Feudal America - A super-power RP in modern day America (Game Thread)

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James was in the command centre with John and Darryl, observing the situation. This was the first real test of their government, it could come to define them in times to come.

"John, tread carefully. The way we deal with these people could be the catalyst to how we are seen by other powers in this area. I would advise caution, but if the situation demands it, we show our strength. We need to show our power, we need to make others see that we are not going to be easily pushed around."

James was worried, these people knew the McNeils and they weren't afraid to confront the new rulers of this domain. This Mercury person was dangerous, his main victims were civilians, those that couldn't defend themselves. A man that took what he wanted whenever he wanted needed to be stopped, but if they were overly aggressive then that could be used against them. All anyone would need to do would be to spread the word of a bloody rebellion, a brutal uprising and a vicious government keeping the people in fear and their rivals would gather their strength and annihilate Palm Bay under the guise of freeing the people from tyranny.

The future of Palm Bay would be decided soon, perhaps in the next few moments.

Ottis sat there in his safe area waiting for the signal. Nodding his head to the beats as they blast away into his ears.

"Come on... come on. Who are you turd herders?" he mumbled to him self.

"Welcome to the new Republic of Palm Bay. How can I be of assistance to our guests?"

"HA!" the Arab bellowed, looking around the area as if he wasn't sure where he was. "Did you just say 'Republic'?! The fuck?!" He gave a hearty cackle, gripping his sides as he bent over and slapped his knee. "Oh man, the McNeils are DEFINITELY fucking dead, aren't they? That's funny, man, that's real funny."

He approached the clone and jabbed a finger into his chest, his head nodded down to look at him with a rather judgmental expression. "What I need you to do, is to bring out your leaders, whoever you've got in charge. The Lord Mercury had some very important deals with the McNeils, and he's not keen on getting is trade routes... disrupted. Call it 'negotiations'."

Fromanzio was listening, he began giggling because he could tell he would end up getting to kill something today. He was thinking for a second that perhaps he was getting soft, though genocide made that difficult to confirm. The kid had given him a new array of weapons. Mostly assault rifles and pistols with the occasional shotgun. Weapons that made Fromanzio's eyes light up.

Fromanzio held back a sudden burst in laughter, as he wanted it to be a surprise when they get bombed. Still, if the riggers were nervous before, now they were terrified and their hands moved faster and faster to escape the clown. Fromanzio made a gesture towards Grav.

"You know, when this invariably goes to hell, there is going to be so much fun! From what Fromanzio hears, this Mercury guy is serious. We can't wait to shove a knife in his throat and watch him claw out his last breaths!" Fromanzio sighed and looked up in a dream-like state.

You had better not get us hurt again. I feel that too you know.

You think I enjoy getting shot? I don't. This will be fun though! Kabooooooooom!

And may god have mercy on their souls.

The orders finally came in. Gavin and Sarah made there way to the others before branching off, John giving them their orders. He found a bomb be strapped to his chest by a number of men. He looked over at Fromanzio, who occasionally tinkered or jostled around as they readied his harness. His riggers were slightly irked and scared of the suited clown. Gavin on the other hand stood perfectly still, not too eager about having a bomb on his chest. To Gavin it was practically weightless, but a weightless bomb was still a bomb. Being next to Fromanzio wasn't helping his nerves either.

Why couldn't Fromanzio just hold still? He could never hold still...

"You know, when this invariably goes to hell, there is going to be so much fun! From what Fromanzio hears, this Mercury guy is serious. We can't wait to shove a knife in his throat and watch him claw out his last breaths!" Fromanzio sighed and looked up in a dream-like state. Fromanzio got a kick out of being...Fromanzio. Gavin understood. Gavin got a kick out of being Grav, most of the time. Grav was always busy. He was either doing this for the city, fighting those guys, or trying to find time to train, which never came. Gavin on the other hand hadn't slept in awhile and hadn't seen his family-

"Shit, I haven't spoken to my family in weeks!" Gavin said, scrambling to his radio, trying to tune into the right channel. He'd been so busy with all this and communicating with the soldier or police, he'd forgotten to give his own family a heads up. No doubt they knew what was happening, recognizing Gavin's description but that didn't matter. HE hadn't told them...anything. And right now Grav was strapping Gavin into a bomb to go and fight some Arab weirdos working for a monster named Mercury. What the hell was he doing?

