we gotta move. The mech is getting too close. Run on my count, 3..2...1 GO!" Then Dregger stopped holding the shield up and sprinted for cover. He ended up rolling behind a hunk of twisted scrap metal, narrowly avoiding a round o fire from the remaining smugglers and guards. He re-oriented himself and got down on one knee behind cover as he readied his rocket launcher. Then he got on his comm.

"Hey Paladin, is everyone clear? I have an opening to hit the YMIR with my rocket launcher but I'd rather not kill anyone on our side in the process."

"Dregger, take care with the heavy weapons fire, we're all pretty spread out, I don't have a good visual on everyone, or a tally on their locations. it looks clear from where I'm standing, but take some time to lock the homing function in. I'm going to try and get behind the human with the crazy shotgun, my tech's pretty much shot, but I can still use my Biotics, and Terina is here in case she still has backup."

With that, Paladin signaled Terina to move on, trying to stay between the crates, the YMIR and eyesight of the bitch with the shotgun.

Terina moved forward, holding her shotgun up. "Let's get her taken down. This place is annoying me." At her words, she spun, spotting a guy leaving the crate that the YMIR arrived in. Both herself and the guard fired at the same time. She had a shotgun, and he had a machine pistol. Luckily, she had more shields up than the guard, but his bullets drained it quickly. While she hit the guard in the chest, one of his bullets nicked her armor, rupturing it and cutting through her side, exiting the other side of the armor. Groaning at the wound, she held her shotgun with one hand, using the other to conceal the wound as she followed Paladin. "Let's finish this quickly."

Dregger popped out from cover and took a moment to aim for the joint on the mech. He slowly let out a breath and squeezed the trigger. The rocket came hurtling out towards the mech's wast but at the last moment it cocked it's arm back causing it to make contact with it's elbow. The arm didn't get blown off but it was now pretty messed up. The mech raised it's arm but it crunched under it's no-longer-supported weight and hung limply at it's side. Dregger was abut to let out a victorious battle cry until he heard a shot from the Claymore. He ducked just barely in time as the shot screamed over him, shredding the back of the hunch on his armor. It was very very close to hitting him so he decided to move before the bitch got another shot off. He fired a shock wave at the enemy position, kicking up a bit of scrap metal and debris to cover his movement. He ran behind a stack of empty crates and reloaded.

When the YMIR turned to engage Dregger with its good arm, John snapped two shots at it with his own launcher. Unfortunately they both struck the mech dead center, and did little more than scorch the armour. "Ahhh fuck me!" John groaned. As he was about to take a third shot, one of the smugglers opened fire on his position, smashing the end of his ML-77. "YOU COCK SUCKING MOTHERLESS ASSHOLES!" He roared. "I'M GONNA TEAR OFF YOUR ARMS AND BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH THE BLOODY STUMPS!!!"

Tossing the busted weapon aside, he took up his rifle and managed to skip a shot off of one of the smugglers shields before they got out of sight. Taking aim he pumped the fourteen remaining shots in rapid succession, into the YIMR's head. It immediately turned its attention to John raking his position, and everything around it, with gun fire.

"John to all Aegis personnel," he comm'd. "I may have damaged its visual array, if we can get it turned around it, we may be able to get it firing on the assholes that sent it."

Paladin reached the enemy commanders position, she and her guard had their weapons pointed at the entrenched Aegis. Shooting at anyone who popped up their heads like a twisted game of Whack-A-Mole. The pair of them was a distinct problem, Paladin tested his arm, it was starting to come out of numbness, a pins-and-needles feeling running up, replacing the lack of sensation, but the arm was still useless. If he was tricky he could take on one of them, but both was just asking to get killed, especially since half his ability was shot without his omni-tool.

"alright, Terina, I think I can take out the chick with the shotgun, but I'm going to need you to take out her buddy here, can you..." he saw the wound on her side "Fuck, are you alright? can you take this guy?"

Santius leaned as little as he could out of cover. He fired a single shot, slightly scraping the YMIR's leg.

"That's about as much as I can do," he shouted. "Someone else can kill it if they'd like!"

