We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"But I'm hungry! And All I have are these berries... I stole... From a tree" He whined at Blair

"I'm gonna ask you one more time..." The shopkeeper remarked as he reached under the ocunter and retrieved a small weapon, resembling a pistol, mostly made of a black plastic with two metal pins where at the front. "Leave!"

"We could go to Rockbyrd. Some of the group members might be there."

OOC: Where is the majority of the whole group anyway?

"Serves you right!" Blair replied as she walked outside with Noel.

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"How about I give you ten pieces of gold get some meat and than leave"

@Nail: Uuuhhh What? Noel's only waiting for the shopkeeper to scan her card then take the stuff she bought. Since it hasn't happened yet, she still there, not wanting to take any part in it.
@Hatch: Night!

Kyosuke shrugged. "Actually I contacted Noel back at the hotel. The groups in a place called Holadino, but if we go to Rockbyrd, then alright."

"Rockbyrd can wait. All the artifacts come from Rockbyrd. However no recent artifacts have been found out of their mines. Let's go to Holadino."

He packed up his stuff for a few minutes and loaded it into the trunk of the car. He then went into the pilot's seat.
"Ready when you guys are."

Steiner gets into the car "I wonder what that group has been doing anyway"

"Fine by me boss man. Let's go on another road trip!" Charlotte started rubbing her head as she started to wake up. "Ow... it's loud.."

The two got into the car.

OoC @Rosh: Oh. Misread that. I thought she transfered the credits herself.
@Slenn: Rita and Loki are in Granite Pass. Kyosuke, Charlote, Steiner and your dude are in Fourside. Everyone else is in Holadino.

The shopkeeper thought on Arron's suggestion for a moment. "Yeah... Whatever. The meats are over there." he reluctantly said, as he lowered the weapon, walked from the counter, to a shelf where meats where shelved and retrieved a small roll of ham, sealed in plastic, but never turned his gaze away from Arron for very long. Laying the ham on the counter, the shopkeeper walked back behind the counter. "Now hand over these coins of yours and leave. And get that gross sack out of my sight."

Dal'Sheed sets course for Holadino, taking in the sights as he drove on.

OoC: Um... so, where is everyone?

Arron gave the ten coins and than grabbed the ham and walked out "One of these days I'll finally be able to get rid of these freaking ears"

Noel continued to wait until the shopkeeper was done.

Kyosuke and Charlotte watched the tree line go by.

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Jessica woke up wherever Felina and Ashley had let her sleep. She looked around to get a sense of her surroundings again before doing anything else.

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The shopkeeper sighed once Arron left. Seeing he left the bag of goblin ears behind, he scowled, picked up the sack and dumped it in a bin behind him. No doubt he was Xiphatian. Only they are barbaric enough to use severed ears as payment. Looking back to Noel, he smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry about that, miss." Taking Noel's credit card, he inserted it into the reader, and after a bleep, gave it back to her. "Have a nice day."

As Dal'Sheed drove towards Holadino, the mountains at the centre of the continent came into sight. The more he approached these mountains, the dryer the terrain became.

Having been directed to the guest room, that is where Jessica woke up. It was a relatively small room, with little in the way of decorations, with only featureless ocean blue wallpaper, a beige rug covering the centre of the wooden floor, plaided green and blue curtains and a painting of Holadino hanging on the wall. On the windowsill, there were also porcelain statues of various farm animals.

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Noel smiled and nodded. "Thank you Sir." Taking her things, she and Blair left the store.

The small group arrived in Holadino. He parked the car just outside of the town's entrance.

Dal'Sheed took in the sights, the smells, and the sounds.

Kyosuke and Charlotte exited the car, breathing in the air. "Huh. Niiice."

"It reminds me of home."

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When Dal'Sheed and co arived and left the truck, they were greeted by the sound of cows mooing as they were out grazing in the field. Several beastkin were tending to the crops, two of wich badger beastkin, one a hare.

"Did you live on a farm when you were younger?" He asked Char without turning his head.

Jessica looked around the room some more as she got dressed, blowing her nose on some tissues a few times as she did. It's so different from home here. Way too quiet. After getting herself ready, she stepped out of the room and started looking around for either Ashley and Felina, thinking it would be rude to just leave.

"Strange place here. There are all sorts of animal-humans here. I wonder why" He than looked at the cows "What a strange creature. Are they the beast of burden here"

"It was a quiet rural area. Not too farm-like but not exactly a big town. It was still developing, we had few neighbors then... I was taken away from home." She looked down as Kyosuke gritted his teeth alittle and looked at the farm lands. Well, since the Company has been renamed Shadow Haven, I wonder if we could start to become self sufficient if the times demand... He just looked at the different farming equipments.

Noel and Blair headed back to the hotel as they started to make some sandwiches for the group.

As Jessice entered the living room, she would find it to be empty. She could however, pick up noise coming from the kitchen, as Felnina was busy placing dishes dishwasher.

As Kyosuke looked over the equipment, he could see a irrigation system in the field, as well as hovering machines, half the size of a average person, moving back and forth, searching out and eliminating weeds.

"Hmmm..." Another nerve I've touched. They really are a sensitive bunch. I guess it can't be helped. "Sorry if I brought up a bad memory." He sighed. "Let's go see where the others are in town." He started pacing into the town.

Rita woke up and walked outside, taking some time to study some of any of the mining equipment that was left lying idle in the town

"No, no. It's ... fine. Let's go." Charlotte nodded then followed after Dal'Sheed. Kyosuke followed after.

Noel's 'hearing' sense spiked alittle as she had a small smile. So they are here...

OoC: Well... I only got one hour, fifteen minutes, ten seconds. I'll stay out.

Her ears directing her towards the kitchen, Jessica followed the sounds and made her way there to find Felina. "Hello. Thank you again for letting me stay here for the night." She said to Felina as she found her. "So, do you need any help with that?" She asked, feeling slightly guilty about having accepted help from strangers without even having offered to repay them in some way.

As Rita looked around the site, she would find that little equipment was outside, save for three inactive mining droids and a series of large conveyer belts, meant to transport rubble away from the mine shaft.

"No. That's alright." Feline answered, turning around. "Did you sleep well?"

Rita walked up to one of the mining droids and began studying it, specifically, searching for whatever powered it.

Dal'Sheed continued walking, observing the attitudes of the beastkin that were there, as well as the cows which was an animal he'd never seen before.

"They are probably at the local tavern, which is an ideal place for information" Arron bumped into Kyosuke "Hey you don't look like your from here. Welcome to the club"

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