Fromanzio tinkered with the harness a bit more, bringing his elbow out and knocking the radio out of Gavin's hand. Enough.

"Touch that fucking harness one more time!" Gavin seethed at the clown before picking up his radio. " Jesus Crhist; you fucking child..." He muttered. He didn't have time for this. Despite his frustration, Gavin had to admit Fromanzio was right. Things were gonna go to hell, it always did. But the least Gavin could do was give his family a quick message before he walked through the gates. And try not to tear Fromanzio out of his harness.

Charles had notice the near dead silence over the city during his walk. At first glance it was a normal enough day. Only thing that was off is the citizens didn't seem as jubelent as they had been in the days after the revolt.

That's when he notice what was taking up everyone's attention. A convoy of trucks was proceeding through the streets and looked to be headed towards the palace.

Well that's pretty damn interesting. This is either a group of well meaning gents looking to build ties to our community, or psychopaths looking to wreak the republic's shit. Either way, I'd like to meet them. And possibly blow them up.

Charles took a street perpedicular to the main road and run up towards the palace. From what he could see the place was guarded fairly well. Soon enough the convoy had caught up and an Arab looking guy stepped out.

Nothing that Charles could do for now. Just sit back and see how this panned out, and hope none of the militia get too excited.

Rico approached the gates, concerned witht he new arrival. He looked through to see an Arab guy trying to intimidate one of the Darryl's clones. He stepped through the gate and to the side, ready to spring into action should anything violent happen.

"Call it... negotiations."

Rico thought hard. "John, if you can hear this, what's our stance towards this guy? Do we bring him in or knock him down?"

"Touch that fucking harness one more time!"

Fromanzio's mental lull was broken by Grav suddenly. Fromanzio reached for his guns before stopping himself at the last second. Normally everyone would be dead, but that would probably be bad...right? Oh well, anyway time to fix things he supposed.

"Right, yes sure. Gotta make sure we all keep what's left of humanity in a time when humans may as well no longer exist anymore. Events like these always bring out the best in people don't you think? Killing, looting and much much more! All here in Florida packaged in with a war between meta humans over a tiny piece of land that will be underwater soon anyway. It would almost make us laugh!" It turns out, that it did make Fromanzio laugh. The riggers were done with Fromanzio and he had never seen engineers more eager to leave.

In the temporary command centre, James had spoken; "John, tread carefully. The way we deal with these people could be the catalyst to how we are seen by other powers in this area. I would advise caution, but if the situation demands it, we show our strength. We need to show our power, we need to make others see that we are not going to be easily pushed around."

John nodded. "Caution is certainly the name of the game at the moment. We don't know what power that man has, nor if he is the only one down there with one." For a moment the unknowns overwhelmed him; he'd dealt with them before, but the outcomes had been profit or loss, not life or death; "Hell we don't even know what is in the other trucks! Fuck!"

As he spoke John's mind surged forward, attempting to get a better grasp of the minds arrayed in the space in front of city hall, shaded by the huge unnaturally grown trees. The Arab man's mind was a tempest of impatience; a typical hot head; while those of his men were ones of grim determination. He didn't detect any of the emotions or obvious thoughts that usually betrayed deception but at this range he could not get a clearer picture. At this range he couldn't even distinguish the minds in the other trucks. He had to get closer.

As his mind searched, it detected a familiar mind that John had not expected; George. His eyes followed his mind, and John quickly spotted him from his vantage point. "Who is that? Is that George?!" He turned to one of the lieutenants; "Where is George at the moment?"

"Personally I'm not sure, give me a mo-."

John had cut him off, "Don't bother, he's over there! Please send someone over there with a radio and ask George to keep his head down until he gets the signal, and when he does attack, to engage from a distance. He needs to stay out of the crossfire." The lieutenant nodded and barked the orders at a nearby grunt. Evidently there were a few creases in the operation that were still being ironed out, John mused. But he could not knock Smith's work so far; using the McNeils' stashes he'd created a formidable force.

The Arab man had just finished; "Call it 'negotiations'." John had been listening with one ear.

And now to Darryl; "Mind acting as the highest authority? Be as civil as you can, and find out his terms? " Darryl smiled.


Darryl's clone spoke to the Arab who had jabbed his finger into his thickset 6'7 frame; "I am the highest authority in this city. Depending on the terms, we would be willing to honour and continue whatever prior arrangements you had with the McNeils."


