Serial Killer Round 38: The Round We Make Contact (It's All Over!)

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@CA Opalescence makes them creatures, making them vulnerable to Parallax Wave.

The stack sort of looks like this

Parallax wave Exiles itself-> Resolves, LTB effect goes on stack.

LTB effect triggers-> Because Parallax Wave exiled itself, it returns itself with the LTB trigger

Parallax Wave enters the Battlefield with 5 counters. Considered a new Parallax wave, so the LTB trigger doesn't affect the creatures exiled from the old Parallax wave

Creature(s) Exiled from original exile effect.

The others are just variations on them.

@Berenzen: You're just making less and less sense now. At least, to me.

@CA it's a really convoluted maneuver. So essentially, Parallax Wave exiling itself after exiling creatures, will cause the targeted creatures to be exiled permanently, because they can't come back from the original Parallax Wave trigger. Every time I play it against a new person that hasn't seen the deck before, they have to call over a judge.

Here's a link to the schenanigan, a little bit better explained-

@Berenzen: That link didn't really help. Might just be me being unable to get my head around it: that happens a fair bit, and not just when discussing Magic. =/

@CA, essentially it's because it's a new Parallax Wave, while the creatures were exiled with the old one. So they can't come back

@Berenzen: But the old one leaves the battlefield, right? You don't have more than one in play. So the exiled creatures would come back as the old Wave leaves. Am I not correct?

@CA No, because the Old Wave has left the battlefield before the others have been exiled. The exile effect is instant speed, so you stack the effects. The Old Wave leaves, the New Wave comes in, then the creatures are exiled, and can't come back because the Old Wave is gone.

Ah all this talk of magic makes me wish I still played the physical version of it. Good times.
Anyway I normally hate doing this but I am Co-GM of A Mass Effect RP. We've been off an on for awhile now and we are getting back into things. Anyway long story short we are in the market for some new players. If you have any interest in joining just send me a PM for details.

So how is everyone doing on this fine day?

@axle 19: Wonderful, just bought tickets for a concert I want to go to. How about you?

@Nouw: Which concert? Someone I might know? Of course, I've never been to a concert myself, so... *shrug*

@CA:Roger Water's The Wall live. As you can see from my avatar, I love the album and the group. Sadly it's not the full band, nay that'd be a miracle. And you should go to a concert if you have the chance :), they're an amazing experience. And since you live in Auckland, many groups/people come here. I went to the Gorillaz in '10 when they came to the Vector Arena.

@Nouw: Ah... yeah, I had the option of going to see Bon Jovi live at Vector (I think) a couple years back, but I was too chicken to go. >.<'

Stupid me and my nigh crippling fear of the unknown.

@CA and @Nouw

I've managed to see a few shows. A lot of bands stop in Edmonton now because a large potion of us have disposable income. My best friend also got me a ticket to Coachella for the April 20-22 weekend.


All this talk of concerts has made me look forward to this summer even more! (Damn you all ><)
I'm Belgian you see. And I live within biking distance of Rock Werchter. One of the larger festivals to be found in Europe. Love me some good festivals.

@Berenzen: You lucky son of a dog, I'd love to go to Coachella. Okay, okay, I would have loved to go to '06 to see Daft Punk.

@Spectre: I hope your summer feels like summer because mine is a mix between it and Autumn >.>.

@CA: Well if you ever get the chance to go, now you will!

@Nouw: Eh, I dunno... the fact that Bon Jovi is an amazing band doesn't shake the fact that a concert is an entirely new experience to me, and I have no idea of what will happen. Thus, I worry. >.<

When making usergroups, what does the link caption actually do? Just a random Q. I'm planning to create one you see.

@CA: Oh don't you worry, as long as it's not a rave or a very hard concertlike metal it should be fine. I can speak for the people that are on the seats, that you can just nod your head to the music and cheer. Sometimes you stand up and dance or something like that. Sadly I can't cheer anymore due to my voice changing >.>. I can't speak for being on the ground, I have never been there.

I want to go on the ground though, they look like they're having much more fun and I can't blame them. You can move around, express yourself and jump up and down.


You definitely want to be down there. Over here at our festivals there are of course no seats (I'm sorry, I'm realize that must be pretty obvious but still) and you just have the constant experience of standing between a few ten thousand people enjoying the music and expressing yourself as little or as much as you like.

Added to that experience at a festival is just the overall atmosphere of the place. A lot of people don't even go for the music. Just the awesome atmosphere of being there, among all the people, enjoying yourself with, if you so choose, amazing music to boot. And seeing some of your favorite bands and artists live is always something special.

I can understand how it can seem/be frightening to some people to be in that kind of crowd. But crowds are easy to be in in my opinion. You don't stand out as much as you might think you would. People aren't standing around paying attention to how retarded people around them might look. They're all just there to enjoy themselves.

@Concerts I've been to quite a few. If your sitting in the seats you'll be fine. Worst case scenario is that you have to stand up in order to see the band or musician playing. You're hearing won't be damaged if you wear some ear plugs as well.

As for pits I'd stay out of them based on how much I know you CA. Most that aren't hardcore music are normally fine and people just stand up there and maybe jump up and down a bit, aside from the few asshole who try to start shit and end up getting carried out by security. For hardcore music if you stay off towards the sides of the pit, even near the front you tend to avoid the people moshing. Although moshing is incredibly fun to do. I've never crowd surfed before though so you'd have to ask someone else for how that feels.

@Nouw: Ya gonna take the wall off of your epic avatar after the concert?


I've only been to one concert and that was Ringo Star and his All Star Band. T'was pretty fun, but I've always wanted to check out something a bit more... underground. Like a Ratatat show! I hear everyone is baked, especially Ratatat! XD

@concerts: I have never gone to one yet. There is this band from my home town who's signed with a record label who I'd like to see but I never had the money to go :/

@Concerts: Only been to one so far. Disturbed, A7X, Stone Sour and Halestorm were all up in my neck of the woods. All good bands. I felt sorry for disturbed tho, for haveing to follow up A7X's performance. They were damned good.

@Malyc: Maybe. It's going down soon anyway :P
@Spectre: Just as I expected. Personally I want to go to a rave but I'm too young >.>.

@Nouw: Ok, cool. Liked watching the guy pie the German in the face.

@Malyc: Many people did xD. Makes me wonder if I should get a new one.

@Nouw: Get rid of the clown avatar? I don't know what you'd replace it with :P

@Staika: Well, I said the same when you replaced the MIB Rathat avatar...

@malyc: Well when I found this avatar I had to have it even if my other avatar was awesome :P

@avatars: Still haven't given up on my idea for creating an avatar composed of my roleplaying characters... even though I now have a couple extra that I need to add to the list. For those interested, all the major characters under my control are detailed below with links to their respective threads.

I may rewrite some of them when the next part of the appropriate series rolls around. Some of these characters were written over a year ago.

Magic? Concerts?

Man, I feel old...

@CA: Holy crap that's a lot of role-plays. I envy you, maybe one day I'll match your skill xD. And that's a pretty unique idea, making an avatar out of your characters. Looking forward to it now :)

@CA: Yeah jeez, I'm falling behind. I've only got seven characters in action right now. (Two in SoJ, One in One Piece, Demigods, TWEWY, Elementals and technically Indigo, though there are a lot of NPCs there.)

@CA: I had several RP's going...

Record for shortest lived RP: 1 in character post. The DM started it and deleted his account.

@Malyc: That's truely impressive. Now I'm stuck wondering why he decided to do that.

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