We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"I... I don't know, I've never seen it like this... ever!" Sophia said to Erica, seemingly the orb must have been stable enough on its own now since Sophia had just dropped her focus on it. "Now let's see..."

Sophia then put her arms out much like she had originally did for her first attempt, but instead used the new white chocolate. The orb almost instantly adhered to her hands and started shining in a warm and rather strong glow of white.

Not giving a moment to let this chance pass, Sophia imagined a dummy with a small , but still decent cut to its arm. Sophia brought her hands to the spot and tried to heal it. The glowing light bathed over the cut, and it slowly started to close up. The spell seemed to end a tad earlier than expected, as the cut hadn't been fully sealed, but Sophia looked ecstatic. "I-it... it worked... It worked!!" She shouted.

OoC: You know... I'm pretty good at getting the anti-Hatchy.

One of the sentries began wandering over to the area Data had been shot at, examining the trees. what was that hissing noise? he wondered, poking into the holes some of the blasts had left in the tree.

Meanwhile, the berserkers were unloaded and pushed to near the center of the camp, kept docile by several depressants. The shots had angered them however, and they began grunting and fighting weakly against the people holding them still. The predator commander ordered entrenchments built to better protect the landing zone, and 30 of the predators began digging in, preparing for another wave of crazy androids.

the group hunting Data began following him by his trail from the trees, cloaking up to better surprise him. They leaped from tree to tree, the wounded predator easily keeping pace as his armor sterilized the wound and injected pain killers.

Random berk:
OOC: I for one fucking love when we can work actual strategy in a battle rather than just say 'my character lives and kils a bunch of mooks because he's magic enough to do so.'

Well sure we love that, but how often does it usually happen?

"You're kidding right? Do you think they're here to plant roses?" Savranth said as he cautiously walked into the forest, looking for any sign of the enemy.

The soldier opens a drawer to take out a pen. With the drawer open, Loki would spot a blue Key Card.

OOC: Interestingly, at least one of my potential future characters is intended to be a bit of a strategist. And another tends to beat people more by out thinking them than out fighting them.
And I'm trying to encourage strategic thinking from time to time.

Marston arrived at the forest and got off his horse, taking out his rifle and looking around.

Data makes a sharp right turn, suddenly, and begins to charge forward even faster than before, quickly turning around, and... Falling down, rigid, and completely inert.

"No," she said, "But you should always at least try, see if you can solve the problem without killing anyone."

OOC: @Outis... Not that often.

The predator examining the trees would hear the fluttering of wind around a cloak as Jona leapt across the clearing to come down on top of him, sword and dagger blade directed downwards to strike deep through his torso. The distance he leapt from meant that he would strike from an angle the predator would not expect, even if his first instinct was to check for an attack from above.

Kynn darted into cover behind a tree and peered around, seeing the predators milling around.
"This is crazy. What the hell are we doing here? I can't believe this, why am I helping these people fight off an invasion? I don't even know this planet." He muttered to himself, on the verge of panic. "I'm not even trained to..." He trailed off, and glanced over his shoulder at his backpack. A slow grin spread across his face. Opening it he pulled out one of the plastic bags with the red substance inside and held the opening up to the port in his mask. Opening it he quickly squeezed a puff of the red powder inside up into his mask, then closed it. His grin became lazy as his vision began to turn a shade of red around the peripherals, and he glanced around at the predators again.

OoC: Never mind strategy, stealth is a thing we are really good at. ;D

Seeing the key card in the drawer, Loki grinned. What a favourable turn of events this is. Not going to risk fishing the keycard from the drawer while the man was still sitting at his desk, Loki stepped away from the desk and waited to see what the soldier would do next.

"Congratulations!" Erica exclaimed with bright smile, clasping her hands together.

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OOC: @Outis... Not that often.


The Rookie glanced at Kynn, then grabbed three fragmentation grenades from his belt, sticking them together with a lenght of tape. He weighed the grenades in his hand, glancing at the predators.
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After finishing his meal, the soldier threw away his trash and put the lunch box under his desk. After that he decided to finish his lunch break, playing a few computer games, like World of Final Eve Guild Scape, where he played a scoundrel. Realizing he was overdue to get back to work, he quickly shut down his computer and left the office.

Marston heard some talking and walked toward it, finding Sav and Grace.

The sentry died with nary a sound, yet other sentries called out at the attack. Reacting, a few shots were sent sizziling towards Jona, badly aimed and missing, until the commander called out <Hold fire. This one will be mine.> stepping forward, the hunt leader looked over Jona with a curious expression. <Check for other infiltrators. I suspect that if two have already attacked, more hide. Use infrared, find them, and kill as many as you can. Send the rest packing. Make sure to leave at least one alive. Skin the rest that you can.> His orders out of the way, the hunt leader walked to within 10 meters of Jona. he pulled a small tube from his belt, and tapped the control button. A blazing blade of red light ejected from the end away from him, and he looked Jona over one last time before saying "I took this from a worthy opponent when we took our ship. Lets see if you're a worthy opponent as well."

