Wealth, Adventure, and the Open Sea: A One Piece RP.(Arc 4: Porte Carlo.)

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Strange girl, did she mean me or the Sylvester? Probably the later
"Um.. ok I will stay here, if you need any help I will be there right away."
Once she turned a corner he looked around the place a little closely.
So what has more value, should I categorize value on how shiny it is or the estimate gold weight?
Oh that look really old but I would have to be careful transporting it or it would diminish in value.

Starting in ransacking fashion to rip draws from their rightful places he found a nice small golden compass.

Sylvester slithered through the halls cheerfully stealing everything shiny that wasn't nailed down . He had stolen a bed sheet from one of the rooms and knotted together a makeshift bag. He was elated to the point of whistling a tune as close a whistle as he could manage in his half snake form. The melody produced was a curious mix of a merry sea shanty and a terrifying hiss. Sylvester stopped in front of a large set of double doors he swung one side open and his jaw dropped as he eyed the room and a waterfall of drool fell from his lower jaw. He was staring at the formal dining hall every utensil was silver. He quickly shoved what could fit into his sack and bundled the rest in the tablecloth. Eager to show off the incredible loot he slung both bags over his shoulders and hurried to where grana ad sparkles where.

"hey SSSSSparklesss magic man look at what I found."sylvester hissed with a large grin on his face

Ezekiel smirked. "Just keep your eye on the prize." It was a run of a few minutes to reach the city, whereupon he clambered across a tree and onto a rooftop, peering across the city. "What the hell is going on...this is some weird shit."

Sparkles look at the bag of loot unsurprised to see it staked to the top.
"You haven't been here long and your already loaded."
Still holding on to the helmet from the set of antiques he sprung an idea
"I was thinking of leaving wearing a suit of armor."
"Looks as expensive as much as its cumbersome and intimidating."
"You think you could help me get it on?" He asked trying to keep a straight face but found it impossible.
Leaving in it would be hilarious, might as wear the mayor's pajamas.

Grana sighed. "The name's Grana, not "Magic Man." Grana peered into the bag and whistled. He took out his tanto and sliced off a sliver of silver (Say that five times fast) and examined the metal under the light. "Damn. The craftsman was shit, but this is pure silver. The only base metal in here is one percent alloy to keep this baby from bending easy. My fences can purify that easy, melt it down, and sell it as bullions. Make sure you have many of those- one bullion is a lot of silver." Grana saw a sapphire, emerald, and ruby butterfly brooch lined with gold. "These people have no taste. Plenty of money, but no taste." Into the hat went the brooch and other jewelry, somehow disappearing without the white recesses of the felt. Grana thought for a moment and stopped. "Hey, snake Zoan! Change back, I don't think Sammi likes snakes. She becomes all flustered around you, and something tells me it isn't because you make her heart go aflutter. Anyway, look for a safe or something. I doubt it would be obvious, but someone who's got this much cash has got to be embezzling, which means there's gonna be a bit more cash on him than the average man. And what kind of people would we be if we didn't liberate his burdened soul from all this dirty money?" Grana shrugged angelically, only to spoil it by smiling demonically. "Well, that's all we can feasibly carry- leave the damn suit, it's worthless, Sparkles- So let's get Sammi, find the safe, grab Peter, and get the hell outta Jingo, eh? Sound good to anyone else?"

In the blink of an eye Sylvester "sssorry didn't notice. Oh and ssssparkls jussst take the helmet it's the coolest part. I agree with Grana letsssss get ssssammi and the captain and whatever loot we can carry. I'll take one more passss down sssstairss and how about we all meet up in the main entrance?"

Peter walked up to the last room in the manor. He opened the door and saw the governor frantically rummaging through the contents of a safe, muttering to himself. "I need to find something to bargain with the Marines. I want to personally execute that sick dog who murdered my daughter. Or if they won't grant me that, I at least need to make sure this stays secret. If pirates stopped coming here, our economy could suffer greatly..."

Peter scoffed "Appeasing the Marines so they can leave things as it is, letting more pirates come here. Trying to deal with both sides? Kinda asking for trouble, aren't you? So you don't mind throwing this entire island into chaos to settle your own personal vengeance, but you want to make sure when it's all over, everyone will act like nothing happened? A bit stupid, if you ask me... makes me wonder what you have in that safe that makes you think you can make all this happen..."