"Kill it? Why the devil would we do that?"

Wires tapped a few buttons on his Omni Tool.

"Ok, divert through firewall 5583, take control of motor, and DONE! The YMIR is fully under my control!" Wires comm'd.

Wires stood up to take a potshot at a smuggler who had came out of cover but got shot in the arm, making all his shots wildly inaccurate. "GREAT KROGAN BALLS! I can't do a lot now guys!"

Terina nodded, raising her shotgun. "I'm a merc. It's going to take more than a flesh wound to take me down. I'll get it looked at after we're done. Before than, it doesn't matter."

"Alright, at least take this vial of medigel, I don't want you collapsing from blood loss."

Paladin took a look at the woman with the claymore, kinetic barriers were still up, if he tried to shoot her, she'd spin around and put a cluster of bullets into his chest before he could even get her shields down. And his shields were still useless until he could repair his systems.

So he'd have to be clever.

He pulled his knife from his back and threw it off to the side, laying out of the way from everyone, off to the side of the two shooters. He then snuck out towards the woman, signaling Terina to move too.

The newly hacked mech was a blessing in this regard, it's guns kept her distracted enough that she didn't notice Ethan making his way over to her.

"So, what's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?"

She spun quickly around, moving her claymore to shoot him, and met with Paladins fist in her face. She staggered back, holding her hand to the new red mark on her face.

She brought up her claymore, too close to shoot him, but close enough to hit him with the butt of the heavy shotgun. She hit him with a loud thump, once into his stomach, when he was winded she hit him again in the face, the impact knocking him down on his back. As he went down he powered his biotics, grabbing his knife that he had tossed to the side earlier and pulling it into the unarmored part on the back of her knee.

As she screamed he brought up his leg, kicking her in the solar plexus. Then he flipped himself up and brought his elbow on her back while she was still winded.

Even though she was down on the floor after all that abuse she was still trying to get up, Paladin kicked her across her face until she stopped trying to stand, the first time hard enough to scramble her thought process, and when she still tried to stand he hit her again, more gently the second time.

"you're one tough bitch". Bleeding from where the gun came in contact with his face, he grabbed her shotgun and threw it out of the way then made sure she wasn't still armed with anything smaller, then he looked over to see how Terina was handling herself.

Terina applied the medigel, nodding her thanks to Paladin, then moved quickly as he motioned for her to do so. Raising her biotic amp, she activated it, biotically throwing the bodyguard into a crate and smashing it, spilling red sand onto the floor. Before the man could regain his feet, Terina charged up, preparing to knock him out with the butt of her shotgun. However, the first blow only staggered the man, rolling him away to regain his balance.

Terina needed to give her biotic amp time to recharge to throw him again, this time into a cement pillar. To give herself that time, she ran up to the man again, kicking his weapon away. In the process, however, he managed to grab her ankle, pulling her down to the ground and knocking the shotgun out of her grasp. She expected the man to go for the shotgun. She would have. However, he did something very rare, surprised her. Instead of going for the shotgun, he got on top of her, wrapping his hands tightly around her poorly armored throat. She grunted, trying to throw the man off of her, but he outweighed her by at least 30 pounds. Reaching out, she barely managed to grab her shotgun, pulling it over to her. However, she remembered, even in her oxygen-deprived state, that she was supposed to take him prisoner if at all possible. Lifting her shotgun, she swung it at his ribs. However, the angle was too awkward for her swing to do much more than make the man's ribs bruise.

Grinning, the man looked down at her, spots starting to flash in front of her eyes. She hated to do this, but it was the man's life or hers, and she knew which one was more important. Twisting the shotgun properly, she pressed the barrel against the man's stomach, and pulled the trigger. Gore sprayed backwards from the man, and he slumped to the side, letting go of her throat. Gasping harshly for air, she looked over at Paladin, making sure that he was still in good shape.

"Nice work, but that hacking won't last forever! Someone blow it up already! It's served its purpose!"
Wires started off with another overload throw at the mech, which he knew would be out soon.

"FUCK! THAT HURT MY ARM! I'm going to run back to the ship! I'll take the trash with me." shouted Wires.