To the people in the room; "Come with me, we need to get closer!"

As they jogged down through the building he spoke to James; "James, take this mic and earpiece and set up a tent down there; send a message to Warren asking him to grow a frame out in the open that is a feeble as will hold up the cloth. And make sure Warren doesn't expose himself. I ask you this as you can get there faster than anyone. And you get can get out equally fast. Although make sure they'd don't see your power unless you have to escape."

"Once the tent is set up, can you use the mic to pass on everything that goes on around it? Pretend to be a grunt, and pass on everything you see; and you can see and perceive a lot faster than anyone else here," John paused, and genuinely upset he spoke; "I'm sorry for putting you in this position."

Over one of the radio's on a communications officer, Rico was heard; "John, if you can hear this, what's our stance towards this guy? Do we bring him in or knock him down?"

Seizing it John responded; "Good question. We won't be bringing him into the city hall, too covered. We're conducting these negotiations outside."

An idea struck John; Rico was the perfect man to be on the inside of the tent with Darryl, "Rico, can you stand by Darryl? Don't say anything, but if the arab man, or anyone with a power makes any aggressive moves knock them out with the tazer, or however you need to. Don't kill them unless there is no other way."

As he was speaking John was running out of the building escorted by a number of men, round back alleys in an attempt to get closer and a finer read on the minds of these new entrants.

John's mind pushed on his still damaged body, and forced it to turn and speak to the men he was with; "We'll take up a position in an apartment building a lot closer; ground floor. Follow me."

"Affirmative, sir."

Rico clicked off the radio, and calmly walked over to Darryl-clone, maintaining a slightly aggressive but restrained body language. The Arab noted his arrival, but quickly ignored him as if he were nothing more than a dead fly.

Perfect. The less attention Rico had, the better. Previous gang-raids had shown that if an attacker didn't pay attention, Rico could be shot down five or six times in a siege before the attackers realized they were shooting the same guy. If things got ugly, it was better if the attackers didn't realize Rico was a super.

Their demands were steep and John knew he had to make a choice. He uprooted the rule of the McNeil, but with that he burdened himself with a whole city to feed. The farmer's union standng strong against oppression, the new rulers of Palm Bay knew that they had to crush the union in order to feed all of the city, but they didn't expect the demands from Mercury's men.

Miriam was right. They did need her. They had no idea whether the current rate was like the one before, and with these demands they knew they had to make some choice. A small amount of a token gift of food was requested by the negotiators which then invited the leaders of Palm Bay to craft a new contract with Mercury's oil empire. Feeding the city would become very difficult now the the demands for fuel had started to take their toll and the risk of the hospital generators giving out were high. They had to choose whether they would ration the food or outright deny it to some, letting them die in the gutters - and dealing with the union. Would they bring them under their heel like the McNeils and have just enough to pay for their petrol or would they enslave the whole lot and bend them to their will?

Decisions, decisions, with the clock ticking, the new rulers of Palm Bay had to decide what to do next.

Fromanzio yawned, this was getting boring now. He jumped over the walls and decided to see what was happening. An Arab was negotiating with John over something unimportant. Fromanzio decided he wanted nothing to do with it and grabbed for his machine guns. He took aim and began firing at the Arab. The man's smile turned to a shocked expression as his whole body became a pin cushion and he fell in a bloody heap. Fromanzio flew above the vehicles and dropped his payload over them yelling at the top of his lungs.

"Death to Mercury! Death to everyone! Ahahahahhahahahah"

Honestly, how else could these negotiations have ended? Peace was too boring for Fromanzio.

Before the negotiations could get much of anywhere, Fromanzio took action. Leaping into the air, a hail of bullets came speeding towards the Arab. One bullet slammed into his side, cutting through his simple clothing and splattering blood everywhere as he recoiled. The representative of this "Mercury" was caught totally off-guard; the only thing that kept him from being a bloody pile of guts on the floor was the fast thinking of his closest guard. The armored soldier shoved his commander out of the way and to the dirt, the lower profile hidden behind the soldier as he took the bullets and screamed at the top of his lungs as they pierced the layers of his armor. While the first few had been ineffective, the sheer volume of ammunition won out, and the man died.

Before the Arab could even contemplate the situation, the gunman was over them, cackling like a madman and dropping a salvo of bombs.

The man in the shades grinned. That was a major mistake.