The governor turned around "What the...?!" he pulled out a pistol and aimed it at Peter. "Who the hell are you?!"

Back outside, the group that was lead off the cliff had made it back to the manor. "Calling reinforcements! We saw 4 pirates heading into the governor's manor!" A small group of 7 ran towards the entrance, ready to try and take out the group inside.

The Captain had arrived back at the docks. "The killer is here somewhere... too crowded..." He heard a small ringing, pulling out a Baby Den-Den Mushi. "Sir! We're requesting reinforcements! We just say a small group of pirates run into the manor! We're trying to identify them now!"

He sighed. "Ok, I'll order more men to your position. Form a perimeter around the manor. It'll take a while for all of them to arrive, so keep an eye out for anyone else trying to enter."

Jacque had been getting impatience waiting around if the marines were going to enter the house he is in or not during the whole time. He had seen some marines outside from the window but he couldn't tell if they were going to enter the house or not.

He moans "This is taking forever! Where is the captain and what is he doing anyway?"

He then notices that the marines outside had started to move away. It looks like they are going elsewhere.

He utters "Screw it! I'm not going to die from boredom!"

As he lost sight of the marines, he walks downstairs and opens the door. He took a step outside to see if he is clear or what is the new commotion.

Sammi caught up to Peter just as the Governor decided to pull out his own brand of firepower. "Great, Captain. You didn't tell me you were on such great terms with the governor. This is practically a tea party." She readied her axes just in case the Governor decided to get frisky. Don't know how I'm going to stop a bullet from this close, but if I have to try it, I guess I will try to.

Grana walked up the stairs, whistling. "Alright mates, hang tight while I go look for Peter. Hide behind the main doors in case any idiots try to break in. Check for any more small valuables if you have the time, though I think we got everything good." Grana shrugged as he sauntered upstairs. "Peter... Where are you, Peter?" Grana peeked in a few rooms, stealing a few more valuables from the bedrooms before peeking out a window, seeing a few marines about to warily enter the mansion. Grana shrugged, knowing Sparkles and Snakey could handle it. Finally, Grana found the governor's office. "Ah, Captain. So glad to see you again. Anyway, most of the valuables have been rounded up," Grana stated as he pointed to his hat, "And the new guys are cleaning house, making sure we didn't miss anything. Oh, and a few Marines are trying to get in. I reckon Snakey and Sparkles can take them, but a lot more Marines are gonna be he in a bit, so weight want to finish up he-"

Grana finally stepped into the office and realized the gravity of the situation. Grana slowly took off his hat and held the open end towards the Governor, while sliding his tanto into his other hand. "G'Evening, governor. Now, I don't swear much, but I can promise you that if you fire that gun, the bullet will end up in your fucking head. I don't break my promises, and I don't enjoy guns pointed in the general direction of my friends or myself, for that matter. Now you have me incredibly curious, so why don't you turn back around and show us what exactly is in that precious safe of yours. Just in case you're terminally stupid, let me remind you that it is three against one. And no one is coming to save you if you have a death wish."

As Grana distracted the governor, Peter pulled out his wrench and hit him in the head with it, knocking him out. "Sammi, Secure him. Grana, go get everyone whose downstairs. We need to get out of here." He went up to the safe, examining its contents. "Jeez, I can see why he took so long... there's a load of junk in here..."

Outside the manor, the small group of Marines were at the door. "Ok, on the count of three... one... two... three!" They kicked the doors open and started scouting the manor for anyone inside.

As Yoje jumped from rooftop to rooftop, he noticed a strong looking pirate walk out the house he was over. The pirate wore a typical pirate's hat and bandana, and seemed to wield both a pistol and a rapier. Yoje jumped down in front of him, still in his human form.

"You look like a strong ally to have. What do you say to teaming up to collect the Butcher's bounty? There should be a mob after him right now, so finishing him while he's distracted won't be too difficult."

Sylvester saw the marines burst through the front door only a few moved in at first but he could see the rest outside the door. "I musssst warn the othersss." He hissed as he snuck back to the office he ran up the stairs he saw grana run up and ran to the office. "hey the marinesss that you tricked off the cliff are back, and they look mad".

