Minecraft/Horror RP

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You all build in a quick attempt to not be murdered by the unknown monsters that lay behind the trees. You see the others all building a fort and decide to have strength in numbers, holes in the ground around you you have a hasty large square building made of dirt. But one question nags at your mind; Will it hold? You hear soft footsteps on the dirt, the sounds of bones clinking together and hisses mixed with fevered groans. You hear a noise, a sound of pure terror you hear this noise in an attempt to forget your troubles. You look around one of the others screams. You wheel around on your feet to see a pair of pure purple eyes staring back at you higher up than the rest of the group. You feel cold, chilled...afraid. You have a small choice, you either need to fight it or just let it stay.

1. Fight the beast in the dark.
2. Let it stay hoping it doesn't find you appetizing.

OOC: I'm guessing it's an endermen.

Tony stared at it directly in the eyes. Both of them staring at each other... Intently... Deeply... What the hell is this guy? He was terrified, dazed, and confused. He watched it carefully. The endermen took a dirt block from the fort. An arrow fired through the hole grazing Tony left arm. Tony looked at his cut. This is real blood. BLOOD. This isn't a dream! Why! Why am I bleeding. WHY AM I BLEEDING. WHHHHY AM I BLEEDING


Tony snapped. The daze, confusion, fear, and madness was too much for him. He grabbed the arrow that the skeleton shot through the dirt hole and charged at the endermen. KILL KILL KILL

Decision:Fight the beast.

OOC: It's just one endermen and not an army of skeletons. I hope people join Tony in his crazed fight for his life :)

The terrifying noise emitting from the purple-eyed beast sent shivers down Espa's spine. As an arrow shot through the newly opened gap, she snapped back to reality.

"Grab the dirt! It's destroying the wall!" Espa yelled, raising her arms in a boxing stance. She darted towards the enderman, aiming for the block of dirt in it's hands.

Decision: Fight the beast!

As the tall one shrieked, Joey threw himself into the dirt at the corner or the 'fort' covering his eyes and ears, willing the creature to leave them alone.

"It will kill us all!" he screams feebly into the dirt around his face as two of his companions attacked the beast.

Decision: let it stay/hide like a coward.

Shaking softly in panic as a arrow whizzed through the opening and got another in the arm. Seeing two charge the tall thing with glowing purple eyes and another of their group cowering in the corner.

Not feeling all that brave her self, Jamie looked back and forth at war with her thoughts.

"should I help and maybe get killed? or if i don't will it kill us all in the process any way?"
she spoke quietly to her self before she brought up her never and gave a very pitiful battle cry.


With a fist raised, she ran towards the monstrosity that invaded their shelter.

Decision: Flight the beast

Ralph watched as most of the group charged the beast that was wrecking their little hole in the ground. The huge creature towered over them and just looking at it unnerved Ralph. Now members of the group were attacking it. An arrow sent him back into reality as it went through a hole and into the wall. Ralph cracked his hands, grabbed the arrow and charged the towering beast as well.

Decision: Fight the beast

The beast looks at you all in turn, screams once more and vanishes into thin air. One injured others scared, you all can't think who would do this. You hear voice out of nowhere. "Ok Ok I see that one of you got skimmed by an arrow, good that's the fun part of watching this, you can die, and bleed, and starve. The sun is rising you can leave your...house, soon enough. But a bit of a warning some monsters do stay. There is a forest about a klik to the east and a jungle a couple of miles to the west. Get wood, make tools, make a house, survive. Right now your not doin' to well on the surviving. Good Luck." With a chuckle the voice cuts out and you see rays of light shoot through the empty hole, it blinds you as it hits you hear painful screams. You can hear fire burning and smell rancid meat cooking. You all look at each other. You need to do something.

Go to the Forest.
Go to the Jungle.

EDIT: READ FIRST-Sorry everyone this is actually kane my brother was signed in my bad

Epsa scowled as the voice chuckled at them and faded out.

"I say we head to tha forest. It sounds closer, and b'sides, Jungles can be dangerous." She said to the others, while walking over to the hole the monster had made. Sure enough, the monsters outside were burning in the sunrise. She stared for a few moments, partly through satisfaction, and partly due to fear.

If those're the monsters that burn, I'd hate to see the ones that don't. She shuddered at the thought.

