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Seeing the Council Session had ended, Quintus approached to see the Geth threatening the newcomers. Time to intervene. "Don't worry Ma'am, it's a Geth Platform, a race of sentient machines. They won't damage your ship unless they feel they are threatened. However, they can probably explain themselves better than I can." He finished, turning towards Alpha.

"Captain Nassa, if you excuse me for a while i must be going now. Feel free to let yor troops barrage the turian with questions, he'll show you around. One last thing before i go: When you wish to speak to the councilor as she requested of you, just have your ai send me a message." Luna said then walked off.

SSG Ryan Murphy

Meanwhile, a group of Marines from the ODST 10th Battalion had shore leave. They had taken it upon themselves to "liberate" some scooters from the hangar bay, and were now driving around the docks, angry sailors in vainly chasing them. SSG Murphy was laughing like a little kid as he made circles around a red-faced Petty Officer. A UNSC Captain approached the group and stood in Murphy's way, causing him to brake suddenly.

"Staff Sergeant, what's going on here?"

Murphy could barely hold in his laughter, "Found vehicle maneuvers, sir. Keeping the men sharp, sir."

"I see" the Captain said as he checked the logs, "It says here that you're supposed to be on shore leave."

"Yes sir"

The Captain looked into Murphy's eyes, in a vain attempt to intimidate the battle-hardened Sergeant, "I suggest that you take your shore leave, Staff Sergeant. Without the scooters."

"Aye Aye sir." Murhpy said as stepped off the scooter. "Marines! Let's go find a bar!"

And so they set out into the town in an attempt to find a locale suitable for Marines.


"We meant no disrespect or to threaten,Nassa Captain, only to warn you should you attempt any hostile action against the Citadel."

"In addition, we have also decided that for the safety of your crew, you should not allow them aboard the Citadel until we have determined that we can come to peaceful agreements."


The Lt. watched as the robots, apparently guards of this place, first threatened her men, and then apologized for an apparent misunderstanding. They still had her on edge. The last machines she had come into contact with had tried to blow she and her men to bits. These did not seem to be Covenant design however, they were too...graceful a make to be them, not bulky enough. Her hand never strayed far from the pistol on her hip, she wasn't sure to yet trust these aliens.

SSG Murphy

They had just spotted the bar when Murphy's communicator buzzed.

All shore leave cancelled. Report to the Broken Destiny at once. ODST 10th Bt report to engine room for watch.

"Fuck" Murphy muttered to himself as he read the message. This was the third time this week they had pulled engine room watch. He looked around at his fellow Marines, they had all received the same message. Dejectedly, they started the walk back to the ship. Thankfully, it wasn't very far.

When they reached the ship, they found the docking bay far more populated with several alien species, some of them looking like walking robots. The Marines pushed their way through the crowd and boarded the Destiny.

Once in full combat gear the Marines reported to the engine room for watch. The Marines took up positions on all levels, guarding every major terminal. The engineers looked at them, the presence of Special Forces in the engine room was always a bad sign. Murphy took up position by the door, ready to lazily challenge anyone who came in. He leaned up against the wall and waited.

Captain Nassa

She pulled all the marines, the Spartan, and everyone from her ship aside a bit away from Council ears and the Geth. "I need everyone's opinions on this, what does everyone think?"

Jastis spoke. "It's hard to say, these aren't the covenant and in this universe, but they're still aliens. No offense, Mee, but these aliens are unknown to us. We don't know their motives or anything."

Crown replied to the Captain's inquiries,"I don't know, mame, but those robots of theirs scare the hell out of me."

"Their technology is amazing, I'd really like to get my hands on some of their computers, see what they really have here." Leppy said while unconsciously rubbing his hands together before getting a quick warning glance from Sierra.

"I'm a marine, Cap', show me what needs to be dead and I'll get it dead,"Meeks replied,"But my gut's telling me that these guys are holding out on us. And I trust that feeling over most orders I've been given."

Chagerben had her own perspective on their predicament,"I don't know miss, but I do know that I like the look of some of these boys,"She smiled a small smile and fluttered her eyelashes at a nearby Salarian diplomat,who seemed confused by this display,"Not that I'd follow through on any of this if we go to war with them mame," She added in quickly.

"Um...Cap-Cap-Captain, I don't know why but there's-there's just som-something about this place that gives me the creeps, this looks like some kind of Covenant ship, mame.What if they built all this here simply t-t-to get the Broken Des-De-Destiny?" Gaffer stuttered throughout his little speech and question. Rookie jitters Lt.Crown assumed.

Standing there, with the crew of the Broken Destiny huddled a distance away, Quintus felt distinctly nervous. It seemed that nobody really knew what was going on, and that had a long history of causing catastrophe. Trying to ease the tension, he glanced to the Geth, "Do you really think that they are going to try something? Also, what should I address you as?"

"You aren't a female robot, are you?" Alan James asked.

