Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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Oh, we're voting? I'm to lazy to search through all the pages so could someone tell me who the the second victim was?

RBMidknight. I know what you mean. =P


Yay 21 pages already, man there has been a lot of posting recently. No wonder my post count has been going up pretty fast. I do want 10,000 posts.....

@sky: Thanks.
@staika: I'm trying to get to 500.

Voted. :D

@Jak: Well you are closer to 500 than I am to 10,000 but I post a lot so it will probably take about 2-3 weeks before I reach it. But I could post 23 times in less than an hour XD

See, this is why I hate it when people post to an unnecessary extent: It's so easy to get lost. :P

Sending vote, I guess.

@WP: I don't think you can stop the avalanche of posts, now that it's started.

@Malyc: Very true I went to bed and I came back and there was like four new pages. I was to lazy to go through them all so I read the most recent page. :D

@Sonora: I do the same thing, actually.

Speaking of previous pages, I believe Schizzy sicced a rabbit dog on me... Now for the appropriate action. *clears throat*


@Sonora aww... you missed staika's funny stories...
@Posts I broke 4K earlier today. I tried a celebratory backflip, landed on my bed and had a celebratory nap.
@Mal here, I have rabbit dog-proof armour! *hands carrot and steak armour to Mal*

Come on guys I am in class most of the day and I am never left behind :P
Now if you'll excuse me I need to go duct tape the annoying kids mouth shut.

@trilby: I could repost my stories on this page but I can't do it now because im in class and on my phone. And I am a little distracted duct taping the annoying kid in my class to his chair.

@staika Can't tell if kidding, or actually that annoying...



Mini-Rant: I'm a tiny bit disappointed by people's inability to either read my announcements or specify who they are voting for. I got a considerable number of vote PMs stating only one name, when in fact there should either be two different names or the statement that the voter is voting for the same person twice.

@CA: Don't look at me... I clearly and concisely stated my intentions XD


*has a feeling he's a target for using big words*

@Mal those are some pretty big words there partner... *gets pitchfork and torch*

@Trilby: My point exactly...

*looks for an exit while nervously backing up*

@Malyc: Indeed you did. But I wasn't thinking of you when I wrote that. At least four our of the ten PMs I had in my inbox this morning were a single name.

@Mal I'm gonna practice lynching on my staiklones...
*starts throwing pitchforks into the horde like spears*
also, why didn't you wear my carrot-steak armour?

@CA: I didn't think you were, I just felt like pointing out that I try to be clear in my intentions, unless I'm clearly trying to confuse someone XD

@Trilby: Because the rabbit dog ate it already...

@Mal well, wear this
*hands Mal a piece of paper that says 'nothing'*

@trilby: you have no idea how annoying that guy is, all of my classmates want to duct tape his mouth shut. I even brought in the duct tape.

@CA: I hope I didn't make my message like that and if I did I will try to correct it in the next cycle.

@staika: You didn't. I sent PMs back to the people who did.

@CA: okay good, I didn't want to cause more trouble for you and it looks like I didn't.

@CA Well, I only sent one name, so thanks for the correction.

@Trilby: Not to sound like a perverted roomate or anything, but what is your gender? <.<

@Jak: And you've been living together for how long? XD

@Mort He started sleeping on my roof on New Years, got killed to death and then built an attic while I was studying.
@Jak *checks jeans* Yep... I'm pretty sure I'm a dude.

The votes are in, and the executed PMed.

Check your inboxes, people. There's death on the wind.

Christ the one time I post...

@Trilby: That's what I thought, but why then did I find so much women's underwear in your room?...

@Jak I don't know...
I stole your laundry hamper?
I built a multiverse machine with an Xbox360, accidentally played ME3 on it and ended up with a room full of FemSheps who now live with us?
It's the second one.
We live with 30 FemSheps.

@Diablo Ah balls for you. Oh well.

@Trilby: Can...can I rent a room? >.>

@Mort well, there's my room, the Explaining Unexplained Absences Room, there's the FemShep room, there's Jak's room, there's the staiklone room, there's the cloning machine room and there's the kitchen.
uh... at this point, I've had to convert the bathroom.
You'll have to share.
With me or Jak.
Or the staiklones.

@Trilby: a three-sided coin?

@Mort no. But I do have a D20 a D8 and a normal coin, which is basically a D30 which is a triplesided coin only 10 times better! Somehow!

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