Reality TV Series Video Game Edition - Exdeath's Reign

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Reisen shrugged. "And if you happen to like seeing," she said, "that's something else I'm good at." She stared at a spot on the ground, and made a tree seem to come up. "All in the eyes. I was kinda born with the ability to mess around with light and create illusions." She smiles slightly, then continued, "I can also replicate the light that the full moon gives off and drive people insane - the 'gibbering in the fetal position' kind."

Ezio raised an eyebrow. "I have looked up at the moon many times, and I am sane. Believe me, if killing the scum of Italia doesn't, the moon won't faze me one bit."

"I'd be careful. I've met my share of villains, and I don't doubt her abilities," said Batman, "even if most of my opponents are human."

Reisen scratched her ear again. "I saw you fighting with that other girl before. Well, in my world--" she stopped, then started again, "--well, where I come from, most of the non-humans there are that physically strong. Myself included, not to preen my own feathers. And, well... you saw that just then, right? If I create copies of myself, they're fake, but the magic bullets they throw around are certainly real enough." She laughed a little at this, then looked back at the two vigilantes.

"Oh, hooded guy?" she said. "I can't remember your name, but...I specifically said the -full- moon. Or maybe mine just works differently. Either way, I remember a few people I've left gibbering on the floor, and I'd rather not have to add you to the list."

As everyone was conversing about things not really important, China decided it was time to head out, "Alright, everyone, we should head out. We must meet my boss."

"Sounds like a plan!" Reisen shouted, glad to get away from having to be negative. "So who is your boss anyway? Another country-person?" ...I've heard of umbrellas taking humanoid forms, but countries? Now I've seen everything.

Kuja found his nose and hurried in front of a mirror to put it back on. Once he figured how it was supposed to turn, he put it back on and was glad he didn't make any mistakes. "Why, that windbag. I will get her for that..." He hovered over to Exdeath, who sat on his throne, looking like he was staring at something in front of him, but that was probably more because no one saw under it.

"Exdeath, Exdeath, Exdeath..." Kuja mused in his sing song voice. "Do you really think you need those idiots? After all, just us two are enough to collect the Void shards."

Exdeath turned slightly to Kuja, then looked up. "Perhaps you are right, for once. I do not know why I thought I needed the help of others. I'm still strong enough on my own. I shall cast them out of my castle, and we will begin looking for the shards." He moved his arm in a half-arc in front of him, and Yukari, Voldemort and Jing were all thrown into Rift portals and out of the castle, back into the city. Out of the Rift portals, they could hear his voice. "I have come to the conclusion that I do not need your aid. You may dwell in Exdeath's Domain, but not all the monsters are friendly." He laughed as he closed the Rift portals and the monsters around in the city looked at the three of them with hungry eyes. They stared at them, some clung to the walls, others stood on the ground and yet others hovered in the air, either because of wings or other means. For a moment longer, they stayed like that, until they then started charging towards the three.

Exdeath stood up. "We leave now. I can sense one of the scouts I sent arriving..." Kuja nodded and hovered behind Exdeath as they both left the throne room.

Gilgamesh was very confused about why the door that Yukari had entered no longer had her name. He sighed and began walking back to Exdeath, when Enkidu flew past him. "Gilgamesh, where is Lord Exdeath? I have found a shard." Enkidu was a monster that looked like some kind of demon with green skin, yellow horns, brown hair that reached far down his back and wings to enable him to fly. "Ah, welcome back, my trusty Enkidu. I dunno myself. Maybe in the throne room? Lets go there together." Enkidu nodded, flying beside Gilgamesh as they headed to where Exdeath and Kuja were heading from.

They met half way and all four stopped. "Enkidu, I see you return unharmed." Exdeath said. "What news do you bring?" Enkidu landed on the ground in front of Exdeath. "Lord Exdeath, I have found one of the Void shards. However..." He paused for a moment. "However what?" Exdeath asked him impatiently. "There is a slight obstacle." Enkidu finally managed to say. "Just tell me what it is so we can leave." Exdeath didn't have the patience for beating around the bush. "I didn't think it possible, but there exists another Gilgamesh. Perhaps because of how Gilgamesh is able to use the Rift to travel between dimensions, but never did I think that two would be at the same dimension." Enkidu said, pausing for a moment. "This Gilgamesh is not like my master. There was another Enkidu with him, but that one looked like a dog. And that Gilgamesh spoke strangely. And loudly. He also looked like he had many replica swords with him. He thinks the Void shard is the legendary Excalibur, because it looked like a sword, and wants to claim it as his own."