"KRAAAAH!" he screamed. Or, at least, something approximating that. It didn't seem to be any language, just a deep and bestial yell. Its effect was apparent almost immediately, as the bombs stopped halfway through their descent before being shot back up like bullets, all around the man that had dropped them, the densest collection being behind him.


Not even stopping to see if the bombs had worked, the Arab drew his sidearm and pressed it hard against the Darryl-Clone's forehead, snarling at him as his hand grazed the trigger, begging for an excuse to press down. He turned back to the pickup trucks arrayed behind him and yelled,


The flatbeds of the trucks were uncovered, and out of each popped seven more men, just as heavily armored and packing just as much heat. He pointed at two, then at the semi truck. "GUARD OUR ACE, LET HIM OUT IF THINGS GET DICEY."

The rest of the men gathered in a semi-circle around the Arab, guns trained on Rico, the clone, and in all directions in case that psychotic clown or anyone else came for another shot at them.

"What the FUCK, man?!" The Arab hissed at the clone. "WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK!"

Ouch, again? More powers? Apparently this asshole can move things that are going slower than a bullet. Which is fantastic because there are a ton of pieces of metal in our back.

Just be happy we are alive, I don't know how we are.


Fromanzio had fallen to the ground and was a bit disoriented. He could not feel his back, but the shrapnel from the blast, which he mostly dodged was still in his back and it was bleeding almost as bad as the sniper wound from a week ago. He needed a medic. Though first on the list was ruining the other guy's day more. Fromanzio stopped his fall and went flying back up. The other guards were beginning to see him and Fromanzio quickly reloaded his submachine guns and flew towards the city, shooting a few of them dead before making a few last shots at the Arab and then flying way up.

The bullets began flying further away from Fromanzio as aiming became near impossible for the guards. Fromanzio used his favorite little trick of falling to gain speed and heading towards down town.

"This is Fromanzio, need a medic now. Wounds are bleeding and ow. Hey so turns out they planned to invade after all. Who would have guessed?"

John's voice came screaming through the walkie talkie. "What the fuck? Why is Mercury doing this? Get this clown a medic and get ready to fight them off!"

Fromanzio laughed his way to the hospital, though it was stifled by a bit of wincing. A nurse waited for him at the roof and quickly dressed his wounds. The healing super could adress them fully later, but as for now the bleeding was done and Fromanzio flew to his gun nest. He had to thank that kid later, automatic machine guns are always fun.

John's radio buzzed into life.

It was one of the engineers; "The clown has gone rogue! He's just taken off!"

Shit! Although in retrospect it almost seemed inevitable to John.

Two options presented themselves to John.

Either expose a fissue among the supers of Palm Bay, and attempt to save the Arab and subdue Fromanzio. Or turn this into a show of strength, and give the order to attack.

Which was the greater danger to the city, the more powerful enemy; Fromanzio or the Mercury empire?

James had rushed off to set up his tent bringing a few assistants with him to carry the tarpaulin for the tent. They wouldn't need a frame thought James, radioing Warren's instructions as he ran. Speed was of course essential and that was something he had in abundance, though he had to stay slow for the sake of his assistants. His torso complained, still not fully healed from previous events.

'Down on the streets, where is Warren, where is Warren, where is Warren?' James thought, as his assistants were left holding tarpaulin, a fold up table and chair. James clutched the microphone and earpiece, directing his people closer to the events. Some of them were visibly afraid to get closer to danger but it was necessary.

They met Warren close by at a suitable location. "Warren, here is where we build the frame though keep to the side yourself, ladies and gentlemen, set up the tent, we are now the forward base."

Everyone went to work in a flash, 'Palm Bay,' thought James, 'with people like these how can we fail?'

James now had to pretend to be a grunt, putting on what he thought was his most convincing American accent. He had to get all of the information running to this tent, setting up the microphone he opened with the order, "All communications report in, this is HQ. All reports will be sent here from now on. All stations check in and keep regular reports."

James really hoped he sounded convincing on the microphone. Turning to his assistants he said, "Thank you for your help, return to the command centre, you will be safer there." He could get away if the forward base came under attack, they could not.


Rico looked from the bleeding Arab to the wave of armed men charging the town.

"KILL THEM ALL!" they shouted.

Rico cursed. Kill them all? Not on his damned watch.

Rico stayed near the Arab and Darryl-Clone, waiting for some of the men to get closer.