Decision: Forest

Tony rushed into the forest in a drunk manner.

Decision: Jungle

Joey cocked his head at the woman. She half way knows what's happening.

"Forest, yeah, it's the best choice. The jungle has more wood, but there's a lot more shade and caves. So more of those things will be out there," he states, gesturing through the hole at the zombies that slowly flickered out of existence.

"I've done this a few times, we should get moving," he nods slowly, "be careful, worse things will still be out there, some things don't burn," he grimaced before standing up, shaking off the dirt.

Decision; Forest

Sitting down she was happy that she was not in direct ray of the sun shine but the intense light still hurt her eyes as she heard the monsters growling in their death throws. Frowning at the voice that also mocked them she pondered with her hand on her cheek.

Looking first to Joey, then Epsa and finally Tony. She listened intently to each of the suggestions the other people came up with. Getting back up she brushed her bottom with her hands before she nodded.

"Large numbers are the best especially if we have to fight one of these monsters that don't burn, I'm coming with you guys"

Jamie held out her hand for a all for one and one for all shake.

Decision: Forest


(Reconsider my sheet? :3

Captcha: enjoy life)

(Reconsider my sheet? :3

Captcha: enjoy life)

No, just no.

If you saw the sheet -I- put up I want your name, age, favorite tool, skin description, and favorite pet. You are not getting in on the RP because I already have everyone in...wait, it's been three days, and Mr.ivebeenframed hasn't posted yet...shame.

Tony, how did you get in the jungle?

EDIT: GAH He was still signed in, it is kane that posted this

@sage42 Because he chased the ender into the jungle.

@sage42 Because he chased the ender into the jungle.


@sage42 Because he chased the ender into the jungle.

Oh lookie, the Escapist changed... Again.



@sage42 Because he chased the ender into the jungle.

Oh lookie, the Escapist changed... Again.

You all feel like it's the best idea to go into the forest to get tools, you all nod and look at Ralph to see his decision, he nods and sits down "You guys go ahead I'll wait here to make sure we still have a base line of a house." You leave the hut walking to the east, you all hear a scream and turn around, you see a green feverish body hunched over Ralph tearing into his stomach, Joey runs to the side and throws up. You hear the voice again. "Well, he's dead. Looks like there is only four left. Oh yeah when no one was looking the other guy rushed into the jungle for...some reason. Unlucky for you guys because staying together is probably the smartest thing you guys should so, he's either really brave or really stupid. OK that's all I have to say for now, you only have around 18 hours until sundown so, hurry up." The voice cuts out and you all look at each other in turn.

Well aren't you in a snag.
Decision 1. Keep heading to the forest.
Decision 2.Go save Captain Jungle.

Espa sighed. Everything was going downhill fast, and now their dirt-base was inhabited by one of the green monsters. Turning away from the corpse of the unlucky guy who stayed behind, she kept walking towards the forest.

"C'mon, guys. We need tools, or some kinda weapon, otherwise we're gonna end up like that guy."

As for that other fella, it's his own fault he ran off like that. I ain't risking my ass to save 'im. She thought to herself.

Decision: Keep heading to the forest.

Jamie looked towards the jungle as she bites her lip softly, not really wanting to leave one of their team before she jumps at the sound of a scream and flesh ripping.

Backing away further their make shift house, she turned around quickly as she did not want to see what was left of one of their team. She had to leave quick as she was feeling sick to her stomach and unsteady on her feet as she glared at the voice.

"if things must be done, they gotta be done quick"

Jamie muttered to her self before she once more went to follow Espa and who ever else came.
Nerves being shot, she hoped every one else was lucky enough to survive as she started towards the forest again.

Decision: keep heading to the forest

Ok everyone it has been three days since my last post, Time Travling Toaster still hasn't posted but I got some good news and feeling friendly today so I'll wait until 7P.M. American time to kill him.

Joey straightened up, wiping away the remains of the vomit from his mouth as the voice gave them information.

"We should go get some wood together," he mutters, rushing off to catch up with the two girls, "means we can get a house up and make some tools."

Then we get to go underground to find stone and coal and other things, he thinks to himself as the group walks deeper into the forest.

Decision: Continue to the forest.