"Is that all? Then we leave now. You must lead the way." Exdeath started walking to one of the big open windows of the castle. "Of course, Lord Exdeath." Enkidu bowed and started to fly to where the shard was. Exdeath teleported behind him, looking like a circle with some runes on, Kuja hovered behind them, and Gilgamesh used the Rift to teleport. Another me? Who'd've thunk that?!

Yukari looked around at all the charging monsters, more upset that she was just kicked out of a nice, comfy bed, than dropped into a Monster's Den. She looked to the other two. "Well, Jing, Kir, and Voredyballs, I hope you three know how to fight, cause it looks like her have to get away from here, and the monsters seem hungry~"

"Well, maybe boss isn't what he is." China corrected himself, "My boss is a dragon named Shen-Long. But yes, it is another nation-tan. His name is Russia-aru."

China stopped in place for a second, "And, uh, he's been through a lot so if he seems like a psychotic man-child who loves to torment others except for me most of the time, don't be alarmed." Quickly after informing them of this, he changed the subject to some arbitrary, "SO, how about that weather-aru, huh?"

Batman just stared at Reisen. "Okay, I'm the world's greatest detective, and I still have no clue how any of that works."

"You must have a different moon," Ezio said, turning to China. "I suppose the weather is fine, but we should get out of here before more enemies come our way. That, and my armor is getting a bit bent up. Do you have a blacksmith at your hideout?"

Reisen called over to China to hold up for a second. "I'm sorry, I just need to ask something. How is your boss both a dragon with a Chinese-sounding name, and not Chinese at all?"

However, they didn't get far when someone came at them flying with a dog on their back. "That's him!" Enkidu called to the others. The second Gilgamesh flew towards them, and past them, and landed in the middle of Exdeath's Domain. The monsters around scattered because of the noise, and Gilgamesh stood upright with his Enkidu dog with him. "A most peculiar city this is!" he said, loudly. "Perhaps I will be able to use my new blade here!" He held many swords, many of them were replicas, and one of them looked like a shadowy purple katana.

Enkidu flew with Exdeath, Kuja and Gilgamesh behind him towards the second Gilgamesh. "He's holding the Void shard in his hand in the shape of a shadowy purple katana. We should be careful, since we don't know how strong he is with that in his hands."

The second Gilgamesh resembled the first one, but looked a bit different. For one, he had six arms, each holding a weapon, with one of them being the Void shard katana, the other five holding fakes of other swords. He also didn't have a helmet, but something like a scarf hid the lower part of his face. His eyes glowed blue, and he had four horns, two bigger ones on the side of his head and the other two smaller ones on the top of his head. He was also dressed weirdly compared to the other Gilgamesh.

He had indeed landed in the middle of Exdeath's Domain, but he had landed close to where China and those with him were. Enkidu, Exdeath, Kuja and the first Gilgamesh flew over where Yukari, Voldemort and Jing were towards the second Gilgamesh.

"Fools! You face the mightiest swordsman in all Ivalice! You face me, Gilgamesh! Prepare yourselves, for you shall be the targets of the latest of my swords! Fly, Enkidu! Fly, my faithful companion! I said fly!" He did indeed talk loudly and differently from the other Gilgamesh. And Enkidu, the dog beside him, had glowing blue eyes like his master, and was green like the other Enkidu. However, one Enkidu was a dog, and the other one a demon.

Hoss Delgato was about to suggest to China that he could deal with that dragon "Problem" of his, since he wasn't paying much attention, when he heard the crash from the second Gilgamesh behind him, and turned around. "Holy Fishpaste... That's one ugly monster."

Mokou and Tewi narrowly avoided getting crushed by this Second Gilgamesh as he flew into their crowd. She nearly lost her balance as he flew inches from her nose. "Ah-ah-AH! What the hell?!"

Yukari noticed Ex-Death's group flying towards them, obviously chasing the thing that flew above them a second ago. Yukari chuckled. "Hello there, Boys~ You look like you're in a hurry~ Why not stop and chat with us for a moment?~ No really, I Insist!" As she spoke, she floated a few feet off the ground, a crystillized, ethereal snowflake appeared behind her back, expanding and contracting in size, violently. It gave off a very powerful aura as she quickly selected one of Ex-Death's group to fire at. That unlucky person was Kuja. Quickly, she opened with a Spellcard. "Boundary - "Curse of Dreams and Reality""

"Not you again! Get away from me!" Kuja flew up into the air to get away from Yukari, avoiding the bullets from her as best he could. He casted a Protect on himself so he wouldn't hurt as much, and casted a Shell just in case. "Ultima!" he said and casted an Ultima spell. His version of it looked like red arrows with long trails after them, all of which aimed for Yukari.

