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I accept Salt's help and I limp into the van, holding my groin.

I respawn. "Man... I didn't even get to use the rocket skates..."

Spying something else of Zeph's corpse, I see two firmly wedged rocket skates on his feet. I cut off his legs and proceed to remove the rockets from the skates and weld them onto the van for a boost.

"Hold on a sec." I say as I walk back and get the spud gun. I bring it into the van, for Salt to inspect.

I observe everything on the cameras. I use them to hone in on Raven Razor's location.

OoC: You guys burst the ignition chamber of the spud gun, it's basically a large hunk of plastic now.

I look over to see a door slightly propped open. I slowly walk over and look inside to see Eric mucking around with the security cameras. "Heeeeey... Yoooouuuu... What's going on?"

"Interesting, but I'm not sure if I can repair it. I'll see what I cando once we're back at the circle of death." I head inside the van, Zombie once more taking the gunner's spot as I drive back to our 'base.'

[OOC: I know I broke the gun, but it was to see if we could recycle it into something else later.]

"Looking for my sword." (Me)

"The Muramusa? Or a different one?" I query looking at all the security videos, as I talk.

[OOC: Oh yeah, your sword... Paddy kind of sort of broke it and made it into a flaming pimpsword. Yeah...]

Back at the circle, with a little welding prowess and encouragement, I manage to make a dual-cupholder for the van. Unimpressive, I know, but we need something to hold our drinks, dammit.

"I think our best plan of action is to secure as much land in this mall for ourselves."

"Perhaps if we had someone good at programming we could craft some auotmated spud-turrets or whatever convinient ammo we find."

"Programming huh?" I think about how pissed off Eric is gonna be with Paddy. Yeah... "I'll give it a try." I say. "Maybe you could set up some walls?"

Through the scraps I can find, I construct a small turret, capable of handling ammo about teh size of an apple, which is most likely the best ammo, we'll get.

"All yours, Zomb."

"I have a plan to not make sword guy pissed at me. Don't tell him I broke his fucking sword in two to craft an ultra weapon! also nice work on the van, sorry I had one of my narcolepsy episodes."

After driving aimlessly through the mall, I finally find Salt and Zombie working together. I drive up to them, and asked "Mind if join your little group? We could use the ATV to gather stuff too big for us to carry, and my flaming chainsaws can be put on the side of the van.

While I try and hook up the turret, I notice Paddy is awake. "Hey Pad, you any good with programming?"

I also notice Grim. "I don't mind if you join."

"The last time I tried to program something it caught fire. Not the computer. Just the program. Also who has apples, I fucking love apples" I demonstrate this by eating three.

"Oh. I guess we needed better ammo anyway." I finally finish setting the turret up and beckon Salt over to weld the chainsaws on, so I can hook those up.

"If you need something programmed, I can help out." I say detaching the chainsaws and handing them over to Salt.

"Oh Christ did we need these? I'm so sorry." I spew through chunks of my sixth apple. I find a large elastic belt and gaffer tape it to the top of the G-Van. "Molotov catapult."

I weld the chainsaws onto the sides, kind like a better version the Slicecycle from Dead Rising 2. "Given we're now the G-Team, I say we assign roles. I call being Hannibal."

I hop into to take shotgun so we can find some more (and more importantly, better) ammo for the turrets.


I jump up top and sit behind the catapult, Pimpbastard in a specially made sheath at my side and a Molotov in hand.

I call Face.

I tackle Paddy.


I spark my gauntlets and grab my blade, yelling for somebody to take the minigun as I hop out and rush Draven. I push him into the circle of death and plant my electrified blade into it, shocking him and killing him instantly.

"We've gotta move. And now."

I pop a cigar in my mouth and get the driver's seat, ready to move.

"Nice jump kid but I have no idea wht you're talking about". I grab Pimpbastard's handle and put my thumb on the switch for the current.

He dies before I need to move. "Good work, I owe you one."

"It's nothing. Now man the catapult while I try and find some suitable weaponry for the G-Team turrets."

"I guess I'm Baracus?" I hop into the gunners seat.

I hop into the passenger's seat, "Let's get going."

I make some more cup holders out of gaffer tapes and bones and fit in some spare cocktails of theMolotov variety. I set the scooter down behind me and start playing some prog rock.

I start tapping the dashboard in tune with the music as I drive haphazardly down the mall, possibly killing several people along the way. Finally, we arrive at a hunting store, kind of a Bass Pro Shop. The G-Man probably doesn't have any bulelts in here, but there's probably crossbows, and where there are crossbows, there are arrows.

I head down to the fishing department to get some line for a weapon idea I ahev aplnned, while the rest of the group splits off to find ammo and turret parts.

I see a boat in the store, and start wondering what it would be like if there was a lake or river running through the mall. After rambling through death boat ideas, I grab some boots and a few knives. I cut a small hole into the soles of the shoes and slip the knives into them. So now if I kick someone, it will be a very bad day. I then start looking for some weapon parts.

I load up on a crossbow and spare parts, as well as bolts, arrows, knifes and various other bladed implements. I return to the van and modify the crossbow, loading it with a knife wrapped in booze soaked cloth. I make more and watch for interlopers.

I head into the hunting shop and find a bow with plenty of arrows. "I think I'll be keeping this." I say as I strap the quiver and bow on. I then find several useful parts for the van.

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