Serial Killer Round 40: A Dance With The Devil (Cycle 5: The Game is Over)

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@Sky: That's Redlin in disguise. He's saving his 40000th post for something SPECIAL!!!

@Berenzen: You say that likes its a bad thing! D:

@Sky: Yup.

@Bere: That's Redlin?!? D: But second accounts are punishable....

@Sky: D:

But Zombiefish has one!

This is only a temporary state anyway :/

It's not like I'm banjumping or anything.

@sky Sorry, just wipe the last 5 or 10 minutes from your brain and you can probably call plausible deniability.

Captcha: Just deserts... yep it's just brown and sandy out there.

@Sky: As the suspect Berenzen said, it's Redlin5, he's planning something big for his 40k post, so he's posting with this account for a while until he comes up with something enormous.

@Red: Don't tell me that either! xD

I'm gonna choose to believe you guys are pulling me leg, and that's just some new user who's pretending to be Redlin while he's away. :/

It's not like this new guy is trolling anyone, anyway.

@Sky: You're such a good law abiding mod, ain't ya. xD

And seriously, how the hell do you do that face? :P

@WarP: So Penguin, whatcha say about this?

Alright, to try and sway those last few votes, and to make people who voted for me feel guilty. Here are some pictures.

Sorry Staika, I had to vote for someone and so I just decided to vote for you.

@WarP: I like to think my job is to keep the forums as a great place to be. Not to punish everyone I see. =P

And I copy-paste it from somewhere else. It's an in-joke with some friends on skype. (・ω・`)

@Bere: That proves nothing! xD You could've edited those!

@Berenzen: I dunno man, your claims of innocence are seeming rather forced XD

@Sky, if I did, it would be incredibly choppy. Editing the Escapist page is actually quite difficult when I comes down to cutting, and any edits are really visible, particularly when it comes to the outbox. I tried to do it for practicing if I ever became the killer, but god- it's really damned difficult, and it looked like absolute crap.

@Bere: The problem with this game is that you saying that could also be a lie. xD But fair enough.


@Sky, see that little updent? That extends down whenever a new line is made. Editing that up, without screwing up the sidebar, is pretty damn close to impossible.

@Sky: o.o'

I'm not a troublemaker, honest!

@Sky: I wish other mods from other sites were like you... :(

@Bjur: Can't tell if trolling...

Either way, I can barely hear the lyrics behind the loud dubstep-esque production. xP

*Sigh* Am I gonna have to bring out the big guns?

I gotta stop finding reasons to subject people to the music I like. :P




@Berenzen: Since I'm fairly new to this game, what would stop the killer sending votes to the GM, or atleast mails titled to imply such, as a way of giving themselves "evidence" that they aren't the killer?

@RaN: Uh oh. I may have just started something dangerous. <_<"


Because they have to vote as well. And Staika is still alive isn't he? Not to mention that every mail is accounted for.


@Berry: I dunno... you obviously have mad editin' skillz yo *indicates avatar, feels ashamed of typing those three words*



That post I made of editing mails? Multiply that by 100 for the outbox to remove emails.


@Berry: I was mostly kidding.
*narrows eyes*

@KaraokeSK: Random idea! Should the entwined do a duet when they die? (We are doing the songs based on who gets killed, right? <_< >_>)

@sky: YES! Hell the motherfuck yes.

@Sky: Well, I was thinking somewhere along the lines of a Caruso type thing, where you do one whenever you like and is entirely optional. But that's a much better, sinister idea! >:D

Remember, you were the one to come up with it. Blame is all on you! >:D

@WarP: I'm not sure if I am trolling, I've just heard that bronies are proud of that song and guessed that you could give it a try.
And a war you say? WELL BRING IT FEMALE DOGS!

@Dave: Mainstream, eh?

This is what happens when the thread's progress stops.

@=y: The fuck is a progress?

@Everyone that have said my name: Wow, most of you calls me Bjur or Dave instead of David. Though I'm cool with it, it's just funny to imagine someone non-swedish trying to pronounce "Bjur".
@TrilbyWill: The h is this? *starts going up and down to the pace of the song*

@Bjur. Correct me if I'm wrong but it's B-yur phoenetically correct?

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