The sentries attentions drawn back to the edges of the forest, they spotted Kynn and Rookie, and let out chuffing yells, pointing to them, before sending a few shots there way. Because they were, for the most part, behind cover, only their cover would be degraded by the nature of the shells. At this point, most of the predators digging abandoned their work to retrieve their weapons and prepare for the fight.

the predators stalking data continued following his trail, stopping at his turn and carefully examining the brush before taking a right after him, taking their time to ensure they didn't miss another turn. They would not have arrived yet at his location.

"All the same... I hear weapon fire... Looks like things won't go that way." Savranth said quickly making his way towards the sound of conflict.

OoC: Jona gonna get a light saber! Nice.

Data rolls into the shrubs, returns to being inert, quickly cooling down to the same temperature of the shrubs.

Grace hears the gunshots, and sighs.
"... okay..." she mutters, flying into the trees, transforming into a squirrel, running from branch to branch as fast as a squirrel runs.

OoC: @Salty I was trying to come up with a comment that denies this, but yeah, you kind of hit the nail on the head.

Sophia was on cloud nine at this point, of the near month and change she'd been in Winterhorn, not magic had she wanted to do more than the healing. Now that she'd crossed this barrier, all that work trying to learn that magic, now felt like it meant something to her. "I'm so happy! I almost thought it was hopeless for me to use healing magic, but I can! It's all thanks to you Erica." She smiled widely at Erica, her excitement clouded the fact that her fangs bearing now.

Marston continued to follow Sav, trying to keep an eye out for trouble.

[color=blue]OOC: Interestingly, at least one of my potential future characters is intended to be a bit of a strategist.

Might be interesting if this person met good old Will Sherman, if I ever were to play him again. I actually did try to use some strategy way back in the first thread when Will became in charge of a small group of American soldiers. When the Russians were attacking. Good times...

OOC: @FPS The predator killed Darth Vader?:|

Jona gasped and took a step back at the sight of the red bladed lightsaber. Unconsciously, his hand went to the cracked cylinder attached to his belt, which bore a considerable resemblance to that in the predator's hand. Then his expression became set with determination. Screaming a battlecry, the youth charged at his much larger opponent with uncanny speed, bonesword and dagger held out to either side. Just as he came close enough for the predator to swing, he suddenly sprang high into the air above his head and appeared to hover momentarily. Then he was thrown backwards as he unleashed a mighty blast of Force energy that pummelled the predator into the ground. Somersaulting through the air before landing gracefully, he darted forward with his swordpoint poised for the kill.

Kynn saw the predators aim at him and ducked into cover before their shots shredded the side of the tree trunk. Laughing ecstatically, he emerged from the other side and gestured casually at them. The air rippled around his outstretched arm, and then both predators were hurled off several into the air by a biotic shockwave before crashing down clumsily. Drawing his Predator M-3 pistol, Kynn began to fire mass accelerated bullets at them, not really caring for pinpoint accuracy, firing multiple shots at each target.

Rookie threw his three grenades at these two as well.

When the soldier played the game, Loki looked on with a raised eyebrow, his confusion peaking when he read the title. World of Final Eve Gu... What in the world am I looking at here? And what is being displayed on the screen... Once more, a testament that humanity is meant to be ruled. Shaling his head, Loki continued waiting. When the soldier left the office, Loki stole the keycard, it becoming invisible the moment he took it from the drawer. Now with that out of the way, onwards I go. Moving to the door, Loki attempted to open it.

Erica closed her eyes as she chuckled. "I'm happy for you too! I know how good it feels to have a breakthrough like this." she said, opening her eyes again. Although she saw Sophia's fangs clearly, this had hardly be the first time Erica had seen a person with fangs, and thus thought nothing of it. "But come now, don't give me all the credit. It's you who did the work. I merely guided you along."

Loki would find that the door would easily open from inside.

OoC: @FPS: You gotta admit that it's appropriate. The Star Wars Jedi getting a light saber from a Predator who's ship is a Star Destroyer... Only in WAOA.
@Outis: Yep. And I'll go into details in Chat if you want. But I think that one could be interesting. Nail actually recommended him to me. Though, I already am planning to nerf his potential skillset. He'd be kinda OP if I didn't.

OoC: @Berk nah, just one of the emperor's hands.
The blast hit the predator with force, but not as much as it should have, as the predator's armor increased its mass to help take the force blow. he swung out and parried the sword strike, before responding with another slash, giving ground to better allow him control of the fight. "Oh, did you know the person I took this from? All the better. vengeance is what we named the vessel he died on. You killing me, vengeance for your friend's death, it all syncs beautifully. The black warrior would approve."
the two predators were pretty much annihilated from the sudden biotic attack, the grenades helping to finish them off. At this point one of the berserkers knocked his holder off of him, and charged the two, roaring in anger at some not fully conceived fault in his character.

at this point, the shooting was echoing throughout the forest, and the ten warriors hunting Data began heading back to protect their brothers.