The other three payed no notice to what was happening between Kuja and Yukari, and headed still towards the second Gilgamesh, who stood there still before China and the ones with him.

Yukari chuckled, almost darkly, as she waved her arm above her head and a gap opened above her, Most of Kuja's ultima fell in it, the rest fell to the ground and violently exploded. The explosions hit Yukari from behind, for minimal force, but still enough to knock her forward a bit. She floated closer to Kuja, continuing to fire her spellcard at him.

"Hmpf. Such an arrogant young woman. I'll show her." Kuja tranced, which was a form of transformation. His clothes disappeared, and instead he was covered in red fur, even his hair was red too. And he had a tail that hadn't been seen before he had tranced. "Ultima!" He again casted an Ultima, but this time the arrows were bigger and faster, and should they explode, would create a bigger explosion. Kuja was also now faster himself, so dodging the bullets from Yukari was easier, but some still hit him.

Yukari laughed. "You'll show me what? You're disgusting, furry, naked body? You'll have to take me to dinner, first!~" Again, she made a gap open, above her, but this time, seeing the more dangerous threat, and after learning from last time, made it bigger. Again, the ultima was swallowed by the gap, but again, a few made it past. The explosion was indeed bigger, and it burned Yukari's back. She grinned and let her spellcard run out. Pulling another out of a gap, she called out the name. "Boundary - "Mesh of Light and Darkness"" There was a slight pause before Yukari fired six enormous orbs of energy, three to each branch, at a 45 degree angle at Kuja, Multiple smaller orbs behind them spread out as blue and red lasers started trapping Kuja in restricted space, if he didn't dodge them. The whole while, Jing, Kir and Voldemort were protected from her bullets by a gap, still able to see the fight, though. Again, yukari was silently moving closer to Kuja.

When Kuja saw the lazers, he avoided them somewhat easily because of how skinny he was, but he had to obviously still be careful not to hit them or be hit by them. The bullets were a little harder to dodge than the lasers due to the lasers. Whenever he got an opening, he moved a little back away from Yukari, still firing Ultima whenever he could. It has to hit her at some point. She can't keep using that strange whatever to protect herself.

Yukari again made almost every falling Ultima fall into a gap, except the ones that escaped her sight. Being such a powerful youkai, the blasts that she missed would not kill her or severely injure her, but they hurt. Yukari didn't care though, no, Yukari just laughed. "Those are interesting skills you have there, Monkey boy~ Maybe I should take your tail off this time~" She shouted at him as her spellcard increased in ferocity, firing more quickly.

"I am not Zidane!" And even if getting rid of this tail would be fantastic, I don't want her to take it off me. This time, he casted Flare. Several small fireballs formed around Yukari and quickly made their way to her in order to explode in a big explosion. In the meanwhile, Kuja was still keeping up with avoiding the bullets and lasers from Yukari.

Yukari quickly noticed the fireballs, and shot both her hands out to her sides, gaps continuing to Barrage Kuja with bullets. Two large, spinning, violet pentagrams formed at her side, and blocked the explosions coming from the sides. From the front and back, however, Yukari was hit with the blasts from flare, forcing her spellcard to be defeated. She, herself, suffered a few minor burns and alot of bruises. She chuckled, breathing more heavily. "Fine, fine then~ Enough playing around, monkey boy~ It's my victory~"

Kuja kept dodging until the spellcard disappeared. "On the contrary. It seems I am the winner of this battle. Now leave us be. We have a copycat to follow and get to." He went out of his trance, returning back to normal, and hovered towards Exdeath, Enkidu and the first Gilgamesh, who were now landing near the second Gilgamesh.

Exdeath went out of his teleportation ring, and was now seen by the ones that hadn't entered the castle. He stood there still, using his sword like a staff, both his hands on the top of the shaft of his sword, while it's edge was touching the ground, but just barely, as if it wasn't touching it at all. "You have something of mine. I demand that you return it." Exdeath said to the second Gilgamesh, who turned to Exdeath. And noticed Gilgamesh stepping out of a Rift portal. "You! You are a true swordsman not unlike myself! Forfeit your blades to me should you lose, which will most surely happen!" The first Gilgamesh looked at his counterpart and shook his head. "Nuh uh! I don't wanna fight ya. You're too strong for me!" The second Gilgamesh laughed. "I should have figured you were but a coward! Nonetheless, I shall battle you! Prepare! Fly, Enkidu!"