Not a moment seemed to pass before the clown was back for more potshots at his men. The bullets came speeding their way, but the Arab was ready this time. He turned back to the speeding projectiles and let out a loud "GRAAAAH!"

The bullets slowed to a halt mid-air, before speeding back the way they came, the projectiles skimming the clothes and barely grazing the skin of Fromanzio, luckily enough for him. He flew away before any of Mercury's men could return fire. They settled by turning their weapons even more threateningly to those who still remained and surrounded them. Their weapons were pointed in every direction, from the surrounding buildings to the high ledges.

"You have FIVE SECONDS to salvage this," the Arab explained to the clone. "before I get impatient and put a bullet in your head, a bullet in his ass," he continued, pointing at Rico, then pointing at City Hall. "and a Jonesy in that building!"

Palm Bay needed the fuel and could ill afford a direct confrontation with Mecrury's Empire, not yet. Fromanzio would not be allowed to sabotage this fledgling Republic before it had even taken it's first few breaths.

"The clown has gone rogue! Ottis, Grav, bring him down! But don't kill him! Warren grab him as soon a-"


The sound of the improvised bombs going off was easily heard as John and his large entourage ran down back alley ways and towards city hall.

Returning to his stride; "as soon as he lands, but don't kill him! Everyone else stand down; do not engage! We need these visitors unharmed! Rico shield the Ar..."

Darryl interrupted him; "The Arab man is battered, but fine. He's pointing a gun at my head and Fromanzio has managed to escape."

The Arab man's voice could be heard over Rico's radio; "WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK!"

John implored Darryl with the utmost urgency; "We have to placate him! Beg his forgiveness, give him treatment and a gift of food as pennance and then get the trade deal going again! The sooner he is out of the town the better!"

"...and a Jonesy in that building!" Who or what was Jonesy? Before he could dwell on it, a familiar voice spoke over another frequency;

"This is Fromanzio, need a medic now. Wounds are bleeding and ow. Hey so turns out they planned to invade after all. Who would have guessed?"

"What were you thinking?!" Did Fromanzio think he was fooling anyone? Actually, probably not; John paused and weighed the options; "Christ we can talk about this later; get to the nearest hospital."

Changing the frequency, John now radioed ahead to that very hospital "Fromanzio will be coming in. Treat him for whatever he needs, but take extra long - I need to have a word with him."

"I don't think I'll be able to drop by..." He said over the radio he slowly lowered his radio.

Gavin stood in place, the engineers looking at the wall towards where the explosion and gunfire had come from. No, no he fucking didn't. Fromanzio had gone over to see what was going on before Gavin could stop him, mainly due to the fact that Fromanzio had a fucking bomb strapped to his chest! Gavin figured he would've just floated a few yards away, in case things got out of hand.

Apparently Fromanzio was the hand and what just got out was a bomb or any chance of fucking peace. Gavin was breathing heavily, trying to process what the fuck he'd just witnessed. He was pulled back by a number of voices on his radio.

"The clown has gone rogue! Ottis, Grav, bring him down! But don't kill him! Warren grab him as soon a-"John ordered before being cut off by an explosion in the background.

"The Arab man is battered, but fine. He's pointing a gun at my head and Fromanzio has managed to escape." He heard Darryl say. Gavin was even more pissed now. Fromanzio had put Darryl in danger, well, one of his clones, but Darryl the same. He'd come to learn that if one of them got hurt, they all felt the pain. If something happened to him-

"You have FIVE SECONDS to salvage this," Gavin heard the Arab man yelled over someones radio, probably Darryl's. "before I get impatient and put a bullet in your head, a bullet in his ass," Who else had Fromansio put in danger? "and a Jonesy in that building!"
Who the hell was Jonesy?

"This is Fromanzio, need a medic now. Wounds are bleeding and ow. Hey so turns out they planned to invade after all. Who would have guessed?" Gavin twitched. Was he honestly trying to play it off? Why was he-

"Christ we can talk about this later; get to the nearest hospital." He heard John say over the radio. Was he ACTUALLY buying into his bull. Gavin stopped listening at that point and prepared himself. So many things were swirling in his head as Gavin tried to figure out what was swirling in Fromanzio's. And then things began to click. John winced and Miriam couldn't control him. These two details stood out in his mind, but he couldn't see why. All he did know was that Fromanzio was starting to...slip to the "dark side". Or had he for awhile?