"The Geth do not have genders. Synthetics have no need for genders, as we do not reproduce. We merely build more of ourselves if we want to increase or numbers," The Geth replied, in its emotionless voice as always.

"Oh.... good, because this would be really awkward otherwise," Alan replied simply, as he stroked the robots breast-plate as he gently lifted it off the Robot.

He had been instructed to investigate these Robots and discover on what technical level they ran. The Geth had willingly volunteered one of their number to ease tensions in this first-contact situation.

Alpha listened as the Turian asked his question,"This Platform is referred to by organics as Alpha, and we believe that there is a small chance that they will become hostile."

"They seem very open and receptive of us, we should not hold grudges against their hospitality. What if we had jumped into a hostile species? The fact we are standing here is a sign of good intentions." Mee said in response to the captain.

Captain Nassa

"Gaffer, I highly doubt that this is a covenant ship. Your right Mee." She sat and went over everyone's responses.

Jastis looked down at the Captain. "Ma'am, I believe we should meet with Councilor Tevos and discuss more in-depth."

She nodded. "You're right Spartan-015, let's go talk to Luna."

"I will send a message to Luna now and... Sent." Marisani spoke to everyone through the MJOLNIR's helmets speakers.

Luna returned in a hover car a few minutes later. She stepped out of it and Led the captain and the spartan back to the elevator. She punched in a few numbers on the holopad. "From what Councilor Tevos told me, she has a proposition for you." Luna said as the elevator descended.


"It will be interesting to hear what it is," he looked out as the elevator descended. "You know... I actually always like Elevator rides."

Alan had his favorite adjustable wrench in his hand, and was slowly pulling off strange armour plating which the Geth used. It was amazingly light, yet didn't flex at all and Alan felt like he would break a fist if he tried to punch it. "Hey there, Mr. Geth. What is this nice armour of yours made of?" Alan asked, slowly lowering the plate to the deck.

"A alloy of many metals, from many planets." The geth replied simply, standing perfectly still.

"Oh.... could I take some back to my ship for testing? To see if we could replicate some?"

"Negative. Formula for Geth Alloy is secret, improved from original armour given to us by creators. No council race has access to that knowledge."

"Oh.... okay," Alan said stiffly, and continued his work.

The Geth Alan was working on quickly grabbed his wrench, easily bent it and threw it away down the corridor. It then pushed him back, overbalancing him and causing him to fall down.

"Geth Alloy is secret, human."

It then went back to what it was doing before the incident. It also put the armor back where it belonged.

Luna nodded as the elevator came to a stop. The doors opened to reveal a massive office space, only used by a little desk with a holo panel. The rest of the circular room was empty, or it appeared to be. on the ceiling and the floor were holo emitters that could project anything desired in the office space.

The Asari that was sitting behind the desk stood up. "Captain Nassa, it is a pleasure to Meet you without the formalities of the council. My Full name is Tevos Isa'li. This is my office, The Asari are know as the diplomats of the galaxy. We settle many disputes between races, that is the reason for my office having a complete view of the citadel." she said walking around to the front of the desk and leaning on it.

Alan shook his head, and looked up from where the Geth had left him. "You utter bastard," Alan said, in utter disgust.

The Geth gave him a look. The light where its eyes should have been blinked faster, as if it was processing something. It was likely sizing up how much of a threat Alan was, and the likelihood of him attacking.

"That was my favorite wrench," Alan grumbled, before climbing back to his feet.

Captain Nassa

She and the Spartan had to admit, it was quite a view, but it wasn't the time for sight-seeing. Nassa got right to the point and sat down in one of the seats, the Spartan stood though. "Sorry Ma'am, but I don't think that seat can withstand almost a ton of pressure on it."

"Alright then. So Tevos, I heard you have a proposition for us?"

"By standard council laws, you would be absorbed into the alliance military. Do you know what that means?" Tevos asked. "Tha Alliance will tear your vessel apart and reverse engineer every possible piece of technology they can. I remind you i'm not making any threats here, this is a promise.

Your vessel has caused a great stir of trouble, every race is bidding for it. If it is allowed to fall into the hands of a single species, war will be a possible result. Thats why i want to offer a proposition. You will either be absorbed into the alliance, or... You can be formed into a Citadel joint species team. Your ship will not be touched unless its by your orders, and you will answer to no one but the council." she finished calmly.

Captain Nassa

Nassa had to admit, the offer was good, work for the Council and their ship wasn't to be touched. She wasn't too fond of the idea of the Alliance, despite Humans, fiddling with their ship. "Jastis?"

"I agree with the idea, we can still help Humanity through the Citadel, without having to follow the orders of a completely new military. Also we can gain the trust of people, at least we can do all of this until we can find a way back."

She crossed her arms and nodded and then looked back at Tevos. "So you can assure that our ship will only be touched by our authority,, and could you go into detail more about what exactly we will be doing? I want to know the whole package before we make the deal."