The second Gilgamesh charged at the first one, who was none too happy about this, but had no choice. He took out his own blade and charged back at the second Gilgamesh. Their blades met, and the Void shard katana dealt heavy blows. "Gnh! He's too powerful with that blade, Lord Exdeath!" Exdeath simply stood by, watching the fight. "If you cannot win, then do not ask for my help. But I suppose I could aid a little, seeing as we need that shard..." His sword lifted from the ground and headed towards the second Gilgamesh, who used the Void shard katana to block it, and sent Exdeath's sword flying back towards him. "Hmmm. He is indeed powerful. But can he handle me, I wonder..." Exdeath couldn't care less about anyone that was near them.

Yukari popped out of a gap in front of Kuja. "On the contrary," She grabbed his neck with a force that rivaled giants. "I believe I am the victor~" She grinned, darkly, at Kuja, and Chuckled. "Ooooh.... How should I make this worse for you?~"

Reisen hadn't really been watching, and hardly noticed when Kuja and Yukari were fighting. That had been a distance away, though, and all the leftover danmaku happened to be falling in her general direction. And there was a lot of it. Trying to find holes in the pattern, she started thinking, Wow, Yukari, you really must have hated that guy. Then one bullet smacked her, and she lost her concentration.

Then a lot more bullets all slammed into different points on her body. Groaning in pain, she fell to the ground. I just hope she wasn't using the lethal stuff...

Kuja gulped. He chuckled nervously. "Now, now. We don't have to get angry here, do we? No hard feelings?" This was definitely not a desired situation for Kuja. He couldn't think of anything that would help him right now. He hoped Yukari wouldn't be too hard on him.

Meanwhile, the two Gilgameshs were fighting each other, the first one having trouble fighting with only one blade, and he had no room to pull out another one. Exdeath helped him with his sword, which managed to distract the second Gilgamesh somewhat, though with six arms and a sword in each hand, that was difficult.

Yukari raised one hand up, grinning even wider, and slowly brought it to Kuja's face. Her palm cupped his entire face and she chuckled again. "Now..." Quickly, her fingers wrapped around his nose, and she plucked it off, again leaving just smooth skin where it was, and smiled, cheerfully. Giddily, she said, "Got your nose~" And dropped him, running off, giggling.

Mokou noticed the spectacle, and scratched her head. "She's nuts..." She said, as she hopped herself and Tewi to safety from a stray swing from Gilgamesh number 2.

Hoss saat back, watching the fight between Ex-Death and Gilgamesh. "Monsters... Can't live with em... No, really. There used to be this Eris girl I used to be into... She turned out to be the goddess of Discord. That was a bad day for me."

Reisen finally looked up, still in a lot of pain from the accidental barrage. She noticed Mokou doing something with Tewi, and called out to them. Unfortunately, the sound didn't go very far. Shoot...Can't someone help? Then she passed out, face down on the ground.

Mokou was busy, walking away from the fight she had no interest in getting into, sidestepping a happy, giggling, running Yukari, Tewi on her shoulders. She looked around, and noticed Reisen on the ground. She looked hurt. "...Shit." She quickly took off towards her, Tewi bouning on her shoulders as she ran, and quickly reached Reisen. She was too close to Ex-Death and Gilgamesh to be safe for long. Mokou knelt down and picked her up, off the ground. "C'mon, let's get going, girl." She started walking, quickly, away from the battle and towards China. She set her down, gently, on the ground and slapped her across the face. "Hey. Hey, are you okay?"

The slap woke Reisen up again. "Ah, no need to do anything like that!" she yelled. Then the pain came back, just like before. "Argh... Your other girlfriend doesn't seem to have a lot of restraint. Half of what she did to someone just now ended up in me..."

Mokou looked at Yukari, and back to Reisen. "Whose girlfriend? I only met that Gap Youkai once, and then she was with that Red-White Miko. This is actually probably the most time I've spent near her." she shook her head. "you okay?"

Kuja was confused for a moment after he got dropped, then got back on his feet and started to hover after Yukari with flailing arms. "Give me back my nose! Stop doing that!" He wasn't very happy right now.