As Grana went off, Sammi went to work. "Aw, he's unconscious? This is going to make it too easy then." With Peter searching the safe, Sammi knelt down beside the now powerless Governor, and held her hands out over the body. Concentrating, lengths of rope started to emerge from each of her fingertips, slow at first, but picking up speed as they started to envelop the Governor. Ironically, they moved almost like snakes, wrapping themselves around the body, able to tunnel underneath him to ensure that he would be tightly bound. One broke off from the pack stretching, out past the Governor's feet, reaching a meter in length, allowing for the newly acquired hostage to be transported if need be.

Standing up, proud of her work, Sammi looked over at Peter, still perusing the vault. "Find anything you like in there, Captain?"

Smithy tapped his fingers against the wall with boredom, wanting something to happen. He had noticed that the other guy had left and frowned. "Great... Gah! I'm so bored! This old man can't stand around nothing forever, I have to do stuff while I still can!" He ran and jumped out the window, landing on and crushing a marine. "Heheh!" Smithy stood off the marine and grabbed his leg. "Hey! Dumbass marines! You gonna come help your buddy?!" He noticed that he was right near the captain. This... Could get interesting!

A group of marines charged at Smithy who reacted by swinging the marone he held in his hand at them, knocking them all over with one great and mighty sweep. "Pathetic!" He began to spin around and around, whacking any marine that tried to get up across the head. After they were all either worn out or unconcious he let go and sent the marine who he held in his hand flying into the air.

The was a loud crunch when the marine landed as his spine was shattered by the force. Smithy looked at the captain with menecing eyes and a dark smile, taunting him to come and try his prowess against himself. "You just gonna watch your men die? What a pathetic excuse for a captain."

As soon Jacque step outside, Smithy had jump out from the window and landed on a marine.

He asked himself "What the hell is he doing?"

Smithy immediately took on all the marines around him. While he would of help he clearly saw that Smithy needed no help at all as he took care of them by himself. He had stood there the entire time

Jacque smirks as Smithy remark at the captain.

I don't recognise that captain. I don't think he was there at Marineford.

His sharp eyes had quicker spotted a marine sniper sitting on the tree branch aiming at Smithy. He whips out his pistol and shoot the marine off the branch. The marine hit the ground hard moaning in pain.

He said "You need to be more watchful with your surrounding twoo."

Yoje frowned. Jacque didn't seem to hear him. He and his large friend were occupied with the marine Captain now. Yoje switched to his hybrid form and leapt to the other side of the Captain, so he was now surrounded by the pirates.

"What do you plan to do, Captain? You can't take all three of us, and you shouldn't call for reinforcements either. They're needed elsewhere."

Peter kept rummaging through the safe. "I'm trying to see what he has that could be big enough for him to think he could bargain with the Marines to cover this up. At least that's what he thinks it can do." He threw out various bits of jewelry, a bunch of bureaucratic papers and a couple wanted posters. "I can't find anything..." he sighed. "I was hoping to find out something good. Something interesting. Guess I was expecting too much from some governor..." He heard a sound and looked out the window. "Oh crap..."

The Captain looked around, clearly intrigued. "Hmmm... I recognize all three of you... a old upstart, a tarnished legacy and a traitor. I'm in the middle of a search right now, but I suppose I can spare a couple minutes as long as my quarry remains where he..." He turned and noticed Nisa's crew flooding into the streets, and his eyes widened. THERE! He's right there in that crowd somewhere!

He gritted his teeth, a little disappointed he no longer had time to fight them. "We can settle this another time..." he then yelled as loud as he could "50 MILLION EACH FOR WHOEVER BRINGS ANY OF THESE THREE TO OUR SHIPS ALIVE!" Suddenly a swarm of various people from bounty hunters to other pirates began mobbing Yoje, Jacque and Smithy. "Gentlemen, I promise you you will face justice so order can be preserved. But at the moment, I have another engagement!" He ran into the mob, shoving through trying to stay a little behind the new incoming swarm of pirates.

Assuming the Governor wouldn't be heading anywhere anytime soon, Sammi came over to window with Peter and tried to look for what he was looking. What she saw was a wave of white, a whole herd of Marines heading up the road towards the mansion. "Shit! SHIT! What are we going to do now Peter? We are going to get surrounded if we stay here much longer!"