Gavin picked up his radio to tell John he was going after Fromanzio, but put it down. Gavin wasn't sure what he was going to do, but he wasn't sure if he wanted anyone else to know. He was even more afraid of them being okay with it. He looked down at the bomb in his harness.

"I have to stop him before he get's worse." Gavin muttered. He wanted to believe it was an accident, plenty of supers had accidents. But sometimes those accidents became plans. Evil plans. He looked down at his grappling hook. Fromanzio had guns and Gavin could only dodge for so long. But if his plan worked, he wouldn't have to. He'd just act all chummy, like he'd come to talk about battle plans and how to deal with Mercury's now that they were "attacking." It would look like Fromanzio went wild again and ended up blowing himself to bits. And Gavin would simply have been caught following orders. To go after Fromanzio. He broke off from the engineers and took off.

"I-i'll stop him now and-and we'll be done with it. The weak end cut-off..." He breathed, as if scared of his own voice.

"You have FIVE SECONDS to salvage this before I get impatient and put a bullet in your head, a bullet in him ass, and a Jonesy in that building!"

Palm Bay: The only place where you can go from a peaceful afternoon to invasions triggered by murderous flying clown attacks in less than twenty minutes. It was as if Cracked.com had a baby with Stephen King.

Darryl turned and tried to calm the Arab. Rico glanced back and forth, ready to jump in front of the next damned bullet that flew, no matter who shot it. A few seconds later, something clicked, and he swiftly raised the radio to his face. "Sir, the Arab is a super. He pushed a hail of bullets back at the attacker by yelling rather loudly."

The Arab turned his gun and aimed it at Rico, paying close attention to what he was saying. As tactful and aware of his surroundings as ever, Rico looked at the gun dismissively before adding "Also, I hope that diarrhea-smear of a clown contracts cholera on his way to Bruddah Satah-daye's hospital, gets his soul sucked out there, is absorbed back up his mother's lady-bits and dies."

"All stations this is HQ, be aware that all intruders to the city are to be considered dangerous. Be advised they have supers with them, a man known as The Arab is a confirmed super."

James had reports coming in from all over the place, it seems that Fromanzio had started the conflict and gotten himself wounded in the process. Now the clown was asking for a medic to go and save him. James could send one if he wanted, 'That would put the medic in danger, sending them closer to a warzone. It would put the medic in danger being in close proximity to Fromanzio anyway.' James decided somebody else could help Fromanzio today.

"All stations be advised, use restraint when dealing with the intruders. Do not engage unless attacked, I repeat, you are under orders not to engage unless attacked. HQ out."

That sounded professional enough, then James realised he had forgotten to put on an American accent for using the radio. He hoped the other stations would still follow orders.

John was now making his way to the hospital; he needed to see the clown before he could escape.

James had been taking charge of the men on the ground, and relaying the orders to those who had not received them. Tuning his radio to James'; "Darryl is going to be the front man on this, but have the negotiations conducted in the tent and take note everything you can. If you can, find out who or what this Jonesy is, but make sure you don't provoke them!"

Now, turning to Darryl; "Negotiate; get as good a deal as you can and get him out of this city as soon as you can. Make sure you pass on every word." Darryl nodded.

John and the entourage consisting of Darryl and a large group of soldiers and comms officers made their way towards the hospital as fast as they could.

Reports on the locations of the supers were coming in. It was noted that Grav was also making his way there. Perhaps unfortunately, not much thought was given to this particular report.

All in a few seconds shit hit the fan. Bombs, troops, guns and threats. Ottis thought to himself "It must be Monday". Picking up his old bones and heading out of his sniper's nest. Looking back to ground level situation and hoping the other supers of the city haven't eaten yet today.

"Christ we can talk about this later; get to the nearest hospital."

Ottis thinking to him self about current shit storm and laughed, "Either way we are fucked".

Starting to jog to the closest Hospital, he knew the others would get there before him. His Ipod started playing Dennis Leary's song Asshole. Ottis chuckled as electricity danced between his fingers.

Gavin landed on the roof of the hospital. He noticed a few blood stains leading into towards a door. Now doubt he'd managed to get a doctor to help him out. Finding him wouldn't be too hard, just look for the doctors and nurses who look slightly more agitated than they normally are. This brought up a question in Gavin's head. What was he going to do about the civilians? He could just set off a bomb in a hospital, full of people probably already in shitty situations. Then it occurred to him, he shouldn't do this at all. He sat down, in thought.

