Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@Diablo: I cannot reveal any information, I am very secretive about these things XD

But In seriousness there is no person playing the game currently that I dislike but there are a few users out there that are not apart of the game that I am wary about.

@Staika: M'Kay then , just ensuring my safety in the game to come...
Awwww crap...

@Diablo A very Tim Burton-y Two Face.

@diablo: don't know why you'd fear me, I really don't hold any power at all XD

@Diablo: Yeah, staika holds less power than that candy necklace that's been sitting in the gutter of Murderville Town Square.

@Mortis: That candy neckless kind of isn't there anymore... *burp*


Hello everyone.

@RaN: Sup RaN?

@Diablo: Not much. Thinking of new ways to mess with Counter.

@sky Thanks! My aim is to at least survive a few rounds.

@Ran: True...True...Just back from the daily which I spend all day at a computer browsing the Escapist :P

@Steke: I'll be rooting for you, just don't go nuts this round. =P

Although since it's a doubles round, there's a pretty high chance of you actually getting a role o.o

@RaNDOM: I like the new Random. XD
@sky: No there isn't! All the roles are mine, MINE!

@Jak: Play Serial Killer, get all the roles! I spend too much time on 9gag >_>. *FORGIVE ME!*

@Jak: No! Miiiiiine! >:[

Eh, I could get a Role...

@Jak I don't know how I feel about living with a medic.
How do I know you won't rat me out to the MMA[1]?

[1] Not that MMA, the Murderville Medical Association.

CA was the killer? I BLOODY KNEW IT!

Ah, well. Number sent. :P

Oh, and I had this ready just for the occasion:

I was gonna post it in the other thread, but I have a feeling that it's already dead. :P

@Penguin is that you? if so, way to commit to annoying CA. also, cool.

Thinking of new ways to mess with Counter.

I'll have none of people messing with me, thank you very much.

@Trilby: WarP's efforts were more entertaining than annoying.

@WarP: Nice. =D

@WP: that makes me want to make another one, now I need to come up with another pun........... And its at this time that I lose all creativity XD

@CA: heh heh

@Jak: O.e You mean...

*gasp* ate Sir Kennington The Third?!?

@WP: Good luck dodging Element on that one...

@Malyc: He actually hasn't been responding for a while. I'm actually getting a little concerned. <_<

@TrilbyWill: Yep. As you can see, I'm not afraid to throw around my image. Of course that's probably gonna come to bite me in the ass. <_<

Also, it wasn't really to annoy just CA. It was more of a group thing. :P

@staika: DO IT!!! :D

@WP: Don't take this the wrong way, but are you related, in any way, to Val Kilmer? XD

@WP: oh I will don't you worry about that, I just need to think of a pun to use. I'll also be at work after class (which I am in now, the teacher isn't looking >.>) so I'll try to do it when i get home which will give me plenty of time to think of one. Unless one of you guys wants to save me the trouble of coming up with one :P

Small Update: We can start as soon as we have one more person join, plus numbers sent in from Void and Midknight.

@CA: Is Pmoney not comin to the party?

@Malyc: Oops. Shoulda done that sooner. He sent his number in a while back.

Hey, what about me? O.e

Just wanted to say that I knew it was CA all along and that I voted for you every single round. I was right, woooooooo.... But then I died. :/

I just got my Vita! In fact I'm posting this on it right now!
On a side note, my sister Sonora49 joined the game!

:D That's me!

@Jak: @Sonora: D'awwwwwwwwww, that's awesome! :D I like it when siblings get along.

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