Deserted Island Survival RP (Closed to newcomers)

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james caught anything? And does anyone know what we could cook bird eggs on?

"I have 2 salmons and nothing else." I say lying them down in 2 palm leaves.

"I wasn't in the cub scouts, so it's somebody else's responsibility to make a fire. I can handle the gutting though." I take out my blade, the recently named Excaliber.

I have my lighter. *attempts to light it* Nope, it is flat.

"With this heat, we should be able to make a fire quite easily," I say. "Just rub sticks together. Don't have much more info for you on that."

what does flint look like?

"We shall have to find grvael if we want flint."

I will start rubbing things together then.

"Okay, the gutting thing was alot more difficult than previously thought. Done though, but stay away from behind that rock. So how's the fire coming along?" I stare as James rubs together a couple of sticks of driftwood. "Our cavemen ancestors are crying right now."

*CRACK* a thunderbolt strikes the sand about 30 meters away.

woah shit! Hey, it caused a fire. Let's use it.

(act of god for the win)

"They were crying VERY hard apparently. Either that or I'm seeing things." I shrugged, "I guess we can cook now."

I found eggs before. eggs anyone?

"... WHERE did you find those, I only remember seeing one bird I'm positive wasn't a hallucination." I pause to think, "Ya know what, try 'em. Beggers can't be choosers."

In a tree when I was looking for leaves. So I took them with me.

We do need a big flat rock to cook stuff on.

"... I thought you were injured like the rest of us. How did you- forget it, I'll help you look." I walk away rubbing my temples, searching the ground for anything that could work.

"If you're done telling physics to shut up and sit down, I found something."

I sigh at my failed attempt of a fire and go to my supplies. I return with my hair frizzed up and my eyes bloodshot. "Why dont we make a boat. Yeah. LETS MAKE A BOAT!" I shout smacking sticks together.

I awake. I look at the skin on my arms. Very pale? Aw fuck I never bandaged the wound.
"Why did none of you asshats thinking to actually aid me? I was unconscious! Woulda been the perfect time to remove this piece of metal. Ugh, never mind. I'm gonna go and scout the area."

"Oh you want some help. I see honey boo boo children everywhere!" i scream ripping off my shirt and breathing incontorably.

OOC:yes My charcter has meth and cocaine with him. what you gotta have something to do when your on a boat.

James.....What is huney boo boo?

"I wanted to explore to. You never know what we might find. But Bob, you might want to stay with that terrible wound" I say, chewing on bird.

"Hunh, hallucinations from the the outside are pretty funny." I say casually, eating with James.

"Oh, Bob, you can use my hoody if you feel like it. Makes a great bandage."

tasty meal. If we had some weed Riley we could get you high and then remove the metal shard

I look at my own poor attempt at a shelter, a clear copy of the others but still sub-par. I have managed to scrounge a bit of fruit and savour my meal, treasuring a taste I do remember.

I look at the others and decide it is time to be social, I walk over to the nearest group and introduce myself, "Hello my name is Fred."

hi Fred, My name is Eddie, after Eddie the Head

"And my names PINNOUCHIO cause im a real" I say passing out on the sand.

Finishing my portion, I get up, stretching a little to wake up my limbs again.

"I'm going off to explore now, I need answers. If you would like to come, come now. We never know what we might find." I look around at my fellow survivors, all of them ragged and beaten, feeling for a moment that we have no chance. I quickly stopped that kind of thinking. We will survive, we will get out and we will find out what happened, I thought instead.

count me in bro

"Captain headwound and his blade are with you."

I wake up with my head hurting and i have a nose bleed. I see a portion of fish and try to swallow some without my head hurting.

James could we use those drugs to knock out Captain bladey hands and remove the blade?

"Yeah sure. Its crystal meth or white grain cocaine. Take your pick!" I laugh before the pain in my head kicks in.

cocaine I think.

here buddy, snort this.

now we wait.

I sit up and shake my head. A massive pool of blood where my head was worries me but i recognize the pain from a nose bleed.

As i return from the forest everyone has eitheir fell asleep or is still awake but Distracted? Hell if i know. I throw a pig and lay down a few eggs. "We can use the eggs for hatching things."

where did the pig come from?

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