Wires sprinted over to the fallen smuggler that Paladin had just dispatched and slung her over one shoulder.

"Gentlemen" he nodded at everyone around, "My lady" he nodded at Terina.

Wires then turned and sprinted back to the Gauntlet.

"Brooks, get the ropes ready, we've got another one" he comm'd

"Nice work, but that hacking won't last forever! Someone blow it up already! It's served its purpose!"

"I'd love to!" John yelled, "But some asshole busted my launcher!" He fired a flurry of shoots into the back of the mech's exposed left knee, clipping a hydraulic line. As the YMIR started to sag, he switched to incendiary shot and fired into the knee again. The fluid quickly burst in to flame, wrapping the mech's left leg and part of the lower torso in fire.


Wires made it back to the ship just as his baggage was starting to wake up.
"Get off of me!" she moaned weakly as she started making vain attempts to push Wires off.

"Yeah, don't care" Wires threw her on the ground and started checking for anything she could use to escape.

"Bloody hell woman! You expecting to fight a war?" he gasped as he pulled out about 20 heat clips, 5 knives and a Shuriken Pistol.

Wires hit her in the back of her head with the pistol. She slumped back and fell unconscious.
After Wires nudged her with his toe a few times to make sure she was down, he wandered back to the ship to play games on his Omni-Tool.


Lux had been using his Shredder to degrade the YMIR's leg armour throughout the fight. Ever since the shields had dropped, he had been constantly gnawing away at its thick plating as often as he could. As he sat back, in the middle of the lengthy process of reloading the Shredder once more, he saw Rook advancing towards him. When the YMIR was distracted by John, Rook moved up, into the middle of the aisle, and created a powerful Warp that he hurled into the centre of its chest. The impact of the Warp caused the YMIR to reel back, causing its armour to fail. Pieces of interlocking armour plates were starting to come loose from the YMIR from the damage they had sustained. As Lux placed the final clip into the Shredder, he stepped out from cover, moving up closer and closer to the YMIR as it was stunned, and letting his Shredder rip through what little remained of its shell.

"Keep it up!" Lux yelled, rallying the others to concentrate their fire on it while it was vulnerable. "Turn it to scrap!"

Under the barrage of fire, the YMIR was torn apart. Critical systems that were keeping it operational started to fail. Motors that controlled its arms and legs were either deactivated or destroyed. Batteries that powered it started to overload. Every system started to fail under the stress put on it.

As it was immobilized under the firepower of Aegis, Rook looked up to the crates held on the shelves above the YMIR. Only now did he have the time to use them to his advantage. Aligning himself properly, Rook put as much of his strength as he could into a Pull, that dislodged one of the crates above the YMIR's head, and left it temporarily floating aimlessly above it. When it was angled correctly, and dangling directly above the YMIR, Rook released it from his grip. Within a moment, gravity took over, sending the crate crashing into the head and shoulders of the YMIR, and driving it into the ground. The YMIR was crushed under the force of the crate. Its eyes, still visible from underneath, starting blinking red as a low hum started resonating from the remains.

"Heads down!" Lux said as he dived for cover between a few nearby crates.

Seconds later, the remains of the YMIR exploded, destroying the crate on top of it, and sending shrapnel in all directions. Lux moved back out into the aisle, and looked around at the destruction. He saw a few members of Aegis, tending a few light wounds from the explosion, but all seemed fine to him. He continued on, back around the corner to where the YMIR originally came from, only to catch a glimpse of Wires running off with their leader tied over his shoulder, and Paladin standing back.

"That slimy bastard better not be thinking of claiming her as his prize from all of this," he grumbled as he turned back to Paladin. He eyed the shotgun laying on the ground nearby, tossed away during the brawl. Not hesitating to let another claim it, Lux strode over to it and seized it.

"Feel free to take what you want from here as well," Lux said as he rotated the Claymore in his hands, examining it from different angles, trying to get familiar with it. "Though know that me, Raven, and Verahl still hold the right to claim anything found first."