"What the hell am I doing..." Gavin muttered, vague memories of other supers passing through his head.

"You don't want to do it, but You have too before...something happens. You've seen this before Gavin, supers who think they can do as they wish in the field just because they're 'super'. Who think they can handle everything, who think they know better. Whenever one of these idiots show up, people either die due to fake heroics or the super in question becomes a true villain. End it now, before something terrible happens."

He hated this thing he did in his head, where his thoughts start fighting each other. Contrasting and comparing the situation at hand.

"That's not fair to Fromanzio though, killing him because of something he may do? Perhaps he isn't fully their? Perhaps he just got a bit trigger happy? Don't act like you don't overdue it sometimes. And besides, who are you to make such a choice? When did you become the judge, jury, and executioner? You criticize those who "think they know better," but isn't that what you'd be doing if you killed Fromanzio. You'd be no better than anyone else, especially him."

Gavin shook his head, pacing the hospital roof and walking into the building. No, no, no, he couldn't take the risk, Fromanzio needed to be put down. It's always the average guys, the "simple supers" with A-list powers who end up ruining everything. Gavin wasn't going to let that happen, he was going to deal with Fromanzio. He tell them that Mercury's men were attacking. Now doubt there was a shitload of crazy chatter on the radio, so he might believe it. He'd tell him he was followed, that they were gonna land soon, and that patients should be moved down a few floors. Yes, that would work. That should a safe distance. Plenty of room for a blast. And if it came to it...

A decent fight.

Jon would be coming soon, Fromanzio debated sitting around, but he figured that by the time the nurse had removed all the shrapnel, Jon would show up so no harm in waiting a tiny bit right? Jon wasn't big on fighting, and it seemed he could do little to actually fight Fromanzio. Besides, Fromanzio had his hands on his guns the whole time, which made the nurse very nervous. Especially considering the fact that the other nurse had only just recently been cleaned off the streets.

As the nurse removed bits of shrapnel from Fromanzio's back, he heard steps from the roof. Nobody else could fly except...Grav? What was he doing here? Jon had no ability to fly but maybe he had Grav do it or something? This was all confusing. He decided to yell.

"Hey Grav, don't be surprised I know it's you, did you bring Jon? No of course not, he would have said something. Other reasons? Fromanzio is curious. Perhaps they shot you too? The nurse can help us both! Or have you come for something else?"

Gavin stopped dead in his tracks, hearing Fromanzio's voice. The hell? Down a hallway, Gavin saw a nurse removing shrapnel from a guy in a colorful suit. Fromanzio had taken a few shots apparently. Hopefully he wouldn't have as much energy as usual, but knowing him,Fromanzio was probably ready to get back out there. Now or never, he supposed. Gavin made his way down the hall, looking around frantically. Most of the patients seemed movable and the bomb probably wouldn't do too much damage if any to the lower floors. He walked into the room and looked at the nurse.

"We have to get everyone off the floor." Gavin said, shaking a bit. "Things have gone to hell. Mercury's men were merely distracting us with the 'negotiations.' Fromanzio, luckily you ruined their plans with your bomb. I don't know how you figured it out and I don't want to know, point is that they'll going all out and they're coming here. Apparently they're going after the most powerful supers. A.K.A you, me, and everyone else. They're also going after things such as hospitals, government buildings-you get the point!" Gavin yelled a bit. Stress made Gavin jittery, and planing to kill a guy was unsurprisingly stressful.

"They're coming by air, so we should probably head to the roof. Get everyone off this floor and lower, if possible."

"They're coming by air, so we should probably head to the roof. Get everyone off this floor and lower, if possible."

Fromanzio shook his head and patted Grav on the back. "You seem to have your stories mixed up. The bombs did nothing to them and Fromanzio actually got wounded. The negotiations are still on and..."

Fromanzio noticed the buzzing walkie talkie owned by his fellow super. That was weird...he should know and...wait...

Fromanzio reached back and grabbed his guns. The nurse fled from the room leaving just Fromanzio and Grav.

"Your lies have just cost Fromanzio a nurse and this is going to inconvenience us a lot. Jon will be here soon so start telling Fromanzio why you are lying now."

