We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Roger." said Envy as he sat on a nearby rock, keeping an eye on the entrance and Medea

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"Posibly. Although I would think Fafnir would not take all to well to having her offspring sent away like that." Loki answered Rita.

"Then by all means, make a portal to travel across dimensions yourself next time." Erica indignantly replied to Jessica, not amused by the tone she spoke to her with. She sat down with a huff and taking off her boots, holding them upside-down to rid them of the water that had entered. Calming down and sighing in responce to Ness, she said, "Yes... Last time, I ended up on the edge of the tower there, just outside the window. Anyway... Here." Taking off her amulet, she handed it to Ness, then began to wring out the water from the legs of her trousers as best as she could without taking them off.

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"Well, we can figure it out later. I'm heading to bed." said Rita as she headed to bed

Seevral hours would pass before the medical ship would arrive. Once it does, though, several men would depart and enter the cave. "Hello? Major Inex sent us."

Ness calmly examined the amulet, smiling a bit as she did. "It looks quite nice... And yes... that's exactly what I mean. One test portal led to me freefalling for around 1000 or so feet before I finally found a parachute in my inventory... Needless to say, I wasn't able to talk easily a few hours afterward..."

She sighed a bit toward Jessica's tone as they ended up on shore. "No one has total control over these sorts of portals. Hell, even the machine I have at home, the giant thing, can't be totally precise in its dimensional transfers. It's not Ms. Erica's fault that we ended up here."

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Envy pointed back to Medea "Yes, she's been wounded, take care of her. Also, here's her earpiece." said Envy handing the medic Medea's earpiece. He then contacted Richard "Medics have arrived."

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After meeting with the General, Yukino was outside Tanner's ship practicing against a clone of herself.

"Very well then. Good night to you." Loki said to Rita, nodding slighty.

"Thank you." The medic says taking the ear piece. They carefully load Medea onto the strecther and take her to the ship.
"She may need a cybernetic hip... Looks like she took a bad hit to the hip."

"Good. You can go back to whatever you were doing before." Richard says to Envy. "Or head back with the medics."

"Hey. So...Do you mind if I ask where you went off too?" I ask Yukino as I see she shows up again. Is she fighting a hologram? Or a android?

To the medics Envy said "Well you'd better take care of her, I'm sure the government would be very grateful if there were no complications." as he left the cave he said to Richard "They're taking her back now, I'll stay and keep an eye on Holadino. Doc said she could need a cybernetic hip, I'd monitor her condition if I were you." he started to head back to the area where he had found her earpiece.

Jessica sighed before saying to Erica, "Look, I'm just saying that teleportation an incredibly dangerous thing. Errors like that can get people killed, or worse. And pretty often too. If you mess up like this often, you're unbelievably lucky to still be alive. These things I've heard you two talk about? Nowhere near the worst examples." Having dried out her socks as best as she could manually, she laid them out on the ground to finish, then moved on to wringing out her pant legs. "But fine, you want to bitch at me for caring about your safety, go on ahead..."

Yukino's ears perk up a bit as she pushes the clone off of her for the time being. "Hm? Oh... Nothing you really need to worry about. I just enlisted is all." She answered Tanner before returning to her practice.

Ness sighed a bit before sitting down and taking off her shoes. She continues to dry off her pants and socks as she sits. "Those are the implied risks with using devices like these. You can take as much caution as you want, but it still might not be enough afterward." She calmly half-walked, half-hopped to Erica to hand her back her amulet. The ground was a bit uncomfortable.

"...I'll ask about that later. Goodnight. And the offer of sleeping in my ship still stands. Just, if you do, be careful. I've been cleaning stuff up, but...yeah, be careful." I say as I walk back into the ship for some sleep.

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"Roger that." Richeard said over the ear piece.

The medical craft, after a small delay, takes off, and takes the long way back to Port Letosh.

Envy would spend the night observing any and all movement down in Holadino, reporting anything worthy of note. He wouldn't fall asleep, as he didn't require it. If anyone were to observe the small hole in the rock face where he was they would simply see what looked like a young boy camping out in the mountains.

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Erica sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Ugh... It's not 'caring for my safety' that annoyed me there. It was that tone with which you spoke to me. As if I were a ten-year old who had just stolen a sweetroll from the market stand, that's what that sounded like. I'm sorry I reacted the way I did, but that really got to me." she answered Jessica. "Trans-dimensional travel isn't exactly easy, and I've only done this a couple of times. Anyway, let's not turn this into a bigger issue then it needs to be, hmm?" she added, then looked around. "If you want, I could start a fire to dry your clothes by." Once Ness approached her, holding out the amulet, Erica took it and hung it around her neck, giving Ness a small smile.

Jessica sighed again, stopped what she was doing, and stared at the ground. "I'm sorry. It's just...teleporting is all I'm good for. I don't want people getting hurt by it is all." She started unconsciously rubbing her right shoulder with her left hand. "Let's just do what you said and pretend this conversation never happened." She said as she went back to wringing out her pant legs again. "What would you burn to start a fire though?" She asked, glancing at her surroundings.