John stood rubbing the top of his helmet, where a piece of the exploding mech had clipped him. Rummaging through the crates, most of what he found was crap. He found a few weapons here and there, but most where the type of trash that only petty criminals with no money carried.

"God dammit! All that effort and the bastards don't even have any good shit to take!" Getting frustrated at the lack of good loot in the crates John took to wandering the warehouse floor, looking in less obvious spots. Sonuvabich! He though, I forgot about those vents. Grabbing a pry bar he took off to find the vents he'd spotted earlier when Aegis had arrived.

After a bit of searching, he found what he was looking for behind a stack of boxes that where full of old Fornax issues. Prying the vent open he didn't see anything at first, but then on a closer inspection he saw a thin cord that ran around a 90 degree bend in the vent. Slowly he pulled on the cord and after a moment a small metal box, that the cord was tied to, came sliding round the corner. Once he got his hand on the box he gave it a quick scan with his Omni-tool to check that it wasn't booby trapped.

Upon opening the box John found a credit chit with 2500 credits on it. SCORE! He thought as he pocketed the chit. Underneath the chit, and some papers that he'd give to Raven or Lux, there was a false bottom. Opening it carefully, he found an old Raikou II pistol. While outdated, it was obviously well maintained and was in working condition.

As he picked it up, a massive shudder ran through his body like he'd been shot. Turning around he lent back against the wall and slid down, tears streaming from his closed eyes. Drawing his knees up, he put his head on his knees, and his arms around his head, the pistol still firmly clasped his hand.

Paladin felt the sensations returning to his arm, he could once again move his arm, albeit it was stiff. He decided to poke around some of the crates scattered around the complex. Maybe he would find parts he could use to repair his omni-tool, maybe he could find an upgrade to replace it with. He found a few crates loaded with basic consumer goods, electronics, clothes, all probably cheap knock offs to be sold on side streets and back alleys.

He found a few crates loaded with weaponry, mostly with cheap second-rate weaponry, he picked up a few of them that he could strip for parts or store on the ship in case he needed extra firepower, but nothing special, until he found the Needle.

Now here was something useful, it was a smaller weapon, about four inches across, designed to be carried concealed. It's mechanism was still rather dated, since it was far too small to accept thermal clips.

Paladin pocketed the Needle and moved on, opening crates holding more cheap crap, then nestled in an electronics shipment he found a few assorted sets of omni-tools he could use. Not the pre-assembled upgrades he was hoping for, but parts that, if taken from a few of the items, could be re wired into a whole greater than the sum of its parts, or at the least repair his own over-loaded equipment.


Terina looked over the warehouse, scanning through the crates. She found quite a few pistols, cheap sniper rifles, nothing good. But finally, she found a crate of shotguns. Granted, most of the shotguns were low-quality, worse than hers. But finally, she found one that was different. Not much better than her own, but modified to control the spread of the shots. More accurate from further away, which is never a bad thing. Taking the shotgun, she dropped her old one into the crate, putting the new one on her back. She then went to a second crate, looking inside. Something was even more important than a new gun for her. And this crate had it. Reaching in, she grabbed a vial of medigel, then returned to Paladin automatically, seeing as he was her squad leader. "Not too much of use here, but there was still some useful tools, right?"

"Yeah, I could build you a new Omni-Tool!" Shouted Wires. "...for a price." he added after a quick thought. "Bring back any tech parts and Mech parts you find. We'll talk business on the way back!"

"Bring back any intact remains from that YMIR, and I'll drop the price for you!"

"Yeah, Terina, but I didn't really have high expectations to begin with. I say we check through the office, look through their files. Weapons smugglers usually have some rather unsavory clientele, and I'm sure C-sec or the Alliance would love a copy of their addresses. In exchange for a small fee of course. As for you Wires" He brought up his comm, not wanting to shout anymore. "Why don't we use my ship to come back after we leave on the Gauntlet, then we can collect all the heavy parts you want."

Santius breathed a sigh of relief. He stood up, looking around as if he had found a new appreciation for life. Then, he immediately ran to the nearest group of crates and started rummaging through them.