Fromanzio turned off the safeties to his guns and a small crowd had gathered outside the doors. Some were screaming but others were watching in horror. A nurse yelled, "Not again!"

"Son of a bitch..." Gavin muttered before firing a repulsive burst. Fromanzio stumbled back a bit but began to regain his composure. Gavin jumped forward, gliding across the room, and and tackled him, sending them both through a window. Gavin pushed off Fromanzio's body, aimed for the roof, and flew over. He rolled onto the roof, breathing heavily.

"In a few moments, he'll come flying up, guns blazing." Gavin said to himself, letting the bomb float in front of him. He readied it, trying to predict the number of ways Fromanzio would come over the roof. "And then it'll be over..."

Fromanzio had fallen back a bit. On the roof he could see Grav and what looked like the bombs that he was using. Was that his plan? What did Fromanzio do?

Hey, what the hell did I do to him?

Oh well, a number of things but those could all be attributed to you being a psychopath.

Love you too.

Fromanzio decided to fly around the back, far enough away to dodge the bomb if Grav was dumb enough to throw it. The shrapnel was mostly gone which meant that Fromanzio was bleeding a bit more and feeling a tiny bit off, though it would be a while before anything got dangerous.

Once he had gone far enough behind, about thirty meters behind the hospital, Fromanzio shot two clips of his submachine guns at Grav. Preparing to dodge the bomb.

"Bad time to betray us Grav!"

"Bad time to betray us Grav!" Gavin heard the him fire his guns and jumped backwards through the air, the bomb following him. He felt the bullets batter his vest and nick his thigh, but kept rising before he found himself above Fromanzio. What had he just said? Gavin was a bit too angry to throw the bomb when he should've.

"I'm the betrayer? I'm sorry, who felt the sudden need to drop his bomb during the negotiations against people who could ruin all we've accomplished? Oh, that's right, the stupid rainbow fuck! I'm not letting you ruin this! I'm not letting another cocky super tear apart the only order I've seen in months!" Gavin sent the bomb flying at Fromanzio.

"Eat it!"

"Eat it!"

Fromanzio was glad Grav wasn't thinking straight, otherwise that might have had a chance to directly hit him. The bombs instead went straight to the street and took out the side of the hospital, as well as the building next to it. The buildings wouldn't collapse, the supports are in the middle after all but holes in buildings were never a good thing.

Fromanzio looked wide eyed at the carnage below. People were splattered across the pavement, blood and fire littered the pavement and it wasn't Fromanzio that did it. He had to laugh. So he did.

Fromanzio pointed at Grav and yelled back "Oh? Fromanzio is the one destroying order while being cocky? You just blew up twenty people! Half of which worked at the hospital!" Fromanzio's laughs were interrupted as he landed on the roof.

"At this point, you have little to threaten Fromanzio with, if you wish to continue combat instead of helping the survivors of your own mayham then we will be happy to oblige, until then Fromanzio still has some shrapnel to remove and is starting to feel light headed."

Fromanzio hopped through the window and yelled for the nurse to come back.

"All stations this is HQ, confirm that negotiations are still possible. If so direct their chosen ambassador to this location, if not, form defences." James hoped the intruders would be willing to negotiate and leave with as little damage done as possible.

James still had one other duty to carry out, "Forward base, this is HQ, intruders made some comment as to something called a Jonesy. Can you confirm what this is?" There could be no surprises if Palm Bay was to survive unscathed.

Who were these people? What did they want? What is their intention?

Ottis got to the base of the Hospital as some people ran out from it.

"Ugh. Hope it ain't a bloody fuckin mess in there" as he slowly strode in.

"Well damn..."

Whatever the supers were planning with the other group, it had been wreck to hell and back thanks to the insane clown. Why anyone would bother to add him in as part of any plan was beyond Chucky, but either way it was time to get into the fight. Chucky sped away from the entrance of the palace to keep himself away from any stray shrapnel from the explosions and surveyed the scene.

A few of the supers he reckonized from the rebellion were being held at gunpoint by an Arab guy. First things first. Blast the bajesus out of that guy.

"Suck my diiiiiiiiccck!

Charles fired several orbs of purple energy from his gauntlets towards the man's head while maintaining his shield with his free hand. Several of them strike the man and makes him stumble, getting the men he was guarding out of the line of fire for the moment. The man looked dazed, so Charles powered up his shields by putting both regulators in defensive mode and barreling towards him.

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