"To quote a show about ponies which aired in the early 21st century 'I am liking this idea,'" Alan stated, matter-o-factly. After his little tustle with the Geth, he had returned to the Broken Destiny for a replacement Wrench.

Here he had been informed of the option proposed to them.

"Human entertainment, television, My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic, character Scootaloo, show continued from 2010 to 2084, going through multiple renditions and characters as they were killed off by creatures such as the Ultra-Violent Lights, the Evil PonyCorn, and TIM the MECHA-PONY before being cancelled and again brought back in 2145, with original characters, again changed in 2168 to My Little Hanar, a sitcom for the romantically incompetent."

"The voices were provided by a host of classically trained Elcor, a Krogan battlemaster turned children's Idol for his work on the show as Queen Celestia in the newest generation of Ponies, who had previously been voiced by former Salarian diplomat Talison."The Geth beside Alan responded after a few seconds of probing the human extranet for refrences of his quote.

"I put my word on it that you ship won't be touched unless its by your orders. I'm not saying that we won't ask you to, but the final decision is yours. And, as a joint species ship, we will place a team leader on your ship, incharge of collecting others from those races you and your ship aren't familiar of. She will take orders from us, also from you, to act as a median for the other races and your ship. Is that a fair deal?" Tevos said.

Captain Nassa

"We accept, we don't know how long we will be here, so we best get situated in case of it taking longer than expected. Can you send the outlines of the deal to Marsiani so she may send the data back to the Broken Destiny? Which brings me to another thing, I gather that your universe isn't too keen on the idea of AI aside from the Geth. You won't harm Marsiani correct?" Accepted Nassa as she stood up from her chair.

Marsiani inside of Jastis helmet was also curious on this detail.

Luna walked forward, using her omni tool. "Glad to be a part of the ship captain. I've just sent the details to Marsiani."

"Luna here will be that person." Tevos said. She then walked back around the desk and took a seat. " The Ai will be fine. I'll send over your first mission after Luna has a team has been assembled. Your men have clearance to leave the ship and the geth should back down now. Now if you excuse me Captain, i must deal with an issue with concerning... *sigh* an Ardat-Yakshi convent. Its been a pleasure." She said and began using her holo panel once again.

Quintus slowly moved his hand away from his pistol as the Geth and the UNSC Engineer slit apart. As the Engineer departed, the UNSC soldiers glared uneasily at the remaining Geth. "Well Alpha, do you want to try to soothe some nerves with me?" He inquired as he started across the floor to try to maintain some civility.

"'Soothe some nerves', we are curious, what does this imply? We fail to see how this applies to any situation, as nerves are simply a network of feeling inside an organics body, are they not?Why do they need soothing?"

Alan James had discovered one vital flaw in the Citadel. It was impossible to get a good cup of tea anywhere. He had spent a good amount of time searching around the Citadel, all the cafe's and drink shops. None of them served a good cup of old English Breakfast Tea. A few of them served a decent cup of Earl Grey, but Alan had never possessed a great love for Earl Grey.

Captain Nassa

"May I ask, what is a Ardat-Yakshi, if you don't mind?" Nassa asked before they would leave.

"You deserve to know." Tevos said sighing reluctantly. "Ardat-Yakshi are Asari that are the daughters of pure bloods. When they meld with others, they hemorrhage the brain and can possible kill the one they meld with. Its a rare disorder that is in about less than 1% of the population of my people. And before you ask about melding, i've sent your A.I. the info, ask it." she said before going back to the holopad.

"They are a great shame to our race. it is lucky that Councilor Tevos responded herself, and not ask me to do it." Luna said to Nassa.

"We all have our burdens to bear Luna, for me its the entire race, soon you'll be with that same responsibility." Tevos said.

"Of course, Councilor."

Captain Nassa

"Do we have permission to leave and explore the Citadel granted we obey the laws?" Asked Nassa.

"Yes, your entire ship has permission to do so. I'll just need all of the medical information on the new species." Tevos said. "If you have anymore questions, ask Luna."

Alan was still hunting around the Citadel for a decent cup of tea. Unarmed and only wearing some civilian clothes that he picked up from a stall somewhere. All the possible places that could have sold a good cup of Tea Alan had searched, and left with a ill-tasting mouth.

Now it was time for him to delve deeper into the dark depths of Citadel, in search of the perfect cup of tea.... or at least a half-decent one.


"Ma'am, do you mind if I personally go around the Citadel alone? Marsiani can stay with you." The Spartan asked in an almost enthusiastic voice.

She nodded and the Spartan took out Marsiani and handed it to the Captain which she brought out a small box and put Marsiani into it and she reappeared in her holo form.

"Permission Granted, see you later, I will contact you when the time is needed after I talk to Mee, I think I will sit down with Marsiani and learn more about this universe."

With that the Spartan left first, and soon after Nassa.

Captain Nassa

She arrived back on top and found Mee and explained to her what they had requested since they wanted blood samples, she wouldn't force it on her, but told her that it was per request.

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