After a while of searching and throwing several pieces of trash onto the floor, Santius gave up. "Dammit, why can't we make enemies out of people who have nice things?"

"That would save me so much heavy lifting, and I HATE heavy lifting. That's why I left the Citadel. I was working in this shipping place. It sucked." babbled Wires.

"We'll take my ship instead. Smaller, has a workbench and all my tools in already, and less HEAVY LIFTING! See you then" said Wires.

"Hell, looking at this YMIR I don't think we'll be able to carry out anything more than scrap, the thing blew into damn pieces, there's a LOT of scrap though." He and Terina made it over to the office, the two of them began flipping through the papers and documents on the tablets. Then Paladin opened the file cabinet "...maybe I'll find something in here" He looked through a bunch of old papers, checked the tablets. He found a few interesting shipping manifests indicating the general locations of the sellers, as well as some buyers. No names unfortunately, and nothing approximating the black book that he was hoping for, but in the right hands, some of this information might be able to take some dangerous people out of the galaxy.

Santius walked over to the remains of the YMIR. He placed his foot on it and raised his pistol in a victorious pose.

"Someone take a picture," he said. "And pretend I actually helped with this."

Standing, John tucked the antique in to his armour, and removed his helmet to wipe his eyes. Taking a couple deep breaths, he gathered up the papers he'd found, and went to join the rest of Aegis.

"Someone take a picture, and pretend I actually helped with this."

In spite of himself he couldn't help but laugh. "All right, hold still it" He chuckled as he snapped a photo of the turian with his omni-tool. "It could be useful as a hook at the bars." Spying Lux, John jogged over to him. "Hey Lux! I found what look like hard copy inventory manifests. Who knows, the boss monster might find'em useful."

Keryan walked into the club, sighing softly to himself. and he took a seat at the bar. he looked around at the variety of faces in and around the bar. he had managed to get in just before the rush, as the club quickly began to fill up. the young Quarian was amazed at the number of people that filled this small space. he turned to the barman, trying very hard to keep his breathing focused "Hey there. i'm looking for the Manager. is she around?"

(Hi Everyone. pleasure to meet all of you, and hope we all work well together! :] )


Rook continued working from the security office as he heard some of the others rummaging around downstairs. He could hear drawers being opened, and quickly shuffled through as well as a number of other things being knocked around and searched. Shortly after their arrival, his Omni-Tool flashed. He opened it to see that the uplink with the terminal nearby had been completed, and that its drives had been dumped. He scanned over a few documents as he wandered around the room a couple times looking for a safe.

"Great," he mumbled to himself. "Nothing but manifests and a couple lightly encrypted documents."

As he continued around the main room, he started to pay more attention to his surroundings. He was in what appeared to be the armory and common room used by the guards. He could see a fridge in the corner, and a variety of cupboards. The table nearby it had plates from a recent meal still on it, as well as an ashtray, and a number of dropped cards that appeared to have been abandoned mid-game. In the corner was a small rack for weapons, that was now mostly empty, except for a lone rifle and a couple pistols.

After finishing his inspection of it, he moved on into one of the two separate offices adjacent to the main room. The first had a small station set up with a number of monitors and terminals. After briefly looking over it, and activating a couple of the terminals, Rook determined its use. From here, Sal would have managed to access several of the systems utilized by the smugglers. Cameras, power, mechs, and a number of other systems and operations could be controlled from this room. On both walls were mirrors that looked down onto the warehouse below, and a door to the catwalks above.

The final room looked to be a more secure version of the offices below. It only had one door and one window to the warehouse beneath. The desk was set up so it was directly facing the door, and two chairs sat straight in front of it. It didn't take him long to find what he was looking for. The safe was secured to the walls in the corner, with a table top placed on top of it. It wasn't hidden, but kept in plain sight. Either the smugglers didn't expect to be broken into, or for their security to repel an attack, or it held items that really weren't all that important.

"Time to find out," Rook said to himself as he approached the safe, trying to figure out how to get into it.

Santius tucked away his pistol, stepping away from the fallen YMIR.

"Are we getting out of here yet?" he asked. "And the drinks are on you, Wires; right?"

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