Ness calmly returns Erica's smile before nodding at the notion to make a fire to dry themselves off.

Yuki continues practicing long into the night.

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"Well, there seems to be a wood over there..." Erica began, pointing to the east, then looking back to Jessica. "I'm sure we could find some branches to burn." she continued, putting back her boots back on in preperation of heading out, despite them still being soaked. "Wait, what do you mean, that's all your good for? You shouldn't speak so lowly about yourself like that." she said, her voice taking on a more caring tone.

Jessica nodded and put her shoes back on, then stood up. "Why not? It's true. Only reason I'm even here right now is because I'm the first Psion to volunteer for the job I've been given. Aside from who I'm related to, and for whatever reason Vanessa's my friend, it's the only reason people pay me any mind." Jessica replied to Erica. She then started walking off to the East, where Erica had pointed.

Erica sighed and shook her head, standing up and following Jessica. Dear, oh dear... I would almost think such self-loathing runs in her bloodline. "That's utter nonsense. AEanna spoke with high regard in the brief time she talked to you. And..." Erica trailed off, frowning as she couldn't remember Sophia's name. Just when she wanted to refer to her notebook, it dawned on her she had left it at home. "That girl in the college there I was with when we first met seemed to have taken a liking to you. As I see it, the only person that has a low opinion of you is you yourself."

Me and just about everyone else back home...
Jessica looked up at the night sky as she walked. "It's not just me. Damn near everyone back home feels the exact same way...I've been trying to prove them wrong, but..." She sighed as she stopped and looked at her feet for a few moments. "I'm really just starting to think they all might just have a point. What have I even accomplished here?" She muttered to herself.

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Once more, Erica sighed. Stopping beside Jesside, she placed a hand on her shoulder. "You musn't be so hard on yourself, Jessica. Nothing good can come of it. Don't give so much thought on these suposed negative qualities, and instead think on what you can do well. Rather then think on suposed goal you've failed to acomplish, think on the things you have done. And by the Nine, don't listen to others when they berate you. Most likely they do so only to make themselves feel better."

(To Jessica: Is this genetic or something? Four did this crap all the time, and while she might have had a small point, you've got no reason to be like this. You're intelligent, skilled and have plenty of potential for more. So quit it.)

Jessica raised an eyebrow at Erica. "You were just saying I shouldn't think of myself as just being good at something, now you're saying the opposite?" She looked away from Erica with a sigh. "That's just the thing, I haven't accomplished anything. I'm supposed to be accomplishing something here, but I've made almost no progress in seven weeks." Instead of addressing Erica's last point, she just directed her gaze down at the ground and shut her eyes.
But they're right...until I prove them wrong, they're right.
She looked up and around instinctively when she noticed Tophat touching her mind. My life's half over. What 'potential' do I honestly even have left?

"What? Don't think lowly of yourself, and focus on your positive qualities. I fail to see how I contridicted myself by saying that." Erica answered, pulling back her hand, slightly confused. "Anyway, some things simply take time to do. For instance, it took me almost twohundred years before I graduated, where other mages graduated in half that time. And even then I couldn't cast even the most simple spell in a certain school. Do I think lowly of myself because of this? No. Not at all. Similarly, you shouldn't berate yourself for the fact that you haven't accomplished anything here. That is, even assuming this is true. Sometimes, accomplishments are made, without a person even realising it." Doesn't this sound familiar. Turning back to the woods, Erica began walking ahead. "Anyway, let's get the wood gathering over with. It's late, and I'd rather not sleep outside without a fire to keepwhatever woodland creatures away."

OoC: I'm off to bed. Erica will follow Jess and help gather firewood, light the fire and sleep.

Maybe she's right. I am trying to stop a war after all. Those usually go on for years. I can't really expect it to be over after a month or two.
Jessica mulled over what Erica had said to her as they gathered up firewood. Once they had gotten a decent amount together, Jessica conjured up a set of light blue glyphs around her head while Erica worked on starting the fire. After the fire was lit, a portal opened up next to Jessica and dumped out a handful of sleeping bags that Jessica had previously purchased. While everyone else tucked themselves in and fell asleep, Jessica laid down in hers and stared up at the sky.

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The Kidd feels himself awaken, his head feeling like a swarm of peckers are ripping it to shreds. The Kid ain't sure where he is...

Busy day. Finally all the training is kicking in. Spent most of my time looking over the ship more closely and collecting data on the planet I'm on. Something else I wanna do now though...

He gets up.
Now, he ain't feeling all that well... Nothing a tonic won't fix, though.
Shame he just can't find one. He begins to sort through his belongings, finding his trusty hammer, his pistols, the Cannon, and all his other assorted belongings.

I find my suit is in full working order. Don't bother giving me the odds for that one, Buddy. I get in and start looking around for a rock. A big rock.

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