"You unfair bastard, get back here! You two, stay with me" Yoje transformed into a full-fledged kangaroo and began hopping around, over, and on pirates in an attempt to escape. He kept his eyes open for the cowardly captain, but he was lost in the crowd.

My bounty isn't high enough for him to recognize me on my own. Does he know my father?... Anyway, he wasn't heading for the docks, so he must want to go the mansion. That's where those other pirates are.

As he landed from his jump, Yoje used Shave to narrowly avoid a horizontal axe swing. On his next jump, one lucky pirate manageed to get a bullet into his tail. Augh! I hope those other two guys aren't far from me

Jaqcue gasp "TWOO?? How the hell did you figure at who I'm really am??"

Dammit I though my alias was perfect!

He had finally realised that there is someone with him other than Smithy. He saw him morph into a hybrid kangaroo which he think his ability interesting.
Seeing that the captain brought them unwanted attention, he saw that they were going to be surrounded by the mobs. He saw that the kangaroo had hope away abandoning him and Smithy. He signs as he about to take action.

He said "You better not be heavy twoo."

He morph into his eagle owl form as he use his talons to grab hold of Smithy shoulder gently as he flap his wings getting themselves a few feet's above the crowd. While he knows that Smithy is strong but there is no way he could have taken that many without getting swarm.
He is feeling rather sleepy but his alertness is keeping him wide away as he try to fly away from the crowd.

He shrieks "Try to stop them from shooting me down twoo!"

Grana looked at the jewelry and shrugged as he swept them into his already doffed hat. "I didn't get this far without being greedy." Grana thought to himself. He walked out the door to fufill the Captain's wishes when Sylvester barreled right into him. "Whoa, Sylvester, what's the ru-" Grana sighed as he listened to Sylvester's news. "Damn. Whatever happened to the idea of no swimmers in the Marines?" Grana shook his head and shrugged. "Well, I guess we'll just have to welcome them, won't we?" Grana saw a search party of about seven Marines enter the building. Unfortunately for them, they didn't take the time to look up. Grana jumped down from the second story, lashing out with his legs, managing to catch two of the Marines in the temple for a quick knockout. Realizing he had no time to control his strength, Grana drew his katana and slashed at the nearest Marine, slicing between the ribs for an efficient kill. His right hand went for the tanto, ruthlessly stabbing the next nearest Marine in the neck.

The final three Marines had drawn their cutlasses and were watching Grana warily, wondering what his next trick would be. "All of life would be so much easier if I had a gun that could fire more than one shot before having to reload." As Grana thought this, he spied a pistol on one of the corpses. The only problem? The three marines were between Grana and the pistol, and one of them had a rifle. Grana grinned as a plan entered his head. "C'mon gentlemen- we can't stand here all day long!" Grana charged forward, causing the Marines to attack as well. At the last second, Grana slid beneath the three, causing chaos as the three tried to figure out where their target went. The Marine with a musket actually shot one of his companions in his confusion. Grana stabbed upward with his tanto, crippling another Marine. Grana popped up near the pistol and aimed at the Marine. "Smile, you son of a bitch." The bullet left the chamber... and entered one of Grana's portals, reappearing right next to the Marine's head and continuing through it. A final slash disposed of the crippled Marine, as Grana cleaned off his blades and looked out the door, seeing the Sopping wet Marines running up the hill. Grana cursed. "Captain! We gotta make a choice! Fight our way out or use the Governor as a hostage! Hurry!" Grana ran to the door, signaling to Sparkles and Sylvester. "Sparkles! Snakey! Help me close these doors!" Grana threw his weight against one of the 20 feet high oaken doors.

Sylvester knew the only way he could close one of those doors was to use his full snake form. In the blink of an eye he had transformed into his massive python form and slammed his body against the hard wood. It started to budge slowly. "jussst a little more."

He looked outside and noticed a large group heading to some woods in the back. He took a moment to think. "Ok! You guys run out the back! I'll stay here! Sammi, take the governor with you! Sylvester, scout ahead for them and try and find the safest path! Try and lose any Marines who follow you in a crowd that's approaching! Sparkles, Grana, barricade the door and then follow after them! He probably has a ship! He likely has a ship in the harbor! Look for some sort of goverment insignia or flag! My ship's too small for all of us, so take that ship instead! If I'm not there in 30 minutes, leave without me, I'll catch up!" He started running up to the roof, waiting for the others to get out. He noticed a small band of Marine reinforcements heading to there the other group was. "HURRY!"