Sophia looked a little embarrassed from Erica shifting some praise to her. "Oh... thank you." She said softly, still smiling but calming down a little, her fangs weren't easy to see again.

OOC: Shower. Marston will be following Sav.

Data slowly boots back up, and begins to continue to walk around, eventually stopping a few muinets walk away from the Predator site, the opposite side of their landing party.

Grace watches the fight, in her pure-squirrel form, running around the field, thinking of the best way to handle this...
Capture leader, then hold him for ransom? Is there a leader?

With the door being able to open from the inside without a keycard, Loki opened it only slightly, then warped into the hallway as he had done when entering, so to not alert anyone who happened to be in the hallway. Turning around, Loki closed the door of the office and made his way back to the floor where the filing rooms were, nimbly avoiding any personel along the way. Once at the door, Loki looked around if anyone was around, and if so, how close they were to the door.

"Think nothing of it. I'm glad that I was able to help you progress." Erica answered, her own smile settling down, but still there. "You know, you very much remind me of myself when I was still a student."

OOC: @FPS Oh, one of those weak Sith acolytes that show up in some of the games? Got it. Jona himself is not accustomed to fencing human opponents, by the way, and attacks through sheer savagery with a blade. His prowess with the Force however is remarkable, rivalling some of the most respected Jedi masters.

When the blades struck, rather than the lightsaber shearing the bone blade off at the hilt as the predator may have seen it doing in the battle for the Vengeance, it stopped against his blade with a crackle of strange energy. Jona narrowed his eyes in confusion at the predator's incorrect assumption about the lightsaber's previous owner, but banished the thought and backstepped away from the predator's strike, a sweeping flourish of his bonesword misdirecting the lightsaber. He whirled on the ball of his foot as he blocked, bringing his long dagger around in a swift jab at the predator's abdomen.

Kynn rolled aside as the Berserker charged before coming to his feet and slamming more rounds into it. His gun began to sting his hands and he ejected the glowing thermal clip which caused steam and smoke to rise from the vegetation underfoot. Drawing his shotgun, he fired a thunderous blast at its back.

Rookie also opened fire with his .50 Cal pistol.

Loki would see that the halls were currently empty at the moment.

OoC: @FPS: So, any enemies gonna go for Savranth?

OoC: @Salty they're too busy handling Kynn and Rookie.

Sophia looked a little confused by Erica's words, not following Erica's train of thought. "Like you? In what way do you think that?" She asked, not arguing with her, but more wanting to understand what Erica meant.

OOC: Back. @Salt: So, about that character?

Savranth looks over the battlefield looking for an enemy commander or artillery that is being set up.

OoC: @FPS: Aren't there like 100 of them?

With no one around to notice him opening the door, Loki did just that. Swiping the card through the reader, Loki waited until the lock released, then opened the door and stepped inside the room where he looked around.

"Well, you mentioned that you had to adapt the way you use your magic to make the spells taught here work for you. So, I assume you are not from this dimension. Likewise, I too am not originally from the dimension the College of Winterhold is in. Although I never had to adapt the spells to make them work for me. And I know the feeling of euphoria that comes after long a time of study, you finally master a new spell." Erica explained.

The berserker was unperturbed at the shots to his body, just turning to focus on Kynn, moving forward and swinging for a punch. If Kynn examined the berserkers hands, he would see sharp bits of metal stapled through the berserkers hands. After a moments delay, about 30 of the predators began shooting- at their allies, cutting them down in a flurry of bullets. The rest began returning fire, roaring over the betrayal. The traitors quickly ran into the forest, in the direction Savranth had been approaching from, around half of them gunned down. The shots continue to follow them, so Savranth, Grace, and Marston might have a few shots come their way.

The remaining predators split their fire between tearing into Kynn and Rookie's position, slowly eroding any cover left, and spraying the direction the traitors ran off to.

the hunt leader would be easily noticeable through his more elaborate outfit then the others. he was surprised by the blade not breaking, but pushed it aside as he deactivated the lightsaber, moving forward to allow the dagger to stab him. Once stabbed, he grabbed Jona by the shoulder and pulled him in closer, placing the lightsaber hilt against Jona's thigh, igniting it again. "Not much skill in your fighting, but the ferocity! I'm tempted to bring you back to the ship and make you a pet. Even One Who Kills Many does not have a tool like you at his disposal. You'd be a valuable assasin. Perhaps you could even kill him..." his armies betrayal did catch him by surprise, and this jostled the lightsabers shot from going straight through Jona's leg, merely grazing it.

the ten warriors that had hunted Data spotted Savranth, and began moving in from behind, hoping to catch him by surprise.

OoC @Salty Well, about half of them don't actually approve of the current clan leadership, so they've been keeping mum when they spot Savranth. Now though...
60 'true' predators left.

Marston got behind a tree and tried to look for who was shooting at him.

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