You all keep heading to the forest with a sense of safety in numbers. You finally reach the forest about two hours later, you can still hear some quiet groaning. You all nervously break trees and make wood, you get a workbench up and make tools, you hear one of the group yell for everyone to come over there, you all walk up to see a large hole digging into the ground. What riches do this cave hold, will you explore it, what happens to Captain Jungle?

Main Group, you got a lot of choices
Explore the cave
Explore the forest
Head back
Try to get to the jungle on time
Build a house right there
Go Hunting

Espa peered down into the cave. It was dark, almost pitch black in some areas.

Hell no, I ain't goin' down there 'till I have more supplies. She thought, taking a step away from the cave.

"I dunno 'bout you guys, but I wanna build a better shelter b'fore I go explorin' some dark cave." She said to the other two. "We could use a light source, though."

Decision: Build a house right here.

(Also open to Exploring the forest depending on the others votes.)

Also looking over the edge of the cave Jamie got a strange surge of vertigo and fell back wards on her bottom. Blushing softly as she smiled softly at Joey noticing he was alright.

"glad to see your okay"

She Gathered wood and some sticks before she crafted a sword on the crafting table

Feeling slightly more brave with her sword in hand she looked at the other two.

"we won't survive long with out some meat or bread to live off of so im going to go see if I can't find a pig or a cow to slaughter"

Jamie head out through lighter under brush looking for any thing that could give them a food source.

Decision: Go hunting

"Thanks," Joey smiled shyly at Jamie, before turning his eyes back to the cave below them.

It's unsafe, but it'll give us the best materials... he thought as the other two made their choices, Jamie leaving to find them food and Espa wanting to build a house and lights.

After Jamie had left them, he turned to Espa. "If you want to start building a house, I'll have a quick shifty down the cave, but I'll stay near the surface so I don't end up like our previous friends," he says shivering before moving to the crafting bench.

Joey straightened up, a wooden pickaxe and shovel in his hands.

"I won't be long," he smiles, halfway confident that he might survive his expedition he slings the shovel across his back before trying to climb down into the cave.

Decision: Explore the cave.

"Alright, just yell if ya need a hand." Espa said to Joey, as he started climbing down.

With her wooden axe finished, she set to work gathering more wood, while placing planks in the shape of a large square to mark where she would build the house.

With Espa building a house, Jamie hunting, and Joey in a cave by the time it got dark you all have a shed, food, light and stone tools. You all look at each other triumphantly and go inside.
Your all sitting down trying to sleep when you hear the voice once again you all groan "H-hello? Is this thing on? It was on the fritz earlier. HELLO! CAN YOU HEAR ME! WELL IF YOU CAN'T THEN IM JUST GOING TO YELL AT IT, YOU'RE ALL PROBABLY EITHER ASLEEP OR TRYING TOO. HAHA MAKES THIS EVEN BETTER! SO ANYWAY A LITTLE SURPRISE FOR YOU GUYS, YOU KNOW THAT RALPH DUDE...YEAH HE'S WOKEN UP AS A MONSTER FIRST TIME I'VE SEEN THIS BUT IT'S SWEET, SO NOW HE'S GONNA TRY AND KILL YOU GUYS, CONGRATS." You all hear another mumbled voice in the backround "Oh well my tech-guy says that this is working fine...oh well, so yeah Ralph came back he's gonna try and eat your face now, I made secret tests on all of you it looks like it's only Ralph so...yeah, he knows where you guys are now thanks to my shouting haha, oh and Tony you're all alone at night with no light good luck. mkay bye." The voice cuts out with a static sound, you all look at each other wondering what just happened.

Well you got choices.
Stay inside and hope for the best.
Try to move back into the open.
Fortify your house in the middle of the night.

Tony saw the light from the top of the tree, thinking it was the other group. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP" yelled Tony. His yell for help was over drowned by the groaning and moaning of monsters. I hope they heard me. Tony had no choice. He had to build a tree house and wait out the night to travel to the light he spotted. He started to craft with his default 2x2 crafting space.

He was able to get enough wooden planks to make a small flat floor, so if the nasty skeletons tried firing arrows, it would only hit the floor and not him. He attempted to make a workbench, but realized it was a waste of wood and planks. He didn't need tools, he needed to just wait it out... He started to build his walls...

Decision: Build a tree house.

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