The second Gilgamesh pushed the first one back, defeating him. "Forfeit your weapons now! I have won against you!" The first Gilgamesh grumbled and folded his arms. "Nope. I ain't giving you any of my weapons." The second Gilgamesh whistled and his Enkidu came. "Enkidu will tear you apart if you do not give me your weapons!" The first Gilgamesh chuckled. "Enkidu!" His Enkidu, the demon, walked towards them. "Yes, master." he said to the first Gilgamesh before turning towards the second one. "That rut does not stand a chance against me. I suggest you call him back before he gets seriously injured." The second Gilgamesh only stood there, not moving away or towards. "I see that you are not a true swordsman! You are but a fool who only wishes he was as good as I am!" He chuckled, while the first Gilgamesh stood up. "You're only that strong because you got that Void shard in your hands!"

"Hmm! A Void shard? What nonesense do you speak! This is the legendary katana, Masamune!" the second Gilgamesh said and swung around the Void shard katana. "Only Masamune would glow with such a dark glow!" The first Gilgamesh sighed. "Nope. That ain't Masamune. You've got the wrong sword, buddy." The second Gilgamesh didn't care. "It does not matter! This blade is powerful! It shall be useful in my future encounters!"

"Which will be none." Exdeath said and walked towards the two Gilgameshs. "You will hand over that sword to me or face defeat." His sword hovered around him. "Hmmm! I do not think I will do that! If you wish to be it's wielder, then defeat me!" Exdeath chuckled. "If that is your wish..." He casted a Thundaga spell, several lightningbolts came down from the sky and all of them hit the second Gilgamesh. He was brought down to his knees in a matter of seconds, and left gasping. "That...was truly a display of power! But it will take more than that to bring me down!" Again, Exdeath chuckled. "I'm glad you said that." He encased himself in a sphere of darkness, which was the Void, as he hovered slightly above the earth towards Gilgamesh, who tried to stand up as quickly as he could. But he was too late as Exdeath was now right next to him and shattered the darkness sphere, causing much damage to Gilgamesh.

"Oh, so your girlfriend is still that half-breed?" Reisen smirked. "Don't worry, I'll try to remember that." Until I need to annoy you again, she thought. Out loud, she continued, "So why are there two of that guy with the armour?"

Yukari kept running, right between Ex-Death and Gilgamesh 2, laughing.

Mokou slapped Reisen again. "No. Bad rabbit. I'm not dating the Were-teacher. She's just my friend."

Back in Gensokyo, Keine, again, fell into a crying fit.

Mokou took a deep puff of her cigarette. "As for the two guys back there? I don't know."

Ezio was standing behind Gilgamesh, in his combat stance. He looked to Batman.

"How can we take this thing down?" asked Bruce. "I can't get close, or I'll get cut to ribbons!"

"Let me handle it,: said Ezio matter-of-factly. "Stun him, if you can."

Batman nodded and threw a Batarang at the second Gilgamesh, hitting him directly in the neck, hard enough to cause pain even through all the cloth. Ezio loaded a musketball into his Hidden Gun and aimed it at the same spot, then activated it, sending a ball of iron engraved with the Assassin symbol straight at Gilgamesh.

"Grrr! Give it back!" Kuja said angrily as he flailed his arms around, hovering behind Yukari.

Exdeath took no notice of Yukari and Kuja going past him, but did take notice of the help he received from Ezio and Batman. "I would thank you for your help, but it was not needed either way." He walked over to the second Gilgamesh, who was stunned from the attacks from Ezio and Batman, and grabbed him by the throat, picking him up with ease. "You have something of mine. You have been defeated. Farewell..." He opened up a Rift portal beneath him and dropped Gilgamesh into it. The Enkidu dog followed it's master, and Exdeath closed the portal.

He didn't need to reach down for the Void shard katana. He used his magic to lift it off the ground and once it was at the right height, he grabbed it. It then began to dissolve and creep into his armor, giving him back a little more power over the Void. "We are done here. One Void shard has been reclaimed. The opposing force that stands before us is nothing but a puny obstacle. We do not need to concern us with them. Though I doubt they will leave us be, they would only insult me by thinking they are a threat to me. Heed my words. Despite your efforts, you will not stop me. I will rise again to power and control everything after I send it to the Void." He turned into the teleportation ring he had used earlier and headed back to the castle. Gilgamesh picked up the weapons that the other Gilgamesh had dropped before being sent to the Rift, then used a Rift portal of his own to follow Gilgamesh. Enkidu opted to use Gilgamesh's Rift portal instead of flying, so now there was only Kuja left, chasing after Yukari for his nose.

Yukari dropped herself into a gap, which quickly closed itself.

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