Yoje jumped onto a nearby rooftop to escape the mob, going as far back on the roof as possible to avoid any sharpshooters. He could see the pirate from before, now an owl, flying away while carrying the larger pirate. Yoje transformed to his hybrid form so that his legs would have full mobility, and used the Tempest Kick technique to fire arcing blades of compressed air at the pirates and bounty hunters below the owl-man and his friend.

As the owl got closer, Yoje shouted at him. "Hey! We should stick together, and head the governor's manor" That's where I should go, but it bugs me that the Butcher might get away after all. That stupid captain is diverting attention from the guy on this island who deserves to face justice the most. I hope there's still a mob after him.

He was a little busy ripping the helmet off the suit when he heard his name.
"You got it Grana."
Running over to the door he plucked three out eight hairs.
Quickly he placed them at the bass of the door and made them expand nailing the door in place.
"That should buy us some time."

"OK then," Sammi confirmed, letting what she assumed was the snake man (she wasn't going to turn around to check) slither away in the lead until he was somewhat out of earshot before she went to move. Grabbing the rope and letting it slide around her hand in an unbreakable knot, she grabbed a bag of the loot that had been brought up to the office. She started to move before adjusting the the Governor's added dead weight. "Ugh, I guess you were just putting all the money into cakes huh?" The new grip helped as the body started to move. "All right, harbor's probably not to far from the back anyway. Shouldn't have to do this too long."

Content that both hauls were now secure in her grip she headed out of the office and down the back way, looking to find this fabled ship.

It look like Jacque is in deep trouble until he saw some kind of powerful wave that had taken out those who were trying to shoot him down. He however nears the kangaroo man to hear what he had to say.

He replies "Twoo? By any chance your captain is Peter Tew? I had become his crew member several minutes to escape this chaos! Why are you heading to the manor? Is the captain over there? If so, than lead the way twoo!"

"I don't have a captain right now, but I do have friends at that manor, and I think the marine captain went that way, too. But I do think I heard someone named...Grana? mention that Peter was at the manor. If he's your captain, you should definitely be over there. Follow me!"

Yoje leaped into the air, using Moon Step to propel himself towards the mansion. "I'm Yoje by the way. Who are you?"

Jacque greeted "I am Jacque De Hootingham! I'm the wanted Niteowl by the marines. Wait, are you using Rokushiki and you're also a Zoan too?"

Seeing that he was bored waiting for the captain to return, he decided to follow him even if the captain isn't at the mansion. He figures that he can still find him again by looking for him in his owl form.

Yoje answered Jacque without looking back. "Yes to both questions. I...stumbled upon a Rokushiki master one day, and he trained me." No need for Jacque to know I was trained by CP9. I might not be trusted anymore

Smithy looked up at Jacque with a raised eyebrow. "I coulda handled them myself you know... But thank you for saving me the effort nevertheless." Smithy turned his head to look at Yoje and laughed heartedly. "A Rokushiki master doesn't just teach you! No no no... You must've given 'em something in return! If this old man knows anything then its that! So what did you give 'em?"

Yoje used his usual lie to respond to the man's question. "Protection. My master was one of the very few that the World Government didn't control, and he wanted to keep it that way. Strong as he was, he was getting old, and needed help fighting off would-be kidnappers. He met me on a small island, and saw potential in me. So, I trained under him, and helped make sure that my master kept his freedom."

It was easy for Yoje to tell this story, as the only major difference between it and reality was that the roles of Yoje and his master, his grandfather, were reversed. One day, I'll repay you, Grandpa. I'll stop Rokushiki from just being CP9's tool of death.

He turned his head back, smiling. "I may not be a master just yet, but I'd be happy to teach you some basics later for just 5000 beli."

Smithy chuckled loudly at Yoje's offer of teaching him the ways of Rokushiki. "Haha! I'm perfectly fine combat wise, but thanks for the offer. Hell now that I think about it I could teach you more then you could teach me! You've seen me fight haven't you? I can use, piratically, any weapon that ever existed! Swords, Axes, Hammers, you name it! I can use 'em easy! It comes from all my time fixing them and making them, the best blacksmith learns how to fight